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27 thoughts on “2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Two-Year Old Boy Mauled to Death by Two Roaming Rottweilers in Fresno, California

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  1. Very sad. Nice to see pictures of the dogs that verify they really are Rottweilers. In many of these cases, we’re never sure exactly what the breed was.

  2. If your dogs are running loose and KILL someone you should be charged with at least negligent homicide. There is a definite level of GROSS negligence involved in getting the kind of animal you KNOW is capable of this then allowing it to run loose.

  3. Bred to maul.
    Pointers point without warning.
    Retrievers bring back the neighbor’s dirty sneelakers without training
    It’s instinct.

    Even if the grandmother was present, thus fatality might still have occurred.

    Severe or fatal injuries?
    Charge all the owners /handlers with felony animal neglect and abuse and ban the adults in the family from any dog contact or ownership for Life.

  4. Life in prison for the owners of these, and every dog that mauls an innocent person. And that’s only because the death penalty is no longer legal in most states….. Because, that baby didn’t do anything to deserve this.

    I bet in the coming days we will hear about animal control complaints made regarding the owner of these dogs. That’s usually how it works. They don’t just get out and decide to kill someone, there’s usually a lot of things that lead up to this type of situation, like habitual aggression and running loose.

    This hits me hard because for the past 2.5 years, my children and I have had to live our lives around someone else’s selfish, hateful, disregard for life and utter disrespect in allowing their pack of prey driven pitbulls to run all over my property, kill and maim innocent neighborhood pets, and snarl and charge at me and others constantly. I have turned into a worrying, bitter, ANGRY person because we can’t enjoy what we’ve worked so hard to get, and I can’t help but think that this very scenario could happen to us. I pray it does not.

    • Mama Bear…your situation is not too different than mine, and reporting it to the police is fruitless. They rarely take these things seriously, and even if the dogs are taken, the same people will just go out and get new ones. Keep yourself safe…carry a stun baton, knife, and gun. That is what I do. Wish I didn’t have to do so, but otherwise, I am just being naive.

      • We carry pistols just to check the mail. I’m sick of living like this. Animal control won’t even answer the phone let alone come out and take care of the situation. The one time they did take the dogs, they pulled into the owner’s driveway and returned them right then and there. I guess pit owners are above the law.

        I can hold my own. I’ll empty my revolver on them and then get the shotty and finish them off. My worry is my children. I might not be able to shoot if a dog has one of them, let alone make sure the rest get inside safely. So much for that rural dream we had. No one will bother us out here, we said as we bought our land…

    • Oh, my word, Mama Bear! I lived by irresponsible pit bull owners too but they were finally taken away after dog at large, improper restraint, and hitting the dogs. I am so so sorry you are going through this. Maybe you need to keep complaining and complaining to Animal control, police, city council, etc. until SOMEONE listens to you. This is so wrong to have to live in fear because of selfish owners of dangerous dogs. Wishing
      you peace as this is resolved so your family is safe!!!

  5. My heart goes out to the family of this vicous attack.
    The owner of the dogs will be charged, and when proven guilty, the civil lawsuits will follow. This is a fatality involving gross negligence of a dog owner, not an accident. To say it was an accidnent is to say it was 100% avoidable and that the owner had no knowledge that this could happen and that he didn’t know his dogs were aggressive.
    The prosecution will prove that the owner has had the problem with his dogs digging out in the past to establish a pattern of behavior and that the owner has done nothing to prevent it. And the way the owner was so quick to relinquish their rights to the dogs shows to any intelligent person the dogs were agressive. I think it’s more likely to be proved that the owner opened his door and let them out. And the courts will also likely ban this person from owning any dogs in the future. I think the owner of the dogs thinks by giving up their rights there will be no consequences. There definitely will be. As a dog owner your are 100% legally liable for the actions of your dog. We will see soon enough.

    • I doubt the owner of the dogs will see any charges. Notice that they agreed to not get any dog considered dangerous for 3 years? They weren’t ordered to, they agreed to. All that means is they can’t get a dog with a confirmed mauling. The shelter doesn’t consider pits or rottenwilers dangerous. Dogs are individuals remember.

      I hope the family of the boy finds a good lawyer. This should easily be a multi million dollar gross negligence case.

  6. Here in Tucson, I’ve made many a call about loose pit bulls. Including calls that were prompted by my being chased while riding my bicycle and a neighbor who was ambushed by a pit bull while he was rolling his trashcan back from the curb.

    The official response? Meh.

    What will change this situation in Tucson and elsewhere? Well, shooting the loose dogs might, but there was a case in Tucson where a guy did that. And he was prosecuted.

    So much for that idea.

    However, like most cities, Tucson has a very aggressive plaintiff’s bar. Here’s one example of what they’ve been up to lately:

    BTW, the Bortugno case is going forward. And I hope she wins big bucks.

    • Yup. I hope the victims family sues the shit out of the dogs owner AND their local Animal Uncontrol. I know they’d prefer to be doggie social workers than deal with belligerent ahole dog owners but tough shit. If they don’t want to do the JOB of public safety they should look for employment elsewhere.

    • Was the dog shooter convicted?
      I know a lot of DA’s will charge you even in clear cut cases of self defense because bringing a “dog hater” to “justice” plays well to voters. Sadly it wouldn’t take too many “dog’s over people” types on a jury to lead to a conviction.

      • Yes, the dog shooter was convicted. Apparently, the owner of the dear, sweet pibbles managed to convince a jury that her precious ones had wandered into an easement.

        Ummm, sweetie, dogs aren’t supposed to wander. They’re supposed to be on leashes, in houses, or behind secure fencing.

    • A man got convicted for shooting a dangerous loose dog… Should have waited until it latched on his throat, right? And what kind of new insane label is that – “dog hater”? Is it illegal to hate dogs now?
      They created a conviction record for an innocent man, that’s going to interfere with his ability to get employed and feed his family – and for what, for a dog? They think it’s ok top ruin a man’s life because of a stinky dog?
      God help us, we are turning into a society of degenerate madmen, and such societies don’t last long… Think about Romans – they ruled the world while they were stoic, hard-working and brave, and when they became degenerate and weak – they got erased from the face of Earth.

  7. So Animal Control had complaints on these same dogs and denies it! And now this child is dead and a family devastated.

    In some of these cities, they might as well re-name Animal Control to something which more accurately describes what the department does in that town. How about “Mostly Pit Bull Re-homing and Advocacy Group” or “Murdering Animal Removal Service (After They Have Already Murdered).”

    In most cases they could also be called “Dog Breed Misidentification Council” as well, but at least in this particular instance they not only provided photos but also correctly identified the killing breed. But shouldn’t we expect more from a department with the word CONTROL on its name?

    The anecdotes from people who are living in fear of dangerous dogs while AC does nothing are enough to make one furious. And especially in this case in which a neighbor called to report the dogs and AC did nothing.

    I wonder how quickly AC would come if a neighbor called in dog abuse or an injured dog instead of a roaming dangerous dog?

    • AC are dog social workers. The specialize in pits put will put the life of any dog over the life of any human anymore.

  8. My heart goes out to all of the families involved and breaks for that sweet, innocent, precious baby. This is an utter tragedy that can happen anywhere to anyone and we must learn from this and hope and pray that it never happens again and no family shall ever have to experience such unimaginable grief.

  9. There have been two incidents very close together of a child killed and a grandmother injured in a vicious dog attack. Think for a moment of the mental suffering, the PTSD and survivor’s guilt these grandparents now have to live with. Dog attacks create endless pain.

    • I remember a photo from an attack, I think last year, where the grandmother was covered in her grandchild’s blood, after she had fought her damndest trying to stop the family dog from killing the baby. The baby didn’t make it. That photo has stuck with me because it shows the real aftermath of a fatal dog attack. A stunned, heartbroken grandmother covered in her grandbaby’s blood. Sad beyond words.

  10. This disrespect for human life is unbelievable. The fact that it’s permissible to let your large dogs escape from your property, that animal control doesn’t care when it happens, that they’re shamelessly denying it, that owners of the murderous dogs are not charged. Given the fact that we live in a generally over regulated society, it’s mind boggling that the situation with dogs attacking people is the same it was in 1819. Especially in California, where people are totally smothered by regulations, and you can’t take a breath without violating something, you can’t say a word without fifty people starting to scream that what you said was offensive and hurtful for someone, and therefore you shouldn’t be allowed to speak, yet you’re welcome to habitually let your two dangerous dogs loose and you will not be responsible when they kill someone’s child!

    • I assume the hang up is going to be ” knowing its propensities”? Does this get translated in to a free bite? If so and they can’t find a documented attack by these dogs they probably won’t be charged. I don’t see how you can own any large dog and not know its propensity to attack and kill. Particularly when you own the number 2 man killer.

  11. So the takeaway of this trajedy is keep a sharp eye on your children says the police Officer. Outrageous! How about keep your dogs under control. Horrible And a rookie statement for a PR officer and a LT to boot.

  12. I am in constant amazement that dangerous animals roam our streets in an otherwise civilized society. Other peoples guns, alcohol and tobacco are legal and dangerous, but these things have never ambush attacked me at 30 feet per second on a residential street. At-large dog owners think that their dog will never bite a pedestrian, and that the pedestrian must stand there and wait to see if he is bitten. After 7,000 pedestrian miles in three years, at-large dog owners and the local Establishment know one thing: Not me, never!

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