Dramatic Attack Footage Shown in Vicious and Dangerous Dog Hearing; Two Pit Bulls Attack a Man and His Dog in Chinatown

Video captured two pit bulls attacking a man and his small dog in San Francisco's Chinatown.

San Francisco, CA - In November, Black Summers Productions (BSP) published the Vicious and Dangerous Dog hearing involving the pit bulls "Cochise" and "Lakota." Dramatic footage of the violent attack is included, which begins at 2:49 minutes into the hour-long hearing. The attack occurred in San Francisco's Chinatown along a sidewalk and street. In September, we released a collection of dangerous dog hearings that were primarily based on hearings filmed by BSP.

Vicious Dog Attack Video

Immediately, we call to attention the handler's leash contraption -- one pit bull is leashed to the other, creating a towline. So the handler is only holding one leash, which is enduring the burden of two pit bulls pulling. The leash breaks when chaos ensues. Also note the handler is wearing "slippers" that he steps out of seconds after the dogs lunge. The "empty" slippers remain in the camera view as the attack occurs and while the handler tries to regain control of his dogs.

Next, we see the victims, Patrick and his small dog, "Tashi." The pit bulls pursue both into the street; one runs between the man's legs to reach his small dog. Within seconds, the male victim is down in the middle of the street, entangled with the two pit bulls, forcing an oncoming car to stop. As the victim struggles in the street to free his small dog from the pit bulls, the handler whacks the two pit bulls with the remaining end of the broken leash -- as if that might accomplish something.

After much struggling, Patrick is able to reach a car parked nearby and puts his dog onto the roof. The victim then uses his body and the car to shield Tashi from a second attack. For the next agonizing 90 seconds, we watch as the handler of the pit bulls tries to get the dogs back under control. The brown pit bull had slipped its collar during the attack, so the handler, Mr. Cho, has nothing to hold onto. He is forced to construct a makeshift collar at the scene, which does not last.

Quickly, the brown pit bull is free again to pursue the victim's dog on top of the car. At 6:31, the collarless pit bull flies through the air to reach the small dog, causing gasps in the hearing room. At this point, the victim flees with his small dog. The scene is worsening, not stabilizing. Then the handler grips the skin of the brown pit bull's neck with both hands. An adult female grabs the leash of the black pit bull and the handler hobbles away, still gripping the brown pit bull's neck skin.

The Vicious Dog Hearing

Patrick testifies first. It is the first time he has seen the surveillance video captured by a jewelry store. His account characterizes the dangerousness of two or more pit bulls attacking. "They were both tearing at him from different sides," he said. One had him by the head and the other had his thighs. "So it was nearly an impossible task." I would fight one dog, trying to get him off the head then I would fight the rear dog, trying to get that dog off. Then the first dog would reacquire its grip.

Patrick also explains how he followed the handler, Mr. Cho, for three blocks, who attempted to leave the scene with the two pit bulls after the attack. "I asked him to stop multiple times," Patrick said. "I followed him for three blocks, the whole time telling him to stop. He refused to stop. It's all recorded on the 911 call." He finally stopped near his home, after a police patrol unit spotted him. "They ordered him to stop," Patrick said, "and he finally stopped. That is when police got involved."

The Handler and Owners

The pathology of vicious dog ownership is on full display when Mr. Cho and Mr. Powell testify. Starting with Mr. Cho stating, "I'm not the owner of the dogs" to blaming the 12-pound dog for causing the attack because it "barked first." The pit bulls "are not vicious," he claimed. "They were provoked." We've seen this same pathology play out many times in the 12-years of our nonprofit. For this reason, we are summarizing the rest of this testimony using the Statement of Decision.

"Mr. Cho, the subject dogs' guardian, testified as follows in pertinent part: Mr. Cho does not own Cochise or Lakota. Mr. Powell does. Cochise has been under Mr. Cho's care for about a year. He just had Lakota that day.

Mr. Cho blamed the incident on Tashi for first barking at Lakota and Cochise, neither of whom are vicious. Tashi provoked the incident by barking.

Both dogs were on leash. He "guessed" he just lost control. He then said the dogs got loose, because the leash broke. He is unsure what happened that day but does not believe the dogs are violent.

Neither Lakota or Cochise have previously bitten another animal or human.

He had no knowledge of the September 28, 2015, described in ACC records during which Cochise attacked dogs in the park at Silver at Bayshore.

Cochise is neutered. Mr. Cho played one iPhone video of Cochise playing at dog park with other dogs, two of which are small, and a video of Cochise walking with a ball in his mouth not under Mr. Cho's leash control. The second video was taken the day before the hearing...

Mr. Powell, who owns both subject dogs, testified as follows, in pertinent part: Mr. Powell apologized to Mr. Yuen for the incident. Mr. Cho called him and told him what happened. He owns Lakota and Cochise. He is unable to walk the dogs due to a work injury. Mr. Cho has kept Cochise for about a year. Mr. Cho has kept Lakota on and off for a year.

He was not present for the incident.

With regard to the September 28, 2015, incident, described in ACC records, during which Cochise attacked dogs in the park at Silver at Bayshore, he never attacked another dog. Cochise chased a ball.

'Cochise breaks all the myths about pit bulls.' He has never seen Cochise or Lakota be aggressive. They are around little kids all day as Mr. Powell has numerous grandkids.

He has never had the dogs formally trained but he would be willing to do so. He loves his dog like his own children..."

After the owners finish testifying and showing videos of the pit bulls behaving friendly, Patrick returns with a powerful rebuttal (50:55 to 56:05). "I'm speechless," he said. "I don't have words." First they tried to pull the blame game. Then after the attack, they filmed the black dog walking off leash on a public street in violation of the law to prove it was friendly. The first bite is the first bite, Patrick said. I don't care how many videos prior to the first bite show the dogs being friendly.

Conclusions and Order

On September 13, 2019 the Statement of Decision was issued by hearing officer Janelle Caywood. "Cochise" and "Lakota" were declared "vicious and dangerous" under Article 1, Section 42 of the San Francisco Health Code. Officer Ryan Crockett had stated at the end of the hearing, "Had that car been going ten miles faster, which would have increased the stopping distance, [Patrick] could have had his life ended." Both pit bulls were ordered to be humanely euthanized.

"Lakota and Cochise pose a grave threat to public safety. The surveillance video shows a sustained, vicious, and harrowing attack that lasted nearly four minutes. Both dogs bit Tashi repeatedly. Any one of the bites could have been fatal. The attack could have been fatal to Mr. Yuen because the two dogs chased Mr. Yuen and Tashi into the street. Even if Tashi barked first, which the undersigned doubts, a tiny dog barking does not render a subsequent four-minute attack by two large dogs provoked within the meaning of Section 42...

The undersigned concurs with the recommendation made by the San Francisco Police Department: Lakota and Cochise must be humanely euthanized to ensure that an attack of this nature will never happen again. The risk to the public is simply too great to do otherwise particularly with guardians who continued to let the dogs off leash in public places while a vicious and dangerous dog hearing was pending..." - Statement of Decision, September 13, 2019

chinatown attack

Dangerous dog hearing for two pit bulls involved in vicious attack in San Francisco's Chinatown.

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giving tuesday campaign 2019

This is part of the Pit Bull Trends statistics released by DogsBite.org in mid-October 2019.

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2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Dies After Vicious Dog Attack in Dacula, Georgia that Occurred in September

woman dies after dog attack dacula
Lorena Cordova, 47, died after a vicious dog attack in Dacula that occurred in September.

Victim Identified
UPDATE 11/30/19: Local media outlets confirmed the death of 47-year old Lorena Cordova, who died on November 21 after suffering severe injuries from a dog attack on September 16. Her daughter, Ingrid Alvarado, 23, said the neighbor's three pit bulls had been an ongoing problem. Alvarado found her mother that morning, injured and bleeding out on the pavement, reports CBS 46. "They already had mauled her completely and there [were] just chunks missing of her body."

"I couldn't hold her, I couldn't help her, because she was just missing chucks of her right arm." - Ingrid Alvarado, 11 Alive News, November 26, 2019

"The attack caused muscle and nerve damage in all of her limbs. She also sustained internal organ trauma," Alvarado told 11 Alive News. Cordova was taken to Gwinnett Medical Center then transferred to Grady's Marcus Trauma Center, where she later died. CBS 46 spoke to the owner of the pit bulls, "Mr. Clark," who claimed the victim "come down on his property." Clark's pit bulls were euthanized after the attack. Police also charged Clark with reckless conduct -- a misdemeanor.

11/25/19: Support for Lorena Fundraiser
Dacula, GA - On November 23, the organizer of a GoFundMe page for an adult victim of a vicious dog attack announced that she succumbed to her severe, complicated injuries on November 21. We only found one media report of this September 16 attack. In late October, 11 Alive reported the adult female victim was still hospitalized. Her first name is Lorena and she was in her mid 40s. The beneficiary of the fund is the victim's husband, Rolando Gonzalez-Carrillo, the fund states.

The fundraiser was created on October 3. "Lorena is a dear friend of mine," states the organizer. "I am shocked and saddened that she was viciously attacked by three pit bulls in her own yard just a couple weeks ago. The dogs came from a neighbor's house and were not fenced in. She is fighting for her life and needs our help. The attack caused horrific, life-threatening injuries that require specialized care. She has considerable muscle and nerve damage in all of her limbs."

By October 13, Lorena remained in ICU, requiring 24-hour sedation and a ventilator. "She is in a trauma center, and her family was recently told she was the sickest person in the hospital. Before the attack, she was perfectly healthy. Now she has kidney failure and requires daily dialysis," states the update. "If she continues to lose tissue around the artery in her right arm, she will need to have her right arm amputated. None of the doctors can offer a prognosis," the fund states.

According to the GoFundMe, this is not the first time the neighbor's three pit bulls had attacked a person or an animal. "They had attacked other people and many other animals previously. The owners knew or should have known the pit bulls were vicious. The week before the attack, Lorena's husband asked the owner to do something about the dogs. Yet, the pit bull owners did nothing," states the organizer. By November 6, Lorena's medical condition had not improved.

We continue to provide any information that we find to local media. We expect police and media confirmation in the coming days. Again, the attack occurred on September 16 in the 3000 block of Luther Wages Road. Lorena was working in her own yard when the dogs viciously attacked her. One family member was injured by the dogs while trying to save Lorena. After the attack, the owner surrendered all three dogs to animal control. The dogs were subsequently euthanized.

dog attack dacula, Luther Wages Road

Area on Luther Wages Road in Dacula where a woman was attacked by three vicious dogs.

map iconView the DogsBite.org Google Map: Georgia Fatal Pit Bull Maulings.

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Baseline reporting requirements:
Law enforcement departments across the United States should release consistent "baseline" information to the media and the public after each fatal dog mauling, including these items.

2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Mauled to Death by One or More Vicious Pit Bulls in Madera, California

pit bull owner owner Heather Anglin
Police seek pit bull owner Heather Anglin after her dogs killed a man in Madera. 

Fatal Dog Mauling
UPDATE 11/13/19: Police have identified a 38-year old man found dead in a dry riverbed on Monday. Lasaro Macedo was discovered deceased in the 1400 block East Yosemite Avenue. "An autopsy was conducted and ruled that Macedo died as a result of injuries he sustained during a dog attack," states a release from the Madera Police Department. An aggressive male pit bull was shot and killed at the scene and a second dog believed to be involved in the attack was seized.

Police are asking the public for help in locating the owner of the two dogs, who they identified today as Heather Anglin. "We ask anyone with information on her whereabouts to call in" or for Heather herself to contact our department. Police provided a photograph of Anglin, who has a noticeable tattoo on her neck. Anglin's Facebook page shows at least six pit bulls and a litter of pit bulls as recently as two weeks ago. Anglin is running a backyard pit bull breeding operation.

Wednesday Updates

By Wednesday afternoon, it was reported that Heather Anglin and Macedo knew each other; both were transients in the riverbed homeless community, which police described to KSEE as a "tight neighborhood." Anglin's pit bulls have also been involved in multiple previous bites, according to Madera police. "[Anglin] has been identified [as the] responsible party for the animals in other dog bites," Sgt. Mark Trukki said. "There are other cases where her dogs have bitten people."

The question is which of her pit bulls? For criminal charges, it only matters if one of the fatal attackers was involved in a previous bite.

Despite Anglin advertising a litter of 10 puppies on October 30, Trukki said the two pit bulls involved in the fatal attack are believed to be the only animals in Aglin's care at this time. Sadly, that is a poor belief and a dire underestimation since Anglin has been running a backyard pit bull breeding operation for years. At the very least, Anglin has a white female rednosed, "Cocaine", another white female, a tan pit bull, "Savage" and a brown and white pit bull, "Powpow."

Police returned to the scene Wednesday to interview more witnesses. "We're trying to see if there's any criminal negligence on her part in regards to her securing an animal, if in fact the animals involved in this incident were considered vicious," Sgt. Mark Trukki of the Madera Police Department told KFSN. "She does have a history with our local animal shelter so we're trying to ascertain if this animal and the animals responsible for this man's death were, in fact, vicious."

Thursday Morning Updates

Madera Police nixed their original news release posted to Facebook Wednesday and posted a new one today: "We have made contact and interviewed Heather Anglin. She is cooperating with our ongoing investigation. We appreciate all calls received with information regarding this topic. Comments on the previous release included one person stating that Anglin "has had aggressive dogs before," her dogs are "wild and disobedient to her" and "she names them all after drugs."

Heather Anglin is not just known to police because her vicious pit bulls have attacked multiple people, including killing a man. She's been involved with other criminal activities too. Far more damning, on Thursday, November 14, Anglin removed several videos from her Facebook page that shows her carrying out "questionable conditioning" with her pit bull puppies. This may be due to California Penal Code 597.5 PC, which provides criminal penalties, in part, for the following:

Heather Anglin - Reactionary Conditioning Video 1
Heather Anglin - Reactionary Conditioning Video 2

(a) Any person who does any of the following is guilty of a felony and is punishable by imprisonment pursuant to subdivision (h) of Section 1170 for 16 months, or two or three years, or by a fine not to exceed fifty thousand dollars ($50,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment:

(1) Owns, possesses, keeps, or trains any dog, with the intent that the dog shall be engaged in an exhibition of fighting with another dog.

(2) For amusement or gain, causes any dog to fight with another dog, or causes any dogs to injure each other.

(3) Permits any act in violation of paragraph (1) or (2) to be done on any premises under his or her charge or control, or aids or abets that act.

pit bull owner Heather Anglin

Several pit bulls seen on Heather Anglin's Facebook page. Anglin has more pit bulls too.

11/11/19: Man Found Dead Covered in Bite Marks
Madera, CA - A man was found dead with obvious bite marks to his legs, arms, and face, according to the Madera Police Department. The victim was found in a "dry riverbed" in the area of Cleveland Avenue and Raymond Road in Madera. While officers investigated the scene, a vicious dog charged the officers. An officer open fired on the animal, killing it. The cause of death will be determined after an autopsy is conducted, police said. The man's name was not released.

The Fresno Bee reports the victim is described as an adult Hispanic male. The vicious dog shot by police was a male pit bull, Sgt. Mark Trukki said. Based on the investigation so far and interviews with witnesses, it is believed the victim was not the owner of the pit bull, Trukki said. Officers have identified the potential owner of the dog and the victim, but both still require additional evidence gathering and verification, Trukki said. The case remains an active investigation, Trukki said.

"To the legs and arms, they appear to be minor, but to the face and neck area, they appear to be significant wounds," said Detective Mark Trukki.

KFSN reports the vicious dog shot by the officer had blood on its snout. Police swabbed the dog as they collected evidence at the scene. Investigators said the victim's face was unrecognizable due to the trauma. "He had several tattoos on his person, so we're going to have the coroner help us identify the person positively, but right now, we don't have confirmation on his identity," Trukki said. It is believed the man was found soon after he died. An autopsy will be performed Tuesday.

Madera is the county seat of Madera County, which is adjacent to Fresno County. In 2016, after Valente Aguirre, 58, was found dead in a dry canal in Fresno County, police seized a pack of suspected dogs. Unable to prove the dogs were responsible for his death, police returned the dogs to their owner. Three weeks later, the same dog pack attacked Robert Simonian, 74, who suffered bite injuries, but died of "drowning" in the same canal, which at that time was full.

There are no recorded dog bite fatalities since 2005 in Madera County. This year, there have been 8 fatal dog maulings in California; this new victim could bring the count to 9. No state since 2005 has incurred more than 7 recorded fatal dog maulings in the same year. There are still 1.5 months remaining in 2019 with November and December typically incurring a higher number of dog bite deaths than most other months. California could have 10 or more dog bite fatality victims in 2019.

area where pit bulls belonging to Heather Anglin killed man

Dry riverbed where police suspect a man was killed by a pit bull in Madera, California.

madera dog mauling

The banks of the dry riverbed is an area where many homeless people live, reports KFSN.

map iconView the DogsBite.org Google Map: California Fatal Pit Bull Maulings.

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