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16 thoughts on “2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bull-Mastiff Mix Kills 2-Year Old Boy in Newman, California

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  1. I’ll betcha money that the “large mixed breed” is a pit bull or a close mix.

    Let’s see a picture of that dog.

  2. Saw a young family in my neighborhood yesterday. They had a child around 4 and Mom was pregnant. And what do you think they had pulling ahead of them in a leash? Yes, a pit bull.

    You really feel for these children whose parents are putting them at so much unnecessary risk.

  3. Undoubtedly the pit bull advocates will blame the child. People with children or other pets would be wise to chose anything but a pit bull as an addition to their “family”. While I agree that some pit bulls never hurt or kill anything, after the damage is done, it is too late. Why take a chance with your children?

  4. People have such nice, happy kissy, licky pitbulls. Until, suddenly, completely unpredictably, they attack. Why? Because that is what they are bred to do.

  5. These parents are apparently “lion” tamers and their cavalier attitude and trust in their land shark resulted in their child being eaten by it. They will, of course, claim that the beast was never aggressive or getting out of the yard. They will lie about how sweet it was and basically call the neighbors liars. I am sure they will face no charges. Somehow, I don’t think they cared much about their child since they put their egos first and chose a pit-mastiff mix as a family member. Even if they had this creature before they had their first child, they made poor choices that from day one would result in putting children (their’s or other’s) at risk.

    • Yes, they were “lion” tamers! They adopted another one that appears to be a designer bully, basically a unique looking bully dog with a unique coat color that probably sold for $1,000-$2,000 when it was a pup. The only thing that surprises me (but only a little) is that the new pit was not the attacker.

  6. Notice that it was not the (apparent) Chihuahua in the photo that caused this child’s death, despite what pro-bully people would have you believe about them being “just as dangerous.”

  7. New national law:
    Dog severely injures or kills human, dog, domestic animal, or a cat off the dog’s property?

    Then all the dog’s owners and handlers are charged with felony animal neglect and cruelty. They failed to keep their dog safely so the dog suffered and the other “animal” human suffered too.

    Found guilty, they’re all banned from any dog ownership or contact for LIFE.

    The FBI tracks convicted animal abusers so that agency can become the national registry for these animal abusers.

    Signs must be posted “No Dogs Permitted.” Any dogs later found on the property or in their control shall immediately be confiscated.

    Publicized and enforced, this breed neutral law will begin to make dog owners sit up and pay attention. Publicizing and enforced it will reduce or end recidivism.

    • I agree. And they should be STRICTLY liable for all a victims medical bills, up to and including having their assets liquidated.

  8. I’m not entirely sure who would think either of those dogs are “charming” enough to adopt, but to each his own. Personally, I think they are creepy, ugly, and downright scary looking (not to mention the things they are capable of doing).

    But here we go again, shitbull owners making excuses for the actions of their dog(s). “Well, there was a bit of a shake-up in the house and ummm, he was a bit flustered with a new dog around, and ummmm, well he ripped my kid’s head off, but it’s not the breed it’s how you ummm… no, it’s not how we raised him, it’s… it’s… it’s…”

  9. Anyone else suspect the pit x mastiff and the “new” pit were fighting over who got the kid?

    Sadly even if the killer pit mix is put down I bet they keep the “new” pit and the neighborhood will still be unsafe.

  10. So the mother just had her child murdered, but she has the wherewithal of mind to remove/privatize the photos. Maybe another family member did it, in a misguided effort to protect the mother (or more likely the pitbulls.) A mother’s grief is a hard, hard thing, and I really don’t want to judge this mother….but I have seen too many parents/grandparents making excuses for their murderous dogs. Far better this mother leave the pictures up with an edited caption warning others about this murderous breed. (and then stay off of FB so she doesn’t have to read the comments from the extremely hateful pitbull cultists.) So much tragedy in life is unavoidable, but bringing a pitbull into one’s home is a completely avoidable tragedy.

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