British Prime Minister Vows to Ban the XL Bully by the End of the Year After a Rising Number of Violent and Fatal Dog Attacks

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, vows to ban the XL bully breed.

Vows to Ban XL Bully
London, UK - On Friday, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, announced that the government will ban the XL bully by the end of the year. "It's clear this is not about a handful of badly trained dogs. It's a pattern of behavior, and it cannot go on," Sunak said in a televised statement. The announcement came after two dogs, believed to be XL bullies, killed 52-year old Ian Price one day earlier in Stonnall, and after multiple fatal attacks inflicted by XL bullies in the past two years.

"The American XL bully dog is a danger to our communities particularly our children," Sunak said Friday. "I share the nation's horror at the recent videos we've all seen. Yesterday, we saw another suspected XL bully dog attack, which has tragically led to a fatality," Sunak said. "Today I have tasked ministers to bring together police and experts to firstly define the breed of dog behind these attacks with a view to then outlawing it. It is not currently a breed defined in law," minister Sunak said.

"We will then ban the breed under the Dangerous Dogs Act, and new laws will be in place by the end of the year. These dogs are dangerous. I want to reassure the public that we will take all necessary steps to keep people safe," Sunak said in his statement. Last July, discussed how the UK government could define this status bull breed, known interchangeably as an XL pit bull or XL bully. The XL is one of four sizes of the bully but the United Kennel Club (UKC) only recognizes one.

According to the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC), the Standard bully -- the only size the UKC recognized in 2013 -- and the Classic bully are both medium to large sized blocky headed bull breeds with muscular bodies between 17 and 20 inches at the withers. The Classic has a lighter body frame with the appearance of an "old style American pit bull terrier." The XL reflects the "heavily muscled, massive, bulky body type" of the Standard but is beyond 20 inches, states the ABKC website.

The American bully is not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in the United States or the Royal Kennel Club (RKC) in the United Kingdom.

According to the UKC, the American bully is a "natural extension of the American pit bull terrier." As we stated in our piece last July, too many close pit bull breeds have been able to evade detection under the Dangerous Dogs Act. Along with the XL bully, American bulldogs should also be outlawed by the Act. American bulldogs began being imported and cross-bred in the UK as early as 19991 and are part of the foundation stock -- a "cross-breed ingredient" -- in the development of the XL bully.

Size of a Serial Killer

What about the multiple sizes of the bully? If the XL bully ban is due to a "pattern of behavior," does it matter if the dog is 17 or 20 inches at the withers? One person recently asked us, "Would we not arrest Ted Bundy if he were shorter than another serial killer?" The fourth size, the pocket bully, is under 17 inches. The "Pocket bully," despite their misleading name, as these dogs are weighty and muscular, are not part of the UK conversation, but the Standard and Classic bully sizes should be.

Furthermore, the Classic bully is nearly indistinguishable from the pit bull terrier, according to the ABKC's website. The only difference is that the Classic has "overall more bone and substance than the modern and more 'terrier type' American Pit Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier." If any of the American bully-types are already UKC registered American pit bull terriers, they are eligible to transfer to the American bully breed, according to documentation on the UKC's website.

"Killer Kimbo"

The UKC's Most Wanted Kimbo bloodline has also been a focal point in the UK recently. We first learned of Kimbo in 2014 after one of his offspring, "Niko," killed 4-year old Mia Derouen. At that time, Kimbo was well known in the bully community to "spit HA (Human Aggression) in his offspring." A researcher with UK-based Bully Watch, Gloria Zsigmond, recently determined that half of all breeding American bullies in the UK are linked to Kimbo's bloodline. The XL bully gene pool is that narrow.

We also addressed Kimbo last year after a pair of "family" XL pit bulls killed two children and nearly killed their mother. The one-year anniversary of the double fatal mauling of 5-month old Hollace and 2-year old Lilly Bennard is October 5. One or both of these dogs descended from the RGB King Lion bloodline. Both King Lion and Kimbo are known as "godfathers" of the XL bully movement. If they're not in your XL bully's pedigree, you're not buying a "top quality dog," states the XL bully fan club.

Critics of the Ban

A primary critic of the prime minister's announcement to ban the XL bully is the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA). The argument of the RSPCA, an organization that has no mission to protect human lives, can be summed up by a wholly false statement recently made to The Spectator: "There is no specific research to demonstrate that selection for fighting results in dogs that are more aggressive towards people than other dogs," said RSPCA spokesperson Sam Gaines.

Breed-specific laws are Constitutional in the United States because it has been proven in our courts that due to the selection for fighting, pit bulls, compared to other breeds, exhibit behavioral traits during an attack that have a higher likelihood of causing more severe injuries and death. 2,3,4

The RSPCA recently came under fire by proponents of the XL bully ban after it was publicized that the RSPCA's pet insurance policy refuses to cover any third party liability claims for dogs required to be registered under the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act, or any American bulldog, American Staffordshire terrier, Irish Staffordshire terrier, presa canario, cane corso, bandog, South African mastiff, additional mastiffs, wolf-dog hybrids and any cross-breeds of these dog breeds, like the American XL bully.

UK Prime Minister Bans the XL Bully

Six large bull breed-crosses that seriously injured or killed a person in the UK since 2016.

1Back in 1999, the RSPCA's attitude, at least their Chief Veterinary Officer's attitude, appeared more concerned about dogfighting and public safety. Speaking of the American bulldog, Chris Lawrence told the BBC, "This has all the potential to be equally as great a problem as the pit bull was. We have at least legislation to control them. What we have here is dogs which are potentially really nasty and really vicious." Several years later, however, while serving as the Chief Veterinary Officer of the DogsTrust, Lawrence changed his tune. In 2007, during a meeting of the Associate Parliamentary Group for Animal Welfare (APGAW) which discussed dangerous dog laws, Lawrence said that any breed of dog could bite, and that breed and size of dogs was not the issue. Lawrence also said, "We'd like to see Section 1 removed completely." Section 1 of the Dangerous Dogs Act is the section that bans four fighting breeds: American pit bull terrier, Japanese tosa, Dogo argentino and Fila brasileiro.
2Constitutionality of Breed-Specific Laws in the United States -
3United States Appellate Court Decisions Regarding the Dangerousness of Pit Bulls -
4One City's Experience: Why Pit Bulls are More Dangerous and Breed-Specific Legislation in Justified, by Kory A. Nelson, Senior Assistant City Attorney for the City of Denver, Municipal Lawyer, July/August 2005.

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2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Modesto Woman, 93, Dies After Brutal Attack by a Pair of Cane Corsos

A 93-year old woman died after being attacked by a pair of cane corsos in Modesto, California.

Elderly Woman Dies
Modesto, CA - On August 31, Modesto police officers were dispatched to a residence in the 3600 block of Dothan Drive at approximately 1:30 pm regarding a dog attack. Upon arrival, officers learned an elderly female, who had been outside, was attacked by two large dogs belonging to a nearby neighbor. She sustained "major injuries" and was transported to a hospital, according to a media release from the Modesto Police Department. Chanthy Philavong Maetu died on September 1.

The dogs involved, a pair of cane corsos, were captured on a neighbor's security camera rushing her front door moments before the attack. Jeniece Dendulk said she opened her front door after the dogs rushed it, but stayed behind a metal screen door, which separated her from the dogs, (whose combined weight easily surpassed 200 pounds). "I open the door, and there's the screen, there the two big ol' dogs. I'm like, oh we're not gonna answer the door," Dendulk told CBS13 in an inteview.

She yelled to a neighbor, who said they were trying to contact the dogs' owner. It appeared the pair of dogs had escaped from the backyard of Maetu's next door neighbor, reports CBS13. After the dogs left her front door area, she heard a person screaming. "We knew [the dogs] weren't friendly," Dendulk said. When she dashed out, she saw Maetu in her front yard being attacked by the two large dogs. Dendulk and neighbors were able to distract the dogs and get Maetu back inside her home.

"It was chaos. It was a matter of 80 seconds," Dendulk said. "Looking back, it was 80 seconds. Just like that everybody’s lives changed. It was awful."

While reports initially indicated Maetu was in stable condition, her condition rapidly deteriorated. She died early the next morning, according to Modesto police. The two dogs are currently in custody at the Stanislaus County Animal Shelter. According to neighbors, the owners of the dogs were not home at the time of the attack. They also commented that both dogs had shown repeated aggression since they were puppies, reports CBS13. It's unclear if Modesto police are now pursuing criminal charges.

Modesto Police Department
Modesto, CA - September 2, 2023

On Thursday, August 31, 2023, Officers investigated a dog attack that resulted in the death of an elderly Modesto woman.

At approximately 1:30 in the afternoon we received reports of a dog attack that occurred in the 3600 block of Dothan Drive in Modesto. When officers arrived, they learned that an elderly female had been attacked by two large dogs belonging to a nearby neighbor. The woman was transferred to a nearby hospital with major injuries. Both dogs were located and are in custody at the Stanislaus County Animal Shelter.

As of Thursday evening, she was in stable condition. On Friday, September 1, 2023, we were notified that the victim, 93-year-old Chanthy Philavong Maetu had unfortunately passed away.

Detectives with our Investigative Services Division have taken over this case. No further information will be released at this time as this is an active investigation.
Our hearts go out to the Maetu family over the tragic loss of Chanthy.

According to various media reports, Maetu had been returning home from a doctor's appointment. She had just exited her car and was heading toward her front door when the dogs attacked. The victim's family has started a GoFundMe, In Memory of Chanty Philavong Maetu. "Our Grandma was brutally attacked by our neighbors dogs. She was taken from us unexpectedly," states the fund's organizer. "Anything that helps would be greatly appreciated." So far, the fund has raised over $3,000.

pair of cane corsos kill

The pair of cane corsos were captured on a security camera moments before the attack.

Deadly Cane Corso Attacks

The rise of fatal attacks inflicted by cane corsos has been a long time in the coming. We began looking at Google Trends in about 2014, comparing the two terms "cane corso puppies" and "pit bull puppies." By 2015, the cane corso term had surged well above pit bulls. Because pit bull breeders began marketing designer pit bull breeds under a different name, American bullies, around the same time period, we added that to the comparison, showing the years January 2012 to August 2023.

In July, a pet cane corso was involved in a multi-breed attack that killed 67-year old Anthony Bastradi in Wilson's Mills, North Carolina. In March, a cane corso, used for guarding purposes, was involved in a multi-breed attack that killed 42-year old Mateo Salvador at a home-converted business in Jurupa Valley, California. In December of 2021, four pet cane corsos killed 26-year old Karen Rosa-Madrid in East Valinda, California. Rosa-Madrid and her son had been living at the dog owner's home at the time.

pair of cane corsos kill

Google Trends shows the growing popularity of cane corso puppies compared to pit bulls.1

Rationale of Criminal Charges

Long time readers of our blog may recall the brutal attack of 54-year old Juan Fernandez and his mother in Modesto in 2014. A pack of four pit bulls belonging to Fernandez's neighbor escaped their fencing and fatally mauled Fernandez in his own backyard and nearly killed his mother, Maria Fernandez. She amazingly survived after sustaining severe injuries. Those dogs had a history of burrowing under their fencing and harassing Fernandez and his mother. No charges were brought.

At that time, the Modesto Bee ran a series of editorials questioning the "bizarre lack of laws to prosecute owners of uncontrolled recognized dangerous dog breeds," we stated in our related blog post. Dog bite attorney Kenneth M. Phillips best summarized the subsequent debate: "Four pit bulls equal danger. When you have a dangerous condition, you have to take steps to correct it." Owners who choose to own multiple aggressive breeds must have a higher standard mandated by law.

"If law enforcement cannot charge, then our lawmakers must step up and fix these laws.

Why not require anyone with an aggressive dog to alarm their fencing, just as gates in fences around swimming pools are alarmed? Why not require owners of aggressive breeds to double fence their property? Why not require people who own such dogs to carry significant liability coverage? Since these breeds are responsible for so much carnage, make certain that anyone who owns one can cover the cost. No insurance, no license; no license, no dog." - Modesto Bee editorial, 10/31/14

A pair or more of beagles escaping a property is not comparable to the danger presented by a pair or more of pit bulls or mastiffs escaping (the cane corso is a mastiff). The average fence for a residential property, wooden or cyclone, is not engineered to be a barrier between "life and death." They are not engineered to prevent a pair or pack of aggressive and powerful breeds from escaping either. When owners choose to own "200 pounds of mastiff," stronger fencing should be mandated by law.

pair of cane corsos kill

Chanthy Philavong Maetu, 93, died after being mauled by a pair of cane corsos in Modesto.

1There is a rising number of pit bull breeders that cross pit bulls and cane corsos to make larger pit bulls and to market this cross-breed as a "cane corso," a much more exotic name for sales purposes (there is even a "pit corso" term). By default, pit bull-cane corso cross-breeds are also marketed as American bullies or XL bullies for sales purposes.

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Baseline reporting requirements:
Law enforcement departments across the United States should release consistent "baseline" information to the media and the public after each fatal dog mauling, including these items.

2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Blytheville Woman Mauled by Three Pit Bulls in June Dies; Dog Owner Charged with Multiple Felonies

Blytheville pit bull mauling
Jeane Bennett, 93, of Blytheville, died of injuries she sustained in a pit bull mauling.

Woman Dies After Dog Attack
Blytheville, AR - The Blytheville, Arkansas Police Department issued a media advisory stating that on August 15, Jeane Bennett, 93-years old, died of injuries she sustained in a brutal pit bull mauling on June 3. After the attack, Bennett was transported to Regional One Medical Center in Memphis, where she remained hospitalized until her death. On August 16, police arrested the owner of the three pit bulls, David Veasey, 43, of Blytheville, and charged him with multiple felonies and other charges.

At approximately 6:30 pm on June 3, Blytheville police officers were dispatched to the 900 block of North Ruddle Road about a person being attacked by multiple dogs. Officers arrived and found Bennett with family members in the backyard of her home, "unconscious" with "multiple bite wounds on her face and extremities," including injuries exposing bone. According to witness statements, Veasey's three pit bulls, which resided next door, were in Bennett's backyard attacking the witness.

Officers observed blood on all three dogs and dispatched two of them on the scene. The third pit bull was later euthanized by a local veterinarian. On August 16, detectives obtained warrants for Veasey’s arrest, who was taken into custody. Veasey faces two counts of felony aggravated assault (use of a deadly weapon), two counts of an unlawful dog attack, misdemeanors, and various violations of city ordinances. Online Arkansas court records show that Veasey has a lengthy criminal background.

The attack was so horrific to community members and local officials that the city of Blytheville proposed a pit bull ordinance less than two weeks later. It's unclear if that proposal gathered any traction. Also in June, the owners of three pit bull-mixes that killed a 2-year old child in Arizona were charged with "aggravated assault with a deadly weapon," a class 2 felony in that state. We rarely see aggravated assault charges after a deadly dog mauling, which often speaks to human "intent."

Media Advisory

Blytheville, AR – On June 3rd, 2023, at approximately 6:34 p.m., Officers of the Blytheville Police Department were dispatched to the 900 block North Ruddle Road in Blytheville regarding a person having been attacked by dogs. On arrival, Officers located, 93 yr. old Jeane Bennett, with family members in the backyard of her residence. Officers found Bennett unconscious and had multiple bite wounds on her face and extremities. Officers reported the wounds were severe enough to expose bone. Officers began providing first aid including the application of tourniquets.

Witnesses reported hearing a scream from family members and went to their aid. They reported three (3) large pit bull dogs from next door were in the yard being aggressive and attacking the witness. They were able to fight them off and get them back into their fenced yard.

Officers observed blood on the three (3) dogs that were still being aggressive towards them. Officers euthanized two (2) of the three (3) dogs at the scene the third was taken by Blytheville Animal Control Officers. The third was then euthanized by a local vet. All three (3) dogs were tested for rabies.

Bennett was transported to Regional One Medical Center in Memphis where she remained hospitalized and on August 15th 2023 she passed away.

The subsequent investigation identified 43 year-old David Veasey of Blytheville as the owner of the dogs. On August 16th 2023 Detectives of the Blytheville Police Department Criminal Investigation Division obtained warrants for Veasey’s arrest who was taken into custody on these warrants later that day. Veasey has been charged with:

2 counts of Felony Aggravated Assault

2 counts of Unlawful Dog Attack

Various Violations of City Ordinance

Veasey appeared in court on August 17, 2023 for arraignment. He was given a $100,000.00 standard bond with 10% having to be paid in cash. The Blytheville Police Department would like to thank the community, the Prosecutor’s Office and everyone involved with their assistance with this case.

Sgt. Robin Haught-Angel

Public Information Officer

Blytheville pit bull mauling

Jeane Bennett, 93, died after being mauled by three pit bulls in Blytheville, Arkansas.

map iconView the Google Map: Arkansas Fatal Pit Bull Maulings.

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Baseline reporting requirements:
Law enforcement departments across the United States should release consistent "baseline" information to the media and the public after each fatal dog mauling, including these items.

2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Killed by Own Dog that was on Trial for Attacking Neighbor in Livingston County, Michigan

A 68-year old man was found dead after being attacked by his own dog in Tyrone Township.

Dog Kills Owner
Tyrone Township, MI - The body of a 68-year old man was discovered dead behind a residence on Wednesday. Police suspected he was the victim of a fatal animal attack. On August 2, at approximately 11:40 am, Livingston County Animal Control deputies were conducting a follow-up visit at a home in the 8000 block of Faussett Road in Tyrone Township regarding a dangerous dog report. When deputies arrived, they discovered a deceased male behind the residence.

The victim's body was transported to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing for an autopsy. At that time on Wednesday, no other details were released. Today, the Lansing State Journal reports that the dog had recently been involved in an attack on another resident. The animal control deputies had been conducting the follow-up visit to serve the man a court notice about the dog, but instead found him dead in a cattle pasture. The man's dog was actively biting him when the deputies arrived.

The victim has since been identified as 68-year old Patrick Conley Sr.

The dog, described as a "mastiff-mix breed," was dispatched at the scene due to aggressive behavior toward the victim and the deputies. Police attempted medical aid, but the man was pronounced dead at the scene. The official cause of death remains pending. The identity of the victim, details about the court notice, and details about the prior attack were not initially released. The Hartland Area Fire Department and Livingston County EMS also responded to the scene.

WXYZ reports that the individual who was previously attacked by the dog is the owner's neighbor. That person suffered "extremely serious injuries," which is why the deputies were serving the court order (Notably, the dog was not seized after the first serious attack and taken into quarantine). WXYZ also spoke to William Standish, who lives nearby. He described the dogs as "guardian dogs" for the victim's livestock. Standish said he was "shocked" the man died of a dog attack.

Livingston County Sheriff's Office

Death Investigation - On Wednesday August 2, 2023, at approximately 11:40 a.m. Animal Control Deputies with the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office were conducting follow-up at an address in the 8000 block of Faussett Rd. in Tyrone Township. Animal Control Deputies were at the residence serving the homeowner a court notice issued by the 53rd District Court for a show-cause hearing. The dog at that residence had recently been involved in a dog attack incident where an area resident received extremely serious injuries. The dog was identified as a Mastiff mix breed.

While attempting to make contact at the residence, Animal Control Deputies located the 68-year-old resident who is also the dog owner, in a cattle pasture belonging to that address. It was observed that the dog was actively biting the decedent’s body when Animal Control Deputies located him. The victim who was later pronounced deceased on-scene, had fatal injuries consistent in appearance with a dog attack. Due to the dog’s aggressive behavior toward the victim and responding emergency personnel, the animal was killed on-site so that medical aid could be attempted. Foul play is not suspected. The victim was transported to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing for an autopsy. The official cause and manner of death are pending at this time. Deputies were assisted on-scene by the Hartland Area Fire Department and Livingston County EMS.

This incident remains under investigation by the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office Detective Bureau.

Finally, the last time we recorded a fatal dog mauling in Livingston County, Michigan was in 2007 after a pack of American bulldog-mixes killed two people -- it was a double fatal dog mauling that resulted in a criminal trial. Diane Cockrell, 52, of Iosco Township, was ordered to serve a minimum of 3.5 years to a maximum of 15 years in prison for allowing her American bulldogs-mixes to run loose and kill Cheryl Harper, 56, and Edward Gierlach, 91, in rural Iosco Township in 2007.

Tyrone Township

A 68-year old man was found dead after being attacked by his own dog in Tyrone Township.

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Baseline reporting requirements:
Law enforcement departments across the United States should release consistent "baseline" information to the media and the public after each fatal dog mauling, including these items.