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31 thoughts on “2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Texas Teen Dies After Brutal Attack by Three Pit Bulls in Irving

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  1. The sick mentality and attitudes of many Pitbull owners makes me so angry! They tend to be trashy type people with disgusting habits and lifestyles. Some do not exhibit all those same characteristics but the attitudes tend to be similar. To express such disdain for human life over that of an animal is animalistic in itself. You, Christina Lorena, are disgusting!

    • I agree, typically the photos that come from the locations of these attacks are so disturbing, so disgusting, so vile, that the conditions aren’t even fit for a dog, let alone human life. Nasty people, nasty dogs.

    • Look at the “yard”, the conditions those pits live in. The people living there are animals themselves. Their attitude is so typical.

  2. The Irving Police Dept should now lead the national effort in regulating pitbulls because it’s time. Some countries ban them and I’m not saying ban them but require them to be spayed or neutered and MUZZLED in public. If you can’t muzzle your pitbull in public place, then you shouldn’t own a pitbull. If your dog intimidate you, that is an aggressive dog and a recipe for tragedy.

    People need to start taking some responsibility for these dogs that pose a clear threat, even to their own owners! That’s the thing: Even their own owners!!

  3. This boy did not deserve to die, even if he was trespassing. The daughter of the owner of the pit bulls says it all… compassion for the dead person, but boo hoo for the dead pit bull…

  4. It’s always a tragedy when anyone other than the owner is killed by these monsters. When owners are killed, the dogs do us all a favor by eliminating human trash from our society. After the owner is killed, the dogs are euthanized. A win/win for everyone.

  5. If fatal dog attacks for trespass aren’t a crime, why is still illegal to plant landmines in the yard or rig a hand grenade that kills when a gate is opened?

    Our laws were written before bully dogs were being mongered as normal pets. In the past, a dog bite was a bite and release. Normal dogs wanted the intruder to leave; if they bit they let go so the intruder could leave, and live.

    The true experts of “kill or die trying” dog behavior, the dog fighters, know that pits/bully dogs are different and are the best at attacking and not stopping. That’s why they all choose pits.

    Bully people insist that they want their dogs to be treated equally. Okay.
    Make it fair.
    Decriminalize the killing of any trespassing pit bull, including puppies. Make it fair.
    “She had no business coming into my yard, so I killed her.”

    • Quote snip: “…If fatal dog attacks for trespass aren’t a crime, why is still illegal to plant landmines in the yard or rig a hand grenade that kills when a gate is opened? …”
      You raise a valid point.

      In this case, the law exists/does not exist solely due to strong popular demand. There is strong popular demand to own vicious dogs, so therefore, possessing them securely is not illegal. Maybe this particular death could have been avoided if proper warning signs were properly posted. Maybe signs were posted? Maybe it was low light conditions that prevented notice of the signs? Were warning signs required in this jurisdiction, even if the dogs have never battered anyone?

  6. I wish the Irving Police Department would post the video of the Veterinary hospital security tape from the fatal owner mauling.

    Videos such as that should be required viewing at every Pit Bull Awareness Event, and all local government meetings where dog laws are being discussed.

  7. Typical response from the daughter. This makes me so angry. This was a 16 year old boy, a human life snuffed out in the most horrendous way. Whatever the reason for being in that yard that night, no one deserves that fate, ever. As usual, the scum that own these dogs show their true colours.

    • Christina Lorena uses a whole lotta filters on her FB selfies and she has an unusual amount of scantily clad, public bathroom selfies and kissy mouth posing. But my favorite is that she posted actual porn of herself on FB. It appears she is using the extra trafic to her FB to promote herself. Yes, classy pitbull lady.

  8. Ahhhh, yes…the classy, compassionate, well spoken humanity of your average pit bull advocate on full display once again.
    “That’s what yo ass gets” for what, exactly, Christina Lorena? A sixteen year old child deserved to die a violent, agonizing, terrifying death because he stepped foot on your father’s shithole property?
    Now, if I were a pit bull owner, this is where I would say I hope you or your child meets the same end so you can feel the same pain as his family. But see, I’m a human being and I have compassion and forgiveness in my heart. You unfortunately must have lost yours somewhere down the line. It must have been the way you were raised, right? Like those pit bulls you love? Your daddy must be proud of the soulless degenerate he raised, who is now justifying the death of a child. Yo ass is super classy, girl!

    My condolences to the family of young Mr. Cabrera. How truly awful.

  9. Was there a sign posted on the fence warning of vicious dogs? Is there a law in that jurisdiction requiring such signs to be posted? In Prescott, there are some fenced properties that contain certain dogs that have never gotten loose, and have never bitten anyone. But, everyone knows that those certain dogs display an unmistakable, full warning of extreme viciousness to anyone who walks past the fenced property. My guess is that if the dogs have never battered anyone, posting a warning sign is not required by law. But, due to the viciousness that is displayed when pedestrians walk past, maybe legislators think that no law needs to be enacted?

  10. This message was posted on by a “John Nezat” on Christina Lorena’s facebook page:

    “John Nezat Hello we are pitbull lovers and trying to reach your father to help him get his dogs back! We are so sorry for the loss of pregnant bella we would hate to see the loss of the other 2 babies please reply to our message on messager. We do have connections so please reatch out”

    Honestly, what horrible, trashy people. I cannot imagine wanting to keep a bunch of dangerous, killer dogs. The callousness of these people is staggering.

    Trespassing is hardly something that deserves such a horrific death. Owning and breeding killer dogs is a far worse crime that petty trespassing.

    • Homeless at age 16…that’s so sad. And for his life to end like this. It’s awful.

      I really can’t believe the reaction of the owner. He’s weepy over his horrible, killer dog but isn’t bothered at all that someone died a violent death on his property. I can’t fathom how one could value property over a human life. It makes me angry.

  11. Just what everyone wants next door- the progeny of a man-killer. If our culture had any sanity where dogs were concerned all these dogs and they pups would be euthanized immediately, their owners responsible for the victims funeral costs, charges of at least involuntary manslaughter and banned from dog ownership for LIFE with jail time if they get another.

  12. To be honest, I’m flabbergasted by this one.

    We have a family, living in what appears to be, abject poverty…turning their hands to whatever will bring in next month’s food…fixing old cars, raising pitbull puppies, dogfighting, what-have-you. Their teenager is bashing on another miserable teenager for getting murdered by her father’s dogs.

    I suppose if one’s young life is THAT messed up already, it seems normal to her that property is more important than people, then death of someone about property, is somehow, deserved. Clearly, from her selling of herself as property means that property rights are more important to her, than her own self-worth.

    Not only should authorities they take every dog out of that property, assess, restrict and possibly euthanize it–someone needs to intervene with that teenager because her parents’ lifestyle has clearly impacted her ability to make good decisions or see her own–never mind anyone else’s–humanity.

    The last thing that would be good for her is getting involved with a bunch of self-absorbed pitbull fetishists.

    What an unholy mess with a dead kid at the bottom of the pitbull pile. I can’t imagine what that young fellow’s friends and family must be going, through.

  13. Sadly, the owner’s of the dogs care no more about the dog’s lives, than they did about the victim. They are not upset that the momma dog died, because she is dead. They are upset that their breeding dog is dead. They can not produce more dollar bills from her. Though no doubt they will just breed the others they own. Again, stopping these animals from being born is the only solution to preventing more tragedies from occuring. My condolences to this poor victim, and his family. My prayers for the owner’s families lost souls

    • I’m thinking you’ve hit the nail on the head. He cared more for the value of whatever is in that “yard” than he did the value of human life. And he cared more for the money that Bella brought twice a year producing puppies than he did for her as an individual dog… one can just look at the conditions the dogs lived in to see that. Some pit bull pushers are slavishly devoted to the breed with misguided “love,” but all I see in this story is greed. I wonder how much he gets for those puppies? And I wonder if he will disclose to the buyers that their parents killed a teenager? Sadly, in the types of circles this man must run in, it would probably increase their value.

      If this man had SHOT a teen coming over his fence, or had BEATEN a teen to death for coming over his fence, or had lain LAND MINES which killed a teen coming over his fence, he’d be facing a trial. If he had a dangerous animal like a cougar or tiger kept in that yard and a teen had gained access and been killed, he’d be facing a trial with the prosecution claiming that he should have kept the deadly animal inaccessible. Apparently pit bulls are the one way to dispatch someone without any repurcussions at all besides MAYBE having your dogs taken away.

    • Amen Dixie.

      Here’s what I fail to get, lately. We have BSL here. That means, all pitbulls must be muzzled in public or be taken away. Immediately. Yet, I never see these dogs around with muzzled. Yuppers, that’s twue wuv, right there, folks.

      Also, it is illegal to buy or breed them. This law has now been on the books for over a decade. Yet, this summer, FOUR new, young pitbulls have moved into the neighbourhood. Why are all the pitbulls not old and decrepit by this point?

      How is it that there are not already, almost extinct here?

      That should be the goal of BSL, IMO. Extinguish the breed. BSL was designed to be kind to those who grandfathered their dogs in, to let them keep their pets until there were no more pitbulls in the province. That way, there would be no further mounds of dead and sick pitbulls cluttering up the shelter systems as they would be phased out without killing people’s pets. Dogfighting could be stopped for the most part, because no dogs are “gamier” than pitbulls.

      Sadly, it’s not working.

      Pitbull nutters don’t “love” these dogs any more than people who encourage the breeding of mutant, English bulldogs “love” dogs. This is about dollars. Not about sense or compassion.

      If there’s no compassion for the suffering dogs, there’s not likely to be much for their human victims, either.

  14. I have three nephews serving in law enforcement. I know that each one of them would have the courage to jump over a fence and place their bodies between the attacking dogs and any person. They would do so without hesitation, risking their own lives to save another. Risking their wives being widows and their children being fatherless. To imagine them doing so, and then think about how this homeowner and commenters are callously saying the boy deserved to die… I just can’t fathom how that would make them feel. These officers who courageously fought to save this boy are basically being told that they should have just left the dogs to do “their job.” They’re being told that not only was their bravery wasted, but that they did something wrong in shooting one of the attacking dogs. What an insult. I’m just heartbroken for them. They’ve witnessed something beyond gruesome, something they will revisit over and over again all their lives. One even bears the physical scars. And the dogs’ owner has the audacity to say that the dogs were just doing what they were supposed to do. What a shame. What a hard hearted, base, unfeeling, low individual. I can only guess at how those law enforcement officers feel. I know how I would if this had been one of my brave nephews.

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