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11 thoughts on “2013 Fatal Dog Attack Breed Identification Photographs

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  1. This is a great way to inform people. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Now people can see for themselves what kind of dogs they need to avoid.

  2. "discoveries suggest that the interface of physical and behavioral conformation mean it is not possible to breed out the impulsive aggressive behavior of fighting dogs while retaining their shape and appearance.
    Form follows function: one cannot have a dog whose entire body and brain are adapted to executing the killing bite, without having a dog who will execute the killing bite."

  3. I suggest the picture with the six pitbulls be put on the front page of your website so you can reach the maximum number of people.

  4. The whole 'breeds' discussion is a red herring. It used to be that the authors of it — the pit bull lobby — tried to teach us that the pit bull isn't a breed, but a type of dog. This is true. The pit bull lobby abandoned this truth in favor of 'breed' fictions when it turned out that banning the entire type worked to dramatically decrease dog bite related fatalities.

    Dogmen call all the bully 'breeds' simply bulldogs. Diane Jessup calls them 'grippers'. This type of dog — the gripping bulldog — has been around since at least the 14th century, when bull and bear baiting was a popular royal sport. Some 500 years before the first kennel clubs were founded and started playing their fancy breed name games.

    All of these 'breeds' (and any mixes of them) are still the same bear shredding, horse mauling bulldog they were 500 years ago. People back then had no problem identifying a gripping bulldog, and they knew without kennel clubs exactly which dogs to breed to get gripping maulers. People now still have no problem identifying the gripping bulldog type. Even the pit bull fanatics know exactly which 'breeds' to look at when they want a new gripping bulldog.

    As for the pit bull lobby's 'science', it's worth as much as Big Tobacco's 'science' was back when lots of bought 'scientists' were willing to say there was no connection between smoking and lung cancer. This later shifted to bought 'scientific' statements of 'no proven causal connection' — but all the same, smoking has ended up banned everywhere it endangers anyone's health but the smoker's.

    As the dead pile up, the gripping bulldog lobby is fighting a losing battle. It's just that it's a shame it's taking as long for them to lose it as it took Big Tobacco. And BTW, shame on so-called 'scientists' who are selling themselves this way. They'll go down in history the same way the Big Tobacco mercenaries have – forgotten, and when not forgotten ridiculed and despised.

  5. This is a very useful and informative page. I'll be sending people here in the future if I run into anybody who still asserts "Chihuahuas are more aggressive!" Definitely no Chi's on this page. Just a lot of ugly grippers that have been bred for 200 years to shake and kill.

    • So tired of hearing that line about small yipping dogs bite more. Amazing the lack of i intelligence these people who protect this breed display by even saying that. It is because that's all they can say they have no argument. It is well known what dogs are responsible for such mauling death and destruction . The breed should be bred out and stopped

  6. This post hits at the heart of this "no one can identify a pit bull "tricks and theatrics".

    Ka D, that is a great quote!

    Thank you!

  7. Haven't you seen so many photos just like this in your news feed on social networks, "This is So-and-So, he's a great dog, please adopt him today, etc." Maybe with some ridiculous pit propaganda about "nanny dogs" thrown in.

  8. No kidding, Packhorse. In Pima County, Arizona, our tax-supported animal shelter has pages and pages of this dreck. So does our local humane society. They're posted by "friends" of the shelters, and my use of the quotes is deliberate. With such people for friends, who needs enemies?

  9. Pretty convincing. Damning evidence against Pit Bulls. Keep up the great job you are doing at Dogsbite. There would be many more fatalities if had not started warning people

  10. I feel encouraged by the comment about the tobacco lobby. Yup…maybe some hope.

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