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10 thoughts on “2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Elderly Woman Killed by Neighbor's Pack of Dogs in Lubbock, Texas

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  1. Local and state dog attack statutes may be deficient, but, last I checked, the United States had a very active plaintiffs’ bar. Which leads to my next point:

    Whenever there is a death by dog, a lawsuit should follow. Sort of like how day follows night.

    When the big-dollar judgments start piling up, watch public policy change in a big way.

  2. I think unless a person has a gun with them at the time there is no real good way to survive a multiple dog attack alone. Stay armed and ready people. The best solution to loose vicious dogs is the 100% solution.

    • I agree, but I always fear that my 5 shot revolver won’t be enough against even one attacking dog. I sometimes carry my revolver and a semi-automatic just to walk in my rural subdivision, and I always have a shotgun at the ready while my kids play outside. I’m a very small female and I don’t think I would have a chance against something like this otherwise.

      I think it’s pathetic that I have to live in fear while some careless crackhead living in a shack up the road lets loose her pitbulls from their chain-link enclosure each day. We shouldn’t have to live in fear. This could easily be myself, my husband, or God forbid, my children. I wish we could all come together and rise up against this disregard for human life. There should be mandatory euthanasia for repeat offenders, and federal laws to protect the general public against this nonsense.

  3. I am glad you are taking measures to protect you and your family. I hope you never have to use it but a dog attack is one situation where nothing takes the place of a gun.

    When seconds count, the police are minutes away.

    I can not get over how many pack attacks have happened this year. We are just in to March. We sadly may set a new record if we keep on this pace.

  4. Lubbock, TX is also known as ‘The Largest Dog Kennel in the State. Lub-Bark, Texas’. We have an extreme amount of dogs and Animal Services Department that refuses to do anything until tragedy strikes. Sadly, too late in this case. The law here states a person may have ONLY 4 pets, yet this owner had 6. The owner of these animals needs to be held fully accountable for the death of this poor woman. They even charged at him when he tried to intervene. I hate to say this but, too bad they failed………..

  5. “They throw their hands up and say there is no statute to charge under.” I don’t believe it. Negligent homicide, Forseeable harm. A prosecutor with moral authority and compassion will find a way to obtain justice. They must. This is a crime. I can foresee that if I keep a pack of pit bulls unsecured and they roam freely they are likely to cause harm. These people must be held accountable for their crimes. The fault lies squarely with the owners who keep dogs bred to kill and allow them to roam in packs or other large dogs roaming in a pack. The community must demand justice for these victims. It is inconceivable that this crime would not move a community to action and move a DA to find a law and make it work. I don’t believe I have ever heard of a law that states owners of animals can allow them to kill people with no consequences. There are plenty of laws for law enforcement to find a way to charge. I just do not believe there is nothing they can do.

    • If anything, criminal negligence or at least manslaughter. I agree. But I’ve seen law enforcement and animal control turn a blind eye many times in the case of loose dogs and particularly, roaming packs of pitbulls in my area.

      “They’re not dangerous just because they’re pitbulls! They get a bad reputation from the media!” -local sheriff’s deputy regarding 3 habitually loose pitbulls that have been terrorizing my subdivision for 2 years. No, it’s totally not dangerous that they chased me into my house while I was 9 months pregnant, causing labor within hours, and regularly charge out of the woods at myself and my children. Totally not dangerous.

      The blood is on animal control’s hands in Lubbock, Texas. I don’t know if any of you have looked this place up, but they evidently have a stray dog problem there as well, and a local government that is admittedly unwilling to do anything about it.

      • @Mama Bear
        “The blood is on animal control’s hands in Lubbock, Texas. I don’t know if any of you have looked this place up, but they evidently have a stray dog problem there as well, and a local government that is admittedly unwilling to do anything about it.”

        You’re absolutely correct. There is a real problem here. The Texas Tech University allows students to have pets in the dorms and many off campus students have pets. Unfortunately, when these students leave TTU they abandon the animals. It’s against the Lubbock City Code to abandon animals but, the city council does nothing to enforce the law they created. Animal Services Department claim they don’t have the resources to enforce the codes and will refer you to the Lubbock police, who have no authority in these matters. Steven Greene, head of Animal Services, is very complacent when confronted with any problems. However, if you call Bob Goodwin at the City Council Building, you will get results. I believe the family members, friends of this poor woman, and other concerned citizens should attend the next council meeting and address this matter.

        And, YES, look this place up. Lubbock, Texas. Medical Examiner corruption (harvesting organs from children without permission), Lubbock Police Department backlog (26,000 cases), Reagor-Dykes Auto Group (tried to fraud Ford Motor Credit out of $41 million), and the list goes on. Rated #2 in the state for crime by the FBI.

  6. “His own pack of dogs charged him”

    Why do people keep dogs that are hostile towards them?? If the owner cannot control the dog no one can.

  7. If after he hung up the phone after being told the shelter wouldn’t take his dogs the pack owner had done the responsible thing and shot the dogs he probably would have been charged with animal cruelty. But Johnnie Mae Garner would still be alive.

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