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20 thoughts on “Macro-Level Forces Report: Covid Impacts of 2020 U.S. Dog Bite Fatality Capture Rate of Nonprofit

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  1. For any other consumer product, 62 deaths in one year would be cause for concern on a national level. Of course, it’s complicated by the fact that the CDC feels that breed information related to these deaths is unimportant.

  2. Well written, Farmer Jayne.

    The Covid years from 2020 – 2022 could be characterized by the “Packs of Pitbulls” years. Dozens to 100 dogs in general were also removed from homes.

    Another key point of the report is that victims ≥ 45 years old seem to be invisible despite some contributing to the American economy for at least 20 years.

  3. I’m sure it relates to “COVID Pups”. Everyone needs a dog to keep them company when working from home.

    Now, consider the “inventory” available at shelters at any given time. The vast majority of dogs there are, or are closely related to, Pit Bulls. I estimate many of these dogs had bite histories, also.

  4. I’m pretty sure the lack of many of the >45yo deaths is a “hush job” by the surviving family because their own choice of ‘family pet’ caused their deaths. If it was a death of someone unrelated to the dog, then it would more likely have made the news.

  5. Thank you for confirming what I’d suspected. During 2020 and 21 everything disappeared except the election and Covid. I heard that our local shelter adopted all of its dogs. Every where you go there are shiny bright pit bulls pulling their clueless owners around. Two immediate neighbors got new dogs, not pits, thank goodness, but very barky breeds, so I now have 5 barkers on my fence line.

    • Join the club, Dayna.

      I have about the same number of barkers next door, and what I think of those dogs and their owners cannot be printed here on this family blog. Thank goodness they aren’t pits, but they still make quite a racket.

      However, there is some good news in the neighborhood. It appears that the pit bull owning sleazeballs across the street are being evicted. I saw an official-looking guy serving papers last week, and the chronological adults looked very unhappy.

      Even better, I think they moved the dogs to some other location because I haven’t heard one of their barkathons since the late summer.

  6. Hopefully, the 2 new comments on the USPS and Animal Control Services will be approved by Dogsbite soon. DBO is understandably protecting the Comments.

    • Ineffective Animal Control Services thwarting the U.S. Mail

      In Ohio–Cincinnati and Cleveland–some neighborhoods are not getting their mail because of dangerous dogs. The USPS is fortunately protecting its route carriers.

      One neighbor’s dangerous dog is affecting an entire street or neighborhood.

      Animal Control Services have
      not been doing their jobs in picking up and impounding/ euthanizing the dogs. Some mail-less neighbors are in their 80’s and do not have cars to pick up their mail at the local post office. They could lose their homes if mortgages and tax payments are not made in time.

      This is a severe hardship due to dangerous dogs activism and Animal Control Services failures.

      Watch “No mail delivery for months on local street following postal worker dog attack” on YouTube
      Local 13, Sept 23, 2022

      USPS stops delivering mail to neighborhood after mailman attacked by dog
      KKTV-11, Aria Janel,
      Sept 23, 2022

      Ohio 3rd in nation for dog attacks on postal workers
      Journal-News, Jen Balduf, Jun 3, 2022

      New Ohio license plate features Pit Bull, animal activists say it highlights disparity
      WKRC, Sept 9, 2022

      DBO, see the pitbull advocates’ part in this license plate issuance.

      • Oops…it’s Local 12 news for Cincinnati. NOT Local 13.

        To go directly to the sites, best to just copy the story titles.

        First of the 4 stories is on YouTube. The rest on Google.

  7. Indianapolis Care and Control is giving away pitbulls routinely. I wonder when the population is so saturated with them that no one comes to get them. Really nice writeups are being put out.
    on the dogs. I wonder who writes them up.. Are they largely copying other writeups?

    • Same thing is happening here in Tucson. It’s like there’s a three-alarm fire over at animal control. Come rescue these dogs or we’ll have to put them down!

      Trust me, animal control, if you backed off your No-Kill policy and started putting those pits down, the animal rights wackos would weep crocodile tears but the rest of us would definitely not.

      • And, right on cue, here’s the latest Nextdoor post from animal control. Copied and pasted for your enjoyment:

        “It’s Monday morning at PACC, and we are starting the week with 522 dogs in the shelter! Can you help us by fostering or adopting today?

        “Even just two weeks out of the shelter with a foster can make a world of difference for a dog by helping them come down from the high-stress environment of the shelter and by collecting more information on how are at home. We have SO. MANY. awesome dogs who would benefit from even a short stay in foster!

        “Maybe Mocha is your cup of tea? (Or cup of joe?) Mocha came into PACC in FEBRUARY with her litter of NINE puppies! Her puppies were quickly adopted, but this sweet mama still waits at the shelter for her chance.”

        BTW, Mocha is a pit bull.

        • Oh, another pitiful pound puppy story from Tucson. This one’s courtesy of KVOA, a TV station. Excerpt:

          “TUCSON (KVOA) – If you are looking for a new best friend, you just might find it at the Pima Animal Care Center.

          “The center located in northwest Tucson is in urgent need of adopters and fosters right now.

          “Part of the reason is multiple intakes of large-breed dogs from overwhelmed caregivers.”

          Wonder why those caregivers were feeling overwhelmed by their large-breed dogs. The story doesn’t say.

          • Quiet, those responding to Tucson KVOA’s PPP story probably have such overwhelming love for “puppers,” AKA 5-yr-old pitbulls, that they know they will be that unique person to show that love wins out over hundreds of years of breeding.

  8. They can use any excuse they want for increased deaths by dogs. But it has nothing to do with people being home more with their dogs or any other issue except they were pushing the pits out of the door to anyone that wanted a dog and lying to them about breed and safety

  9. Bravo to you for making this known! Little by little we who care and are brave as well as willing to take the time to alert others and with no self gain is what will make our world a safer place.

    And to Pam Rock rest in peace faithful deliverer of our daily mail.

    I am using the voting time to make strong laws in our county say for instance our Sheriff is running for Judge and I as a voter called with the Ordinance number of Batesville Arkansas which has a very strong law in regard to pit bulls. Basically, if he wants my vote then step up to the plate and protect us.
    Deep shame to Putnam County Florida

    Keep up the good fight Nunzia!

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