2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bulls Attack, Kill Owner While She Visited Her Dogs in Bite Quarantine Facility

bite quarantine pit bulls kill
Johana Villafane, 33, died after her own pit bulls attacked her in Irving, Texas.

Previous Bite
UPDATE 03/24/19: New information has been released about the previous bite that caused both pit bulls to be ordered into quarantine. On Saturday, while 33-year old Johana Villafane was visiting her dogs at the quarantine facility, the dogs mauled her to death. The attack occurred when Villafane took them for a walk in an enclosed area behind the building. The first incident involved her pit bulls eating through a neighbor's fence and escaping into the neighborhood.

"A whole bunch of police and animal control people showed up to my house," Grant Dickey said. "They had seen the pit bulls going in and out of the hole that they made in my back fence and asked me if they were my dogs," Dickey said. "I said 'no, it's the neighbor's dogs. They broke through into my yard earlier.' And they said, 'well they bit somebody when they got out." Dickey said the dogs were "friendly, but aggressively friendly if you will. Jumping on you," Dickey said.

It is unknown who the first bite victim is or the severity of injuries the person suffered. Villafane's pair of pit bulls was a male and female. Previously, Public Information Officer James McLellan told WBAP the female pit bull was pregnant and attacked along with the male. Neighbor Rick Warner stated Saturday that Villafane and her family were new to the neighborhood on Windmill Lane. In 2018, 25% of all fatal attacks involved a dog or person new to a household (0-2 month period).

03/23/19: Pit Bulls Kill Their Owner
Irving, TX - A woman is dead after being attacked by her own pit bulls outside of an animal hospital. Police officers shot and killed the dogs. Johana Natalie Villafane, 33, was transported to Parkland Hospital in Dallas, where she later died. The attack occurred outside of O'Conner Animal Hospital, where the dogs were being held in quarantine after a bite earlier this week, Irving Police said. Animal hospital staff allowed Villafane to visit the dogs while they were in quarantine.

Animal hospital staff told police the pit bulls attacked her when she took them for a walk in an enclosed area behind the building, reports NBC Dallas-Fort Worth. An employee found her unresponsive with severe dog bite injuries. The dogs would not let animal hospital staff, fire or police officials near the victim. Police were forced to fire on the dogs, killing them. Irving police confirmed both dogs were pit bulls. Police are characterizing the attack as a "tragic accident."

The attack occurred about 11:45 am Saturday. Fox 4 News spoke to Irving Police Officer David Dickinson. "The dogs were involved in an incident earlier in the month in which they bit someone," Dickinson said. "They were here at the animal hospital being quarantined per regulations. She was attending to the dogs, coming up to the dogs, and it’s my understanding that she was walking the dogs when the event occurred." We expect significant news coverage in the coming days.

Previous Biting Incident

Police have not released details about the previous biting incident, but neighbors offered clues. Rick Warner, who lives down the street from Villafane, said he saw a marked Animal Services vehicle at Villafane's house recently. "Lights were flashing the entire time it was down there," Warner said. "We didn't know why, we didn't ask why, we didn't go down to find out why." Neighbors said Villafane and her family were new to the neighborhood on Windmill Lane.

Multiple news reports state the pair of pit bulls was a male and female. The Public Information Officer for Irving Police, James McLellan, told WBAP the female pit bull was pregnant and attacked with the male. Investigators will be looking into how long the pit bulls had been part of the family and whether they were adopted or raised from puppies. Villafane was a wife and mother of two children. A photograph on her husband's Facebook page shows the two family pit bulls.

bite quarantine pit bulls kill

Irving Police Officer David Dickinson gives press conference after pit bulls killed their owner.

bite quarantine pit bulls kill

Johana Villafane died after her pit bulls attacked her during quarantine for a previous bite.

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Baseline reporting requirements:
Law enforcement departments across the United States should release consistent "baseline" information to the media and the public after each fatal dog mauling, including these items.

2019 Dog Bite Fatality: One-Year Old Boy Mauled to Death by Two Roaming Rottweilers in Fresno, California

roaming rottweilers kill boy fresno
Scene after two roaming rottweilers killed a 1-year old boy in Fresno, California.

Press Conference
Fresno, CA - A 1-year old boy is dead after being attacked by two rottweilers in southeast Fresno. His grandmother was injured trying to save the boy. About 11:00 am Friday, police responded to a home in the 5900 block East Kaviland Avenue. Officers found the boy in critical condition and began CPR on the child. He was transported to Community Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead, according to Lt. Mark Hudson with the Fresno Police Department.

The investigation determined the boy wandered out of the family's home and into the front yard where the rottweilers attacked him. Other children in the home alerted the grandmother. She rushed outside and saw the two dogs attacking the boy. When she tried to get the dogs off the boy, the rottweilers attacked her, Hudson said during a press conference Friday. The boy's grandfather was able to get the dogs off the boy and his grandmother. The dogs then fled, Hudson said.

"It took the grandfather also coming out of the house to hit these dogs with the hose to get them to release the child." - Lt. Mark Hudson

The dogs were captured and taken into custody by the SPCA. Police continue to look for the owners of the two roaming rottweilers. "We do have officers in the neighborhood right now knocking on doors, seeing if anyone knows of these two dogs," Hudson said. Fox 26 reports the owner of the rottweilers was later located and relinquished ownership of the animals. Both dogs will be euthanized Friday afternoon. The owner said the dogs "dug under the fence" to get out.

Rottweiler Owner's Property

Footage from ABC 13 shows the property where rottweilers lived and a gaping hole under the owner's fencing. Investigators say the dogs dug a hole under the fence Friday morning, ran through a neighbor's yard, crossed Sunnyside and ended up in the front yard of the 1-year old boy. Theresa Davis, the next-door neighbor of the owner of the rottweilers, recognized the dogs on TV right away. "These dogs have been in our neighborhood for eight or nine years," Davis said.

Davis told ABC 13 the dogs have a history of digging themselves out. "Primarily on the back fence. They've come out the side gate of this property. And then recently, we discovered that hole a couple of days ago," Davis said. Fresno animal control claims they have no record of complaints on the rottweilers' owners. Davis said she repeatedly voiced her concerns; she even placed a garbage can over the recent gaping hole. Davis said she had called animal control in the past.

No criminal charges are pending against the rottweilers' owners. Because in Fresno, it's acceptable for a pair of large dogs -- rottweilers no less -- to repeatedly dig out from under a fence, roam the neighborhood and maul and kill a child who is in its own yard. Central California SPCA (CCSPCA), who provides animal control services to the city, told ABC 13 the owners have agreed "not to adopt" or to have any dog "that is considered dangerous" for the next three years.

roaming rottweilers kill boy fresno

ABC 13 footage shows a gaping hole under the owners fence where the rottweilers escaped.

roaming rottweilers kill boy fresno

The pair of rottweilers seen in quarantine after killing a 1-year old boy in Fresno, California.

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Law enforcement departments across the United States should release consistent "baseline" information to the media and the public after each fatal dog mauling, including these items.

2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Man, 53-Years Old, Mauled to Death by Three Dogs in Galveston County, Texas

Jimmy Grigg - Galveston county dog attack
Jimmy Lee Grigg, 53, died after being attacked by three dogs near Santa Fe, Texas.

Cause of Death
UPDATE 03/20/19: Jimmy Grigg died of blood loss from the dog attack, confirmed Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochessett to the Alvin Sun Wednesday. Trochessett received confirmation last Friday about the cause of death. Jimmy lived on the same property in the 5600 block of Highland Road with several other family members. The Griggs have owned the property for decades, reports The Sun. Jimmy died en route to Mainland Medical Center on March 13.

A relative who lives on the multi-home Grigg property owns (is caretaker of) the dogs that killed Jimmy. The dogs were formerly described as "cattle dog-mixes." The Sun reports new information, including that at least one of the dogs is a mastiff-mix, which lines up with our research on family member's dogs potentially living on the property at that time. No one mistakes a "cattle dog-mix" for a "mastiff-pit bull mix."1 At least, no official who is trying to be honest with the public does.

Jimmy Grigg was a central plant operator for Moody Gardens. "Jimmy loved fishing, kayaking, playing dominos, pool, cards and working in his mancave. He LOVED life," states his obituary. "Jimmy was loved by everyone and will be sadly missed, but we will always carry his memory in our hearts." Services for Jimmy were held Wednesday at Emken-Linton Funeral Home in Texas City, Texas. Sheriff Trochessett said the investigation into Jimmy's mauling death is ongoing.

03/14/19: Relative's Dogs Kill Man
Santa Fe, TX - A man died Wednesday after being attacked by three dogs belonging to a relative. The attack occurred in the 5600 block of Highland Road in the unincorporated area of Santa Fe in western Galveston County. Police responded to the home after a 911 call by the victim's brother at 3:50 pm, saying his brother had been attacked by the dogs and could be dead. Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset offered few details to news media outlets in an interview Wednesday.

"He was picked up by EMS, CPR in progress, and was transported to the hospital," Trochesset said, "where he was later pronounced deceased." Trochesset said the breed of dogs is currently "unknown," but the dogs belonged to a relative. "It's a tragic situation for the family," Trochesset said. The Galveston County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate. The victim's identity has not been released by police. The Galveston County Animal Resource Center confiscated the dogs.

Fox 26 spoke to Katie Ewing, a neighbor. "How do you even let that happen, honestly? Were the dogs not in a pen or what?" Ewing said she filed several complaints with animal control prior to the fatal mauling. "Every morning for a good month straight it sounded like there was like dog fights going on," Ewing said. Whenever animal control would come out the property, they would say, "Oh, it looks all normal to me," Ewing said. "It's all really sad. My prayers are with them," she said.

A subsequent news report identified the victim as 53-year old Jimmy Lee Grigg. The dogs are also being described as "cattle dog-mixes." There were two males and one female. The Galveston County paper, The Daily News, reports that Sheriff Trochesset is not yet prepared to say whether the dogs killed the man, or if Grigg suffered some type of medical episode before the attack. It's unclear if sheriff's investigators have been able to interview family members since the attack.

Galveston county dog attack

A Galveston County Animal Resource Center truck at the scene of the fatal dog mauliing.

1Roy Gerald Grigg III (the third), a nephew of the victim, was the original owner of the mastiff-pit bull mix that we link to. He was incarcerated at the Galveston County jail at the time of the attack and still is (Case # 18-CR-2111). He has been incarcerated at the facility multiple times since 2015. He apparently also owns a second pit bull-mix. His address on prison records is listed as, 5637 Highland Rd. There have been "multiple" fatal dog attack cases in the past where an incarcerated person's dog(s) killed a person while under the caretaking of another party. We can't confirm that his dogs were involved in this fatal attack. So for now, this remains a footnote.

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Baseline reporting requirements:
Law enforcement departments across the United States should release consistent "baseline" information to the media and the public after each fatal dog mauling, including these items.

Criminal Trial Begins for Former Officer Whose 'Retired' Dual-Certified Police K-9 Killed a Man and Injured a Woman

Alex Geiger, 27, Faces Three Felony Counts After Vicious Attacks

david fear killed by police k9Betty Long grover beach dog mauling
alex geiger fatal dog maulingneo, police K9 attack dog
From left, David Fear, Betty Long, Alex Geiger and Sgt. Juan Leon holding up a photo of Neo.

The criminal trial is underway for former police officer Alex Geiger. In 2016, his "retired" attack-trained k-9 killed a man and injured a woman. Please see the complete timeline of events.

Opening Arguments
Drama unleashed in opening statements Tuesday, including the defense attorney brandishing a BB gun in front of the jury. Defense strategy appears to be "this was an accident" and the case is only a civil lawsuit matter. Prosecutor Deputy District Attorney Stephen Wagner stated that "safety was a distant second" in Geiger's mind, who knew or should have known that his attack-trained police K-9 was dangerous. Former officer Alex Geiger faces up to four years in jail if convicted.

Wagner said he would show jurors Geiger’s property management company’s application for housing pets on which Geiger reportedly wrote that Neo "will hopefully be a police dog again in the future." - San Luis Obispo Tribune

Geiger's 2.5-year old Belgian malinios, Neo, was not "retired" in any traditional sense. "Alex Geiger had plans to engage Neo in active service at the Grover Beach Police Department," Wagner said during opening statements. "That becomes an important issue as it relates to the case of Neo." An hour before chewing through a wooden fence and killing David Fear and seriously injuring Betty Long, Geiger's dogs had chased a mailman, who is scheduled to testify.

Wagner also took aim at the Grover Beach Police Department, alleging that officers "did not actively engage in evidence collection" after the attack. A BB gun and long-sticked garden tool were found near the scene of the attack. Wagner said a district attorney's office investigator had both items tested at a forensics lab; there was no evidence that either were used in the incident. This is the same BB gun defense argues perhaps Fear pointed at the dogs, triggering the attack.

During the trial, jurors are expected to see Geiger's body cam footage of his arrival at the scene of the deadly dog attack as well as hearing the 911 call made by Betty Long. In another revelation of what is yet to come in the trial, the prosecution accused Geiger's brother of talking to one of the jurors during a break Tuesday, reports KSBY. Both Geiger's brother and the juror were questioned in a closed session. The judge had to "remind" everyone not to talk to jurors to ensure a fair trial.

KSBY has video coverage of day one of the criminal trial of former officer Alex Geiger.

San Luis Obispo County, CA - Opening arguments begin Tuesday in the criminal trial of former Grover Beach police officer Alex Geiger. On December 13, 2016, Geiger's "retired" attack-trained police K-9, which he kept as a personal "pet" after leaving the Exeter K-9 unit four months earlier, chewed through a fence and mauled two people, killing one. Geiger faces two felony counts for failing to maintain control of a dangerous dog and one felony count of involuntary manslaughter.

The criminal trial comes nearly two years after a preliminary hearing was held in July 2017, when we last published about this case. Superior Court Judge Hugh Mullin III ruled there was enough evidence for Geiger to stand trial. David Fear, 64, died from complications of blood loss due to his bite injuries three days after the vicious attack. Betty Long, then 85, suffered bite injuries and broken bones from falling. She was not released from a rehabilitation center until March 2017.

In August 2016, Geiger had to sign a waiver with the city of Exeter when he purchased this dog, removing the city of any liability if it ever attacked someone under his "private" ownership. Geiger's police-trained K-9, "Neo," was not retired in the traditional sense. Neo was only 2.5 years old. A month before the fatal attack, Geiger had unsuccessfully lobbied Grover Breach to start a K-9 program. Four months earlier, Neo had been active duty with Geiger in the Exeter K-9 unit.

Preliminary Hearing

The preliminary hearing, along with Judge Mullin's ruling, focused on "retired" police dogs and the absence of "standard procedures" to follow for officers and other owners of these dogs. Mullin stated, "Maybe police departments should do something about it." Mullin also stated, "There is an inherent danger (with keeping retired police dogs) and I think Officer Geiger knew that." Just an hour before the fatal attack, Neo chewed through its wooden fence and chased a mailman.

The preliminary hearing also revealed the questionable investigation by the Grover Beach Police Department after the deadly mauling. Geiger was on duty at the time and arrived on scene shortly after the first officer. There were numerous protocol violations, including, but not limited to: failure to closely inspect Geiger's broken fence, failure to collect and preserve certain evidence, turning off a body cam too early, and euthanizing and cremating the dog without a body examination.

Prior to the attack, the K-9 was not locked in Geiger's 5-sided kennel in the backyard, as K-9 policy teaches, but left loose in a fenced backyard.

We expect that defense will use the shoddy investigation by Geiger's "employer" to help bolster their client's Not Guilty plea. However, what was clearly established during the preliminary hearing is that Geiger had knowledge of his dog's vicious propensities and he failed to properly secure it. On the day of the fatal attack, Geiger placed both Neo and his German shepherd in his fenced backyard, where he also had a 5-sided kennel. He did not secure either dog inside the kennel.

Case Background

On December 13, Geiger's Belgian malinios, Neo, a dual-certified police K-9 in detection and patrol work (bite work), escaped his property and attacked Betty Long and her neighbor David Fear who intervened to save her life. Fear suffered life-threatening injuries, including two arteries in his arms being severed. He died three days later while hospitalized. Long suffered serious bite injuries and broken bones from falling. Long was released from a rehabilitation center in March.

In September, Geiger was hired by Grover Beach, which has no K-9 unit. For weeks after the attack, the city would not release the officer's name or details about the dog's training. An expose by The Tribune, detailing Geiger's previous employment, showed that Neo was a dual-certified police K-9 and that a month after Geiger began working for the city -- and a month before his dog attacked Fear and Long -- Geiger unsuccessfully lobbied for a K-9 program in Grover Beach.

Prior to joining the city of Grover Beach, Geiger had worked at the Exeter Police Department in Tulare County with the last year spent as a K-9 patrol officer with Neo. Six months before Geiger moved to Grover Beach -- taking the dog with him as a "pet" -- Neo had bitten a trainer during a "bite suite exercise." The K-9 was not taken out of service afterward. When Geiger purchased the dog from Exeter for $5,287 in August, he signed a waiver relieving Exeter of any future liability.

retired police k-9 criminal trial

Wooden fence that Alex Geiger's retired police K-9 chewed through to reach both victims.

retired police k-9 alex geiger criminal trial

Former Kings County Deputy Alex Geiger seen in police K-9 "bite work" demo in 2013.

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2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Rescue Dogs Kill Toddler, Leave Grandmother with Traumatic Injuries in Alachua County

Alachua County dog attack pit bulls kill
Two rescue dogs killed a child and attacked his grandmother in Alachua County.

Suspected Dogs
UPDATE 03/13/19: Media reports have not named the child, the babysitter or the owner of the six pit bull-type rescue dogs. On Tuesday, the dog owner's husband deactivated his Facebook page -- a primary source for the images of the dogs.1 Due to this and other removals, we are now providing screenshots of their public Facebook pages showing their full names. Also, we believe we pinpointed the two attacking dogs based upon their pairing in the multi-pit bull household.

The dogs' owner, Jessica Hoffner, privatized or deleted the "collage" photograph that shows her half dozen pit bull-type rescue dogs.

The grandmother and babysitter, Julie Davis, started a "New Job at Personal Assistant to 7 Fur Grandogs," states an October 1, 2018, post on her Facebook page.2 In the comments sections, Davis posted a photo of each of the dogs, along with their names. Each dog is photographed separately, except the last two, Riley and Tasha. The multi-pit bull household was under a crate-and-rotate routine. The dog crates were separated into "multiple rooms" stated authorities.

Two dogs were in the yard together at the time of the fatal attack. This pairing was very likely the red-coated male pit bull-mix, described in media reports as a "chocolate lab-mix" and a white and brown female pit bull-mix, described in media reports as an American Staffordshire-mix -- a substitute name often used for a pit bull -- or an American bulldog-mix. Alachua County Animal Services appears to be behind this mislabeling effort after the dogs destroyed a 2-year old boy.

Finally, the other "job" listed on Davis' Facebook page is the "personal assistant" to her two grandsons. Being the "personal assistant" to a half-dozen pit bull-type dogs requiring "crate-and-rotate" due to intolerable dog aggression, along with being a "personal assistant" to her two grandsons, did not work out. The two pit bull-mixes that could tolerate each other are the dogs that killed the child and attacked Davis, who tried to save the boy by beating the dogs with a shovel.

On March 10, a GoFundMe page was started to help the family with funeral expenses.
alachua county dog attack

The two family "rescue" pit bull-mixes suspected in the fatal mauling of a 2-year old child.

03/09/19: All Six Dogs Were "Rescues"
Additional information has been released by Alachua County law enforcement, including clarification of family relationships, the routine nature of the child's grandmother caring for the six dogs, and that all of the dogs were "rescues." On Friday, about 10:30 am, two family dogs fatally attacked a 2-year old boy and left his grandmother with "traumatic" injuries at 20915 NW 210th Avenue, a mobile home property at the end of a dirt road off 210th Avenue near High Springs.

One of the grandmother's daughters lives at the home; the child was the son of a second daughter. The grandmother often tended to the dogs while her daughter was at work. Two of the dogs were let out into the yard. The child went out to play and the grandmother went inside. When she returned, "there were no dogs and no boy," Lt. Brett Rhodenizer said. She heard sounds from an outbuilding behind the home. This is where she found the two dogs attacking the toddler.

The dogs' owner told Ed Williams, director of Alachua County Animal Services, that she "adopted all of the dogs from rescue." He added, "They were all sterilized as best I could tell and were current with their vaccines." What Williams did not say is that all of her rescue dogs are pit bull-type dogs. The owner and her husband are pit bull "breed advocates" too, according to each of their Facebook pages. The attackers are described as a pit bull-mix and American bulldog-mix.3

One can only deduce the obvious from a montage image posted by the owner to her Facebook page in 2018: pit bulls, pit bull-mixes, a Dogo argentino-mix along with an American bulldog-mix, which can have docked tails. There are no "chocolate lab-mixes" in this collection, but there is a red-nosed pit bull-mix. The Gainesville Sun article describes very similar dogs as these, but no photographs of the dogs taken during the 10-day quarantine period have been released.

Finally, we address part of Williams' statement during the media briefing: "housed in large, clean crates in multiple rooms." This indicates a crate-and-rotate pit bull household, where the crated dogs cannot be kept in the same room. Thus, there were multiple dog-aggressive pit bulls in the home. The crate-and-rotate "system" reduces dog fights in a multi-pit bull household. Also note that only two dogs were let out in the yard at the same time, the very dogs that killed the boy.

03/08/19: Dogs Kill Toddler, Injure Adult
High Springs, FL - Two dogs attacked and killed a 2-year old boy and severely injured his grandmother, according to the Alachua County Sheriff's Office. The vicious attack occurred about 10:30 am at a home on Northwest 210th Avenue, between High Springs and Interstate 75. The toddler died of his injuries at the scene. The woman was transported to a hospital with traumatic injuries. Neither of the victims lived at the property, according to Lieutenant Brett Rhodenizer.

Rhodenizer said the two victims had gone to the home to let the dogs out, as apparently, the dogs' owner was away. While the child played in the backyard, the grandmother stepped away, reports WCJB. When she heard noises outside, she found the dogs attacking the child. The grandmother tried to fight off the dogs, suffering serious injuries during her effort, but she could not save the toddler. Rhodenizer called the double mauling, "an incredible tragedy for the family involved."

"Our investigation will ultimately determine the facts that lead up to the attack, but no answers will ever make up for the loss of a child," he said.

A spokesman for Alachua County Animal Services gave a media briefing this afternoon. The property had six dogs, all housed in "large, clean crates in multiple rooms." Only two of the six dogs were in the fenced backyard when the attack occurred. The agency seized all six dogs. Two will be euthanized; the others will be held until the investigation is over. Conflicting media reports say the dogs are a pit bull-mix and a "chocolate lab-mix" or the latter, an American bulldog-mix.

The spokesperson said the home is owned by the child's aunt. The grandmother was there by herself taking care of the child and the dogs. According to the Sheriff's Office, the grandmother and her grandson go to the home every day to let the dogs out. On Friday, the child was in the backyard when two of the dogs "got out." The grandmother had gone inside to get food for the dogs. When she returned, she saw the dogs attacking her grandson and rushed to help him.

Partial Transcript of Media Briefing

"Alachua County Animal Services was notified of this morning's attack at approximately 10:36 am. We had an officer in Alachua working another case at the time. She was immediately diverted to this call. I was en route back to our shelter at the time and immediately diverted to this call. Arriving on scene around 11:05 to assist our officers. Upon arrival, I tried to ascertain the facts and make sure that all the dogs on scene were properly contained, so that no one was in immediate danger. Around the time of our arrival, first responders were already transporting the child's grandmother to the hospital. At the request of law enforcement, we awaited the arrival of ASO detectives and the forensics unit before attempting removal of the dogs. We removed a total of six dogs from the residence at 20915 NW 2010th Avenue in High Springs. They were housed in large, clean crates in multiple rooms and all appeared healthy and in good body condition. It was later reported to us that only two of the six dogs were in the fenced backyard when the attack occurred. The owner has surrendered those dogs -- those two dogs -- to animal services. They will be held for the standard 10-day rabies quarantine period and they will be euthanized. The remaining four dogs are being held until the completion of the investigation…"

"My understanding is the residence is owned by the child's aunt and the grandmother was there by herself taking care of the child and obviously the dogs…"

"The two [dogs] that were involved in the attack were surrendered to us. They will be held for 10-days rabies quarantine. That is for the safety and welfare of the grandmother, who was also attacked and injured in this incident. After the 10-days, they will be euthanized. The owner understood that when she surrendered them to us. She was very upset about it, as was she upset about what happened to the child as well. My understanding is the child was the homeowner's and dog owner's nephew." - Ed Williams, director of Alachua County Animal Services

Florida Children Killed by Dogs

This toddler's death comes after dogs killed four children in Florida last year. The death of 9-month old Liana Valino, killed by her father's pit bull while under the care of her grandmother in Miramar; the death of 6-year old Jaelah Smith, killed by a pit bull her family was dog sitting in Jacksonville; the death of 7-month old Khloe Williams, killed by a dog while in foster care in Clearwater; and the death of Cecileigh Garris, just 6-days old, killed by her grandparents' pit bull in Citrus County.

Alachua County Dog Attack

Location where two pit bull-type dogs killed a child and injured a grandmother in High Springs.

Alachua county dog attack 911

During the 911 call, the grandmother speaks to dispatch about the child's severe injuries.

map iconView the DogsBite.org Google Map: Florida Fatal Pit Bull Maulings.
1By late Wednesday evening, he reactivated his Facebook page.
2Some time on or before March 17, the grandmother removed this post, "New Job at Personal Assistant to 7 Fur Grandogs," and deactivated her Facebook account. We replaced link with a screenshot.
3On Friday night, WCBJ reported, "All 6 dogs at the home have been taken into custody, the 2 dogs responsible for the attack have been confirmed by Animal Services as an American Staffordshire Terrier mix and an American Bulldog mix."

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Baseline reporting requirements:
Law enforcement departments across the United States should release consistent "baseline" information to the media and the public after each fatal dog mauling, including these items.

2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Child Killed by Babysitter's Pit Bull-Mix in Salisbury, North Carolina

salisbury pit bull attack babysitter
Jacari Long, 6-months old, was mauled to death by his babysitter's pit bull-boxer mix.

Police Investigate
UPDATE 03/06/19: Multiple news stations captured footage of the pit bull-boxer mix that killed baby Jacari while under the care of his babysitter on Tuesday. The dog is currently being held by Rowan County Animal Control. Shelter officials confirmed the dog has shown aggression toward people while being at the facility. The male dog is 4-years old, police said. Police continue to investigate to determine if the babysitter's dog had displayed aggressive behaviors in the past.

"It was very horrific. Especially for the first responders, the hospital staff involved yesterday, I know they took it hard." - Lt. Greg Beam with Salisbury Police

The WCNC report also states the babysitter left Jacari in a car seat inside the home while she went outside to clean the back of her car to make room for the baby. When she heard her mother screaming, she ran back inside and found her dog attacking the baby. The two women rushed Jacari to a hospital. He was then airlifted to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, where he died. Police were not called until after the baby was airlifted to the trauma center in Winston-Salem.

Fox 46 Charlotte reports that "King" has been euthanized. The news station also spoke to Denise Small on the phone, a friend the baby boy's family. Small said she is heartbroken over Jacari's mauling death. "He didn't even have the chance to live life or even have a chance to enjoy life," she said. Small also wants the owner held responsible. "Right is right and wrong is wrong. They have to take the responsibility of what they did by having that dog around that baby," she said.

Deaths by Babysitter's Dog

Last year, 28% (10) of dog bite fatalities involved a babysitting or dog sitting scenario. Nine of these victims were ages 0 to 6. Five of these deaths involved the child visiting the babysitter or dog owner's home at the time, including the traumatic deaths of Jaevon Torres, killed by three pit bulls while under the care of his godmother in Philadelphia and Liana Valino, killed by one of her father's three pit bulls while under the care of her paternal grandmother in Miramar, Florida.

Of these 10 deaths, 70% involved pit bulls. Recent criminal convictions involving babysitters after a baby's mauling death include Erica Jordan, 33, in connection to the mauling death of Loxli Chavez in Missouri in 2018 and Sandra Adams, 70, in connection to the mauling death of Paris Adams, her own grandson, in Georgia in 2017. Jordan began her 4-year prison term in January 2019. It is unknown if Jacari was related to the babysitter, who is reportedly the baby's godmother.

03/05/19: Babysitter's Dog Kills Child
Salisbury, NC - A baby boy is dead after being attacked by a dog belonging to his babysitter, Salisbury police said. Jacari Long, 6-months old, died of the injuries he sustained in the attack. The attack occurred at a home in the 700 block of Wilson Road, near Livingstone College. The baby was taken to Novant Health Rowan Medical Center and airlifted to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, where he died. The dog is described as a boxer-pit bull mix.

Police were called to the scene about 2:30 pm and determined that Jacari was inside the babysitter's home when the deadly attack happened. Police said the babysitter sat the child in the living room of her home and walked outside to clean the back seat of her car so that she and the baby could leave. While outside, the babysitter heard her mother scream. She ran back inside and found her dog attacking the baby. Rowan County Animal Control confiscated the animal.

Police said that no additional details would be released tonight. In the livecast of Fox 46 Charlotte 10:00 pm news, they called the dog a "pit bull." The baby's father shared the last video he made with Jacari on his Facebook page. Family relatives also posted in memory of Jacari to Facebook.

The family has started a GoFundMe to help with funeral costs - Jacari Long Memorial Fund.

Salisbury Police News Release

On March 5, 2019 at 2:29 pm, Salisbury Police were notified of a child that was being airlifted to NC Baptist Hospital for treatment of a dog bite. Upon investigation, officers determined that the incident happened at the home of the child’s baby sitter at 716 Wilson Road in Salisbury.

The baby sitter had sat the child down in the living room of her residence and walked outside to clean the backseat of her car so that she and the child could leave. The babysitter heard her mother scream and ran back inside of the residence. There she found the child being attacked by her boxer/pit bull mix dog. The child was taken to Novant Rowan and then Airlifted to NC Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem.

Due to the extent of the dog bite, 6 month old Jacari Long of Lexington NC passed away from his injuries. Rowan County Animal Control responded to the residence and took custody of the dog. Salisbury Police are still investigating and no further information will be released at this time. - Salisbury Police, March 5, 2019

salisbury pit bull attack

The babysitter's 4-year old male pit bull-mix, named King, that killed baby Jacari on Tuesday.

salisbury pit bull attack - Denise Small

Denise Small, a friend the baby boy's family, hopes the dog's owner is held responsible.

map iconView the DogsBite.org Google State Map: North Carolina Fatal Pit Bull Attacks.

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Baseline reporting requirements:
Law enforcement departments across the United States should release consistent "baseline" information to the media and the public after each fatal dog mauling, including these items.