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10 thoughts on “Who Can Identify a Pit Bull? A Dog Owner of 'Ordinary Intelligence' Say the High Courts

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  1. Pitbulls have a large square triangular head, eyes small is contrast with the size of the head, steaming muscular legs short and stocky.

  2. I can spot a pit a field away through blurry vision, no glasses. Not hard at all. I then put my hand on my protection knife and quickly walk the other way. Thank you for this article and the continued hard work you do. I educate people via my personal experiences at every opportunity.

  3. Of course no one can ID a pit- unless its "heroic", a "service pit", or is qualifying for freebies that other breeds do not get. Or someone thinks they are dangerous! Then they are sweet lil pibbley wibbeleys! No question of breed, the nanny dog must be a pit.

    Its so obvious that anyone can ID a mauler, er pit bull. They are as obvious as they are deadly. My only concern with IDing them is that now that pits make up most of the un-S/N population, most "oops" dogs are part pit. This means they are infecting then gene pool of normal dogs.

    So, That lab mix? Could very well BE a lab- mixed w pit, and may look enough like a lab that people really are unsure. I have a friend and her dog looks like a pit from most angles, but she swears it is a lab mix. (honestly, not to be contrary, or a liar)

  4. The AKC, for example, forms its determination of breed by physical characteristics. Their dog shows examine conformation, the trueness of a breed to the physical characteristics outlined by standards.

    Everyone there recognizes the breeds simply by visual characteristics.

    Pit bulls are not mixed breeds. There are different varieties, but they are all specific fighting breeds. They are carefully chosen and selectively bred to follow standards and feature the physical characteristics that their breeders (dog fighters, and now the breeders following the marketing to cash in) desire in their dogs.

    These features include the head and mouth shape and muscling designed to inflict the utmost damage.

    Backing that up is the physical body shape and muscling strength designed for fighting and killing, and also the behavioral characteristics such as attacking and killing without provocation.

    Unfortunately even the pit mixes that show these features especially in the head tend to have the same problems as the ones the dog fighters pump out. The damage ability factor and aggression dominate in the genetic makeup.

    If people claim they can't identify a pit bull, then they better contact the AKC and UKC and the ADBA and ask them to destroy all breed id books and stop having dogs shows and awarding conformation titles. Silly of course.

    Will the fighting breed advocacy squad ever stop with their lies?

  5. The quotes from court decisions that you posted are very important for people to understand just WHO is lobbying for pit bulls, spreading these myths and misinformation, and all the rest.

    Many of the pit bull lobbying groups try to hide their activity or their culpability, but it is there to find.

    One example- in the Colorado Dog Fanciers vs Denver supreme Court of Colorado. Thee Dog Fanciers was an primarily AKC breeding lobby in the state representing the various kennel clubs' and AKC headquarters interests. I knew some of them.

    AKC uses the word "dog fanciers" in place of breeders and their various lobbying groups not only use this language, but also use these words in their names. It's word play for a purpose. It is an attempt to disclaim or feign financial interest in dog breeding, when nothing could be further from the truth.

    That was 1991 when they were being more honest. When they got identified as being breeders representing breeder financial interests through their suing, they switched the terminology in their lobby group names and propaganda to try to distance themselves when lobbying.

    The late 1990s and into the 2000 brought a new term for breeders- "responsible dog owner groups." Same breeder financial interest lobbying, but just a new name to confuse the public and authorities.

    They also started hiding behind having individuals suing towns or cities, so they could claim they weren't involved and didn't have their name on the filings, but were in the background really running the show. Again, I know some of them and how and why they did this.

    They were and still are.

    Victims and advocates need to know the business lobbies that act against them, how they work, their history of lobbying activity, how they propagandize, how they pressure politicians and can confuse about their true aims, and why they are doing it at all.

    The answer can be summed up in dollar signs, just like any other business lobby. But other business lobbies are tightly regulated. The breeder lobby has successfully fended off regulation despite the fact that it is as much a business (and can often do even more harm) as any other business

  6. My dog has never been in a dog fight except once. He literally broke his prong and he attacked the neighborhood pit. Had no idea why he acted this way. The neighbor was hysterical and gave the whole her pit had done nothing.

    Through all the commotion (these are NYC apartment buildings) another neighbor came out. Her arm horribly scarred from the dog's attack. Her dog had 17 bites and when were they go to pay the thousands she owed them. I offered to pay their vet bill but they said the dog was too dangerous to take to a vet. The cops showed up and they disappeared. The cops shrugged and kept going.

    They came by later that day with a bill. It was just a couple hundred but I paid. I felt bad my dog broke his collar (he is a huge GSD/ Malamute mix ). For the next month people were petting him and congratulating him. It was so weird but I found out later that dog was slated for execution after being in a dog fighting ring and the building super's son adopted him. The tenants were not happy, they called the police and want that dog gone.

  7. "No one can identify a poodle"…"There's no such thing as a Doberman"-these statements are just as stupid as the pit bull statements but never make it into public discourse since…poodles and Dobermans aren't pit bulls. As for mixed breeds, again, visual identification is the primary way to determine the dogs temperament:

    "A dog's breed tells us a lot about that dog's genetic heritage and makeup. Genetics is a strong determinant of personality. In the absence of any other information, we can make a reasonable prediction about how the dog will behave based upon its breed."

    "When we crossbreed, we lose some of that predictability, since which genes will be passed on by each parent and how they will combine is a matter of chance. Fortunately, there is some data to suggest that we can still make predispositions without knowing much about its parentage. John Paul Scott and John L Fuller carried out a series of selective breeding experiments at the Jackson Laboratories in Bar Harbor, Maine. By happy chance, their results revealed a simple rule that seems to work. Their general conclusion was that a mixed breed dog is most likely to act like the breed that it most looks like."

  8. That "no one can identify a pit BS" is bogus. When one of my college classmates came into our class with her "therapy pit" I knew what it was as soon as it pulled her through the door. I knew what it was when I avoided it for the entire class. I knew what it was when I asked her to move it away from me. I knew what it was when I saw it gnawing on some giant stick she gave it. I knew what it was when she explained to another classmate at the end of the day that it was some "pit mix". And that was the first time I'd seen one of those ugly monsters in person.

  9. All one has to do is visit the pit bulls and parolees page of Tia Torres to see the thousands of pit bulls. That will make it very easy to identify one.

  10. It's quite simple to identify a pit bull, just go on the page pit bulls and parolees to see what pit bull expert Tia Torrestells us pit bulls are.

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