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12 thoughts on “2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Joshua Tree Woman Killed by Four Pet Pit Bulls Belonging to a "Guest"

  1. In a very sad mentioning, the granddaughter of watercolorist Elsie Grace is a Facebook friend of Lana Bergman. Grace was mauled to death by her son’s two pit bulls in 2013. You can read her granddaughter’s comment on our post about Elsie Grace.

  2. Do not ever allow someone to bring one of these dogs in your home or to your property. Ever. If it’s your own young adult child/adult child and it’s their pet, it doesn’t matter. Don’t ever allow someone to rent a property from you and bring one of these dogs. In fact, don’t ever allow dogs in any rental you may own. There is too much lying and miss labeling of dogs to disguise pitbulls. Don’t ever feel bad for one of them and foster it even for a week. Don’t ever let someone convince you these animals are misunderstood. The only misunderstanding is the myths and out right lies that are perpetuated to put these dogs above all people, all dissimilar dog breeds, and other animals.

    • I agree. I learned my lesson years ago when a prospective tenant told me she had two mixed breed dogs. I went to look at them to see if they were healthy. The male pitbull, a young adult, was the most vicious dog I’ve ever seen. The two had bred. When I asked the owner what she was going to do with the puppies, her reply was, “Haven’t a clue”. The male was rehomed, probably to a dog fighter. The female, after raising a litter, was dumped somewhere for aggression. What happened to the litter? I can guess. This family knew the male pitbull would kill everything and everybody in sight but didn’t care about all of my dogs and cats that would be killed. The woman was “homeschooled”, I think by Jerry Springer. Both of her parents were in prison while she was being “homeschooled”.

  3. So the other day I was watching one of last season’s episodes of Law & Order: SVU. One of the main detectives on the show has a newborn baby…And a pit bull. (The actress who plays her is a pit fan in real life. )
    There’s a scene in which the detective is giving her babysitter the third degree…basically, if a hair on the baby’s head is askew, the sitter is out on her butt, all the while there’s this large pit bull lounging around in the background. I just laughed at how stupid things are these days.

  4. Pit Bull mongers are misunderstood too. They do not care about dog or even pit bull welfare. They do care very much about self, ego, their own patholigical needs and wants, to own, monger and breed fighting dogs.

    No one who cares about their favorite type of dog wants that type to become popular. Popularity leads to disproportionate suffering abuse neglect homelessness death. This is all acceptable to bully people.

    Proof? Their refusal to accept THE WAY to reduce pit bull suffering and death: mandatory enforced restrictions on breeding

  5. It is beginning to sound like these people ordered the dogs to attack her. Then they call the police and play innocent to make up lies they just found her. Make up lies about how long they have been there, make up lies about her taking care of their dogs. Then when that start to fall through they make up a lie involving a sword. It was probably their sword.

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