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16 thoughts on “2019 Fatal Dog Attack Breed Identification Photographs

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  1. Thank you for your exhaustive research and detailed study.

    What I find compelling is: “Police and animal control only released images in six cases.” The authorities have a reason to take documentary photographs, but they don’t want to release this graphic information. Why?What could be their motive for refusing to release this information?

      • When a listing of those who fight BSL is posted, all groups should be included.

        Tops in the list would be dog fighters. They really hate BSL!

        They know it would not be possible for them to continue without game insane dog killer dogs.

        They know it would take many many decades to create “kill or die trying” dog killing dogs from normal dogs.

  2. Social media is helping greatly with this effort. One of the most useful things is grabbing post about the dog that went up before the attack. The pro pit lobby would say none of those dogs are pit bulls because no one can id a pit visually. When you have post from the family (often times the victim of the attack) going on and on about their pit bull and saying “don’t bully my bread”(sic) it confirms the owners knew they were pits.

    Anytime they say pits cant be visually IDed I ask them how do they know they have a pit bull then. I don’t know of any other breed with a butt crack on their face. Hey, they haven’t tired to rename them in a while. I had been pushing for “Indentation Male Bovine Terriers” but “Butt Faced Terrier” might go over.

    • The whole “no one can visually ID a pit” disinfo relies on two things:

      1. The label-swapping of pit type breeds among the registry organizations, and the lack of universal recognition by these organizations of Exactly What Is a Pit Bull.

      2. The flood of pits mixed with other breeds, publicized with the pit lineage obscured. Hello, lab mix!

      None of this means that physical traits and the distinct physical appearance of pit bulls cannot be seen when, uhh, these things are seeable.

      Block heads, joker “smiles,” small eyes, smaller out-pointing half-tipped (or cropped) ears, overdeveloped shoulders and a super-muscular frame are all physical traits that were selected for over generations of breeding to produce superior fighting dogs.

      So when people see a muscular dog with a big block head, they aren’t wrong to think “fighting bloodline dog” — they are actually probably highly accurate in that assessment.

      If that person lives in the US or any other country where pit bulls are prevalent, it is also quite reasonable for a person who sees a muscular dog with a big block head to think “pit bull,” because the odds are excellent that there is a high percentage of pit bull types in the bloodline.

      The relationship between physical traits and appearance in ALL dogs is common sense. If it looks like a poodle, it probably is a poodle. If it looks like a Beagle, it probably is a Beagle. If it looks like a Great Pyr, it probably is a Great Pyr. Looking like Breed X is a large part of what the breeders if Breed X have strived for over the centuries — dogs that can be visually identified as Breed X. There are instances where closely related but different breeds are physically very similar, but this is because they are … closely related breeds!

      Leave it to pit nutters and the cynical pit lobbyists to turn a common sense item of dogdom on its head. We’re supposed to believe that pit bulls are the ONLY dog that has been selectively bred over hundreds of years with the result that their appearance is so random, you never know when you’re looking at one. Riiiiiight.

  3. It looks like pits are 75% of the killers that have pics. That may be skewed because it seems pit owners have to post pics online. What is the point of having a pit if you can’t be worshiped for choosing to “adopt not shop”?

    • That’s precisely the point, Dr Duke. Seeking adulation is a big part of why people *choose* to own pit bulls.

      Don’t think for one minute that they’re going to a shelter to pick out a “lab mix.” No way. They know *exactly* what they’re looking for.

      Gotta keep feeding that narcissism!

  4. Another year of looking at the beautiful, innocent faces of the victims of dog attacks in this country. Vulnerability is clearly a trigger. Tiny children, elderly, seizure victims, alcoholics, homeless, etc.

    Another commenter had said something along the lines of “if pit bulls only killed their owners, I wouldn’t care as much”. I agree. If dangerous dogs only killed the inbred troglodytes who breed and advocate for their shit dogs, it would eventually work itself out. The problem is that it’s more often an innocent victim who had no choice in whether some aberrant land shark shares their space.

    We shouldn’t have to worry about getting killed by a dog, or packs of dogs, in this country. It’s disgusting and shameful. It’s preventable.
    Animal advocates love to quote the saying by Ghandi “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” How about the way the victims of dog attacks are treated? They’re often victimized again by disgusting, soulless, animal advocates who say the most abhorrent things. Killer dogs are championed and protected. The dead are denied justice because of the pathetic laws regarding vicious dogs. This is not “moral progress”. This is moral decay.

    Seeing those faces of the innocent victims always breaks my heart. I pray that this year will be different, but I’m afraid it will just get worse. My thoughts are with the families left behind to mourn their loved ones.

  5. Colleen, I wanted to pass along a link from a reddit post in which the author, a former pit owner & defender who has now come around to being in favor of BSL, specifically credits the dog ID photos on this site for being a major factor in his or her change of mind:

    See Point #2 in the post. But the whole thing is well worth reading.

    People not otherwise persuaded by any of the other evidence in these cases may still be persuaded by seeing photo after photo after photo after photo of big blocky heads of the dogs that have killed humans, and quite often utterly defenseless humans.

    Your work is making an impact. Thank you.

  6. Thank you for your site. Imagine how terrible this breed is, that they require their own well-funded LOBBY and army of internet agents to shut down and attack anyone telling the truth about this deadly breed! Pits are the ONLY breed who have their own LOBBY! WAKE UP PEOPLE!
    The pit lobby uses the same tried-and-true “hate speech” tactics used by those who wish to stifle the truth getting out. Once you see this pattern, you can wake up. Only the truth is attacked in this world…so if you want to know the truth…look for the messages that are the most hated and repressed…

  7. This is why the “adopt don’t shop” people drive me fucking crazy. My breed of choice for decades has been the German Shepherd. Whenever I tell the ADS fanatics that yes, I went to a breeder, I’m peppered with “there are purebreds in shelters and rescues”. I answer- “Oh yeah? Have the parents been vetted for health and stability of temperament? You are welcome to research and find a West German showline GSD who has (by comparison) less drive and sharpness than a working line, and still has a good mind without excessive nervousness (like many American-bred) for me to adopt. I’ll wait.” No one shockingly ever gets back to me. It is not my job to rescue other humans’ shitty choices. GSDs have the second or third-strongest bite of any common breed. If the idiot ADS people want to gamble with that mouth, they’re welcome to. I choose not to. My breeder is one of the top in the WORLD for West German showline GSDs who IMO are the only lines appropriate for the average family. Plus WGSL dogs throw a lot of long coat puppies, which is what I have had. Wonderful and just slightly less serious than the regular-coated somehow, as if the gene for coat resides on the same strand as derp.
    I also always say it’s MIRACULOUS how the Pit Bull is the ONLY breed that ignores its genetic heritage. The APBT cultists never can answer back to that one.

  8. i seen an old painting today,of a pack of large hunting dogs killing to deers,two dogs had one deer,jaws on the throat and neck,the other dogs had the other by the back end ,i found it very desturbing, when i looked at the painting closer, i thought this is the same as when dangerous dogs are loose,or live near children,playing outside,if the artist would of painted two pictures, one hunting dogs killing deer ,second hunting dogs killing children, WHY do some want dogs that murder,so evil it is

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