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19 thoughts on “2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Joshua Tree Woman Killed by Four Pet Pit Bulls Belonging to a "Guest"

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  1. I hope the owner of these dogs is held responsible and jailed for a long time. This is murder!

    • I am so sad how poor Lana died. Such a horrible way to die! I hope those maulers get euthanized because they did murder her. The owner should face criminal charges as well. I can’t believe that she is getting away with this,and she doesn’t feel any sympathy for her loss either. That should raise the eyes of the police. This Johnston person is a very rude an ungrateful piece of trash! Living in a bus with four kids and four pit bulls,that pig is just straight up trash! May God bring swift justice upon this evil woman! This breed needs to be banned,we need BSL! #Banthebreed

  2. Do not ever allow someone to bring one of these dogs in your home or to your property. Ever. If it’s your own young adult child/adult child and it’s their pet, it doesn’t matter. Don’t ever allow someone to rent a property from you and bring one of these dogs. In fact, don’t ever allow dogs in any rental you may own. There is too much lying and miss labeling of dogs to disguise pitbulls. Don’t ever feel bad for one of them and foster it even for a week. Don’t ever let someone convince you these animals are misunderstood. The only misunderstanding is the myths and out right lies that are perpetuated to put these dogs above all people, all dissimilar dog breeds, and other animals.

    • I agree. I learned my lesson years ago when a prospective tenant told me she had two mixed breed dogs. I went to look at them to see if they were healthy. The male pitbull, a young adult, was the most vicious dog I’ve ever seen. The two had bred. When I asked the owner what she was going to do with the puppies, her reply was, “Haven’t a clue”. The male was rehomed, probably to a dog fighter. The female, after raising a litter, was dumped somewhere for aggression. What happened to the litter? I can guess. This family knew the male pitbull would kill everything and everybody in sight but didn’t care about all of my dogs and cats that would be killed. The woman was “homeschooled”, I think by Jerry Springer. Both of her parents were in prison while she was being “homeschooled”.

  3. So the other day I was watching one of last season’s episodes of Law & Order: SVU. One of the main detectives on the show has a newborn baby…And a pit bull. (The actress who plays her is a pit fan in real life. )
    There’s a scene in which the detective is giving her babysitter the third degree…basically, if a hair on the baby’s head is askew, the sitter is out on her butt, all the while there’s this large pit bull lounging around in the background. I just laughed at how stupid things are these days.

  4. Pit Bull mongers are misunderstood too. They do not care about dog or even pit bull welfare. They do care very much about self, ego, their own patholigical needs and wants, to own, monger and breed fighting dogs.

    No one who cares about their favorite type of dog wants that type to become popular. Popularity leads to disproportionate suffering abuse neglect homelessness death. This is all acceptable to bully people.

    Proof? Their refusal to accept THE WAY to reduce pit bull suffering and death: mandatory enforced restrictions on breeding

  5. It is beginning to sound like these people ordered the dogs to attack her. Then they call the police and play innocent to make up lies they just found her. Make up lies about how long they have been there, make up lies about her taking care of their dogs. Then when that start to fall through they make up a lie involving a sword. It was probably their sword.

    • I absolutely agree! Lana wanted them out the day she was murdered,as i read the article so coincidently that same day Johnstons maulers killed Lana.Plus Lanas sister has a recording of her talking about her fear of them mutts and saying that she wanted them out.Johnston showed absolutely no remorse for Lanas death and that should have raised some eyebrows immediately! I hope these mutts get euthanized. That would be sooo wrong if they didn’t cause them disgusting beast will just go on to kill someone else. There’s alot of blood on this skanks hands. I pray that justice will be served and i pray that Lanas family will find some peace. We need BSL! #Banthebreed

  6. Elsie Grace was my art teacher when I was in high school and a wonderful person. I cannot believe this has happened again. Horrible.

  7. That the dogs were even allowed to live this long is a travesty. The reason they attacked her is irrelevant. They killed a human. That the owners would want them back, that they are even allowed to consider the possibility, is unimaginable. Our society’s love of dogs has reached a dark, scary place.

    • Farmer Jane,that is so true.The pit hags have created this cult mentality when it comes to this breed. I think it is sickening the way Johnston acted about Lanas death and i find it to be very suspicious. Think about it,the day Lana wanted them out is also the day that she was killed by those maulers,plus Johnston showed no remorse at all for Lanas death and even went so far as to blame Lana for her own death by saying coyotes did it,or that she provoked the mutts with a sword. I say Bull crap! This person is nothing but trash! Lana helped her and this is her way of thanking the poor woman. I hope justice will be served,and that these horrible creatures are put to death! We really need BSL! #Humanlivesmattermore

  8. I’m trying to imagine how the Johnston family lived. When my husband and I were first married we lived in a converted school bus with our two dogs (Springer Spaniel and Border Collie). We were renovating a house and had 60 fenced acres for the dogs to run. Still, the living space was small. Throw in 4 children and 2 more dogs plus a nomadic life style. Yikes.
    If they got the dogs back, how would they contain them? Do the dogs live their lives in crates? Traveling from county to county, who would be responsible for making sure these killers were contained? How do you live day to day with 6 humans and 4 dogs in a 25 X 8 space?

  9. These dogs are bred….and inbred….to kill, nothing else. If you can’t find a deserving breed of dog to love other than a pit bull, you shouldn’t have dogs at all!

  10. No justice for the victim whatsoever. Owners are not charged, there’s “not enough evidence”. It should be common sense that if you own a dog, you’re responsible for the dog’s actions, that’s the only way to make people choose breed wisely, train their dogs, and confine their dogs properly. Even the murderous dogs themselves are not euthanized, after brutally killing this woman! Seems like her life was a trifle, not even worth as much as a stinky dog’s life. Owners show no remorse, want those monstrous dogs back! And what is this disgusting babbling about “service dogs”? That’s an insult to disabled people who own legitimate service dogs. It should be illegal to call random dogs “service dogs” unless they’re certified as such. Again, what kind of heartless monster do you need to be in order to want to “take back home” a couple of merciless killers who murdered an innocent woman? Look at them every day, knowing that their faces are covered with blood? Knowing that they can kill your children any minute?
    There’s no question that the owners of those dogs are evil, disgusting people, and this poor woman’s blood is on their hands, but so are the local authorities who refuse to euthanize the beasts and charge the owners.

  11. I am so confused by what is happening with the legal system. It seems that you can use a dog as a deadly weapon and have no repercussions. Seems like the odds are in your favor that you get out of jail free when your dog brutally and slowly kills someone. Even when the evidence is clear that you 1. own the dog, 2. are responsible for it being out of your direct control, 3. have a history of this, you can put your odds on getting off scott free. Not only that, the taxpayer will pay to move your home to another site.

  12. I lived with Stephanie in maybe 2010, 2011. She is freaking insane and she doesn’t care about anyone. I can’t believe that she wasn’t punished at all.

    When she was living with us, she & her kids all gave us lice & she refused to treat it. She was forced to leave. She stole a bunch of our stuff & then moved out. She does not care about other people at all. I believe that she intentionally murdered this poor woman. Stephanie has dead eyes… Like there’s no life or humanity behind her eyes. I don’t know why she keeps having so many children. She gave her 10-year-old pot brownies. I should have called the police on her then. Stephanie has a world of bad karma coming her way. She is probably the worst person I’ve ever met.

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