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16 thoughts on “Macro-Level Forces Report: Covid Impacts of 2021 U.S. Dog Bite Fatality Capture Rate of Nonprofit

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  1. SO MANY neighbors around me got a dog, or two during the lockdown. Our local shelter had zero dogs to adopt. And I see more pits than ever, and some being walked by older (60’s) slightly built women. I don’t see these higher trending death numbers going down in the near future.

    • Same here. I’m one of the few pet-free residents of my neighborhood, and that was true before the COVID era.

      Short take: Keeping animals in captivity just isn’t my thing.

      As for big, powerful dogs being walking by small women and by children, I’m seeing much more of that. No point in trying to talk to any of these people. A lot of them view themselves as rescuers, and how dare I speak against such a noble thing?

      This isn’t going to end well. I think we’re going to see much higher dog bite-related fatalities for the foreseeable future.

      • My friend’s 3 year old great grandson just had reconstruction surgery on his arm. Reason? Need I mention that the family pit turned on him. At least he’s still alive.

    • I see that too – women 50+, typically overweight and not visibly particularly strong, walking pit bulls. Rescue is a favored hobby for this gender/age group.

  2. A 131% increase in dog mauling fatalities from 2018 to 2021. Not surprised given the general atmosphere change in stores since before the pandemic.

    Corporate America has allowed a free-for-all attitude about pitbulls and other Dangerous Dogs. Some of the worst offenders in my area are Home Depot, Kroger-owned stores and Costco. Before long, there may be a dog mauling fatality in these stores. Perhaps these retailers will then realize what poor store policies they have promoted.

    Pitbulls in grocery stores. Idiotic.

  3. As always, Colleen, insightful and precise reporting. Yes, where I live, the dog population exploded during covid. I also see women and children being dragged down the street with “rescued” pits and pit mixes. Corporate America is right onboard. In fact, a woman was recently bit in the face at Home Depot by a fake “service” pitbull. Most of the media will not cover these attacks. Their viewers and advertisers will attack them if they do. ANYthing that sheds a negative light on dogs especially is avoided. I’m leaving a link here about a woman in England who had her arm ripped off by a shelter pitbull. She’s suing the shelter for $200,000 (pounds) because they did not reveal this dog’s previous aggressive behavior. Shelters need to be sued and businesses that allow dangerous dogs. Hit them all in the wallet!

  4. Several years ago an American visited England, Ireland and Scotland. I read his/her comprehensive comment that none of the dogs were leashed, even though they appeared to be lagging behind their owners. “I was especially horrified in London, where the traffic is so terrible.” The commenter mentioned that America has leash laws.

    The comment came in response to an article that reported Princess Anne’s bull terriers (the pitbull with the bullet-shaped head) had once again bitten someone. No action apparently taken by British first responders.

  5. I do not understand so many things around bulldogs, pitbull dogs, stafordish dogs …

    I do not understand a SMILE on the face of that woman with one arm missing. ( No one to blame, perhaps… ups ! I am now handycaped and I am going to sell it – Someone else is to blame, NOT THE DOG, NOT ME! Never me , why should I assume anything… what possibly go wrong … )

    And I do not understand – what is the motiv behind the desire to get one of this dogs. Their beauty is definitely not the main reason, because they are lacking that caracteristic obviously. They look nasty to me, man made creature with the potential lethal properties. They are suppose to be nasty , dark fascinators with the strong message – do not mess with me – the Ego maniac the owner- selfish being who do not bother to think 6 minutes ahead about the consequences when things go wrong , and they obviously do , more then once.
    Arm ripper bulldog is not just looking evil – it is evil in deed.

    I am currently in Germany. People here are devoted to their dogs. Mix breeds are the most often seen. Every dog is on the leash , taken out two or three times a day , well walked and socialized. There are NO stray dogs at all here.
    Rhodesian ridgeback is the only “classy” dog I have seen here, beside a bunch of happy no breed dogs.

  6. Just wow, on the idiocy of the pitbull owner. “Exaggerated her injuries so my dog was euthanized”?

    She likely *knows* Dr. Phil is going to make mince meat of her in front of millions of viewers and is still narcissistic enough (it’s all about ME and MY dog ME ME ME) to go on his show.

    Hey Lady, here’s the thing. Forget how severe or not you think the injuries, were. YOUR DOG SERIOUSLY BIT SOMEONE.

    40 years ago your father or your husband would have walked into the back yard and shot it themselves, if you didn’t.

    That’s enough right there.

    On the plus side, if Dr. Phil is covering this–maybe the tides are finally turning.

  7. I am so glad Dr.Phil is brave enough to risk the ire of his commercial sponsors and many of his pit-idiot viewers. Judge Judy is tireless and courageous in her effort to not only punish owners of dangerous dogs, but also educate the public. If ONE life is saved, it’s worth it.

  8. Damn right!! Sterilize ALL pit bulls and off-breeds closely related with them. Usually owners of pit bulls and off-shoots of them only want to do one thing–INTIMIDATE anyone who comes near.

  9. Years ago, I took my Norwich Terrier on a (leashed) walk on the Delaware/Raritan Canal Towpath in Princeton. The path is a state park and requires all dogs to be leashed. A canoe pulled up about 10 yards from me and my dog and a pit bill hopped out. It approached me and my dog with its head down and eyes forward — a patently aggressive posture, especially for a fighting dog. The people on the canoe yelled reassuringly, “It’s fine; he’s friendly.” The dog straddled my terrier, picked him up by the neck and shook him. I pounded him on the head and he released. Fortunately, go-to-ground terriers are tough critters with powerful necks. Had my dog been a poodle, he would have been dead. The woman in the boat offered to pay my vet bill, which was the least of the problems. She was a veterinary assistant who “rescued” the dog when someone brought it in, probably to be destroyed. The dog wasn’t legally restrained. She clearly didn’t understand what she owned. Scores of generations of fight breeding don’t just go away. If you don’t believe me, try training your Lab to avoid the water or your Beagle to stop following a scent. Pitt bulls owners constantly insist that their dogs don’t bite. Well, they don’t … until they do. Yeah, there are pit bulls who don’t bite. Unfortunately, they’re the exceptions, and they look just like the dogs who do bite. I grew up in a dog breeding household where dogs who bit without provocation were taken directly to the vet and put down. We didn’t send them to shelters where they would have an opportunity to maim someone else’s kids. That would be unethical and irresponsible, but people do it all the time. Dogs are wonderful. I love dogs, but in my world, people always, always come first. They ought to be able to walk confidently through the world without having to worry about a dog attack. And my dog — a loving pet — should be able to walk around without being attacked by a dog bred to kill other dogs. These people who anthropomorphize dogs and equate breed discrimination with racial or ethnic discrimination do so much damage. They claim to be dog lovers, but they aren’t. If you love dogs, you love them for what they are, not as you wish them to be. This is a sorely needed website. Thank you for creating it.

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