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8 thoughts on “Special Report: Level 1 Trauma Center Dog Bite Studies in All U.S. Geographical Regions Report Pit Bulls Highest Prevalence

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  1. Congratulations on this massive report on these scientific based studies, which undeniably corroborates what has been argued for decades: Pit Bulls ARE more dangerous than other breeds. Thanks to groups like, the TRUTH is being shared and motivating victims, victims families, first responders, the human health care providers, and responsible policy makers, like the Mayor of Montreal Canada. This information needs to be shared with ER administrators, any public oversight committees, and public policy makers.

  2. It also needs to be shared with animal control agencies. Especially those that are under the jurisdiction of public health departments.

  3. I'll be sharing this to my Pinterest board dedicated to raising awareness of the risks of pit bulls. So very validating to see that others have noticed the pattern of severe injury associated with these dogs and have been conducting research studies. Thank you for compiling this information.

  4. As someone who has 46 years of experience living and working with dogs of all breeds, I look forward to seeing pit bulls completely eradicated from the bloodline.

  5. My oldest daughter was attacked by a pit when she was 7. The dog belonged to a friend of her father and I who had passed away. Her father had talked me into fostering the dog. We had him 3wks when he attacked her, with my 5yr old sitting right next to her, and me in the room as well! I had to pull the dog off of my child and put him in another room until the squad and police got to my house to contact animal control.
    Nearly 4yrs later, I still have flashbacks of that entire day. I almost lost my child twice, once when the dog attacked, and again while she was in surgery having her face repaired. Luckily she only needed two surgeries.
    After all of this happened, I refuse to own any dog. I like dogs, don't get me wrong, but I won't own one.

  6. The laws in the US for dog owner must be much stricter.
    Here in germany a pit bull owner has to pay 1000 Euro Tax/year!
    Therefore very few pit bulls were hold here in Germany

  7. We need a website that neighbors could report pits and rotts by there address. And the home insurance companies could look up. Hit them in the pocket, that is the only way to get any where. Safer neighborhoods for everyone. More money for insurance companies.

  8. I wish the United States would ban all pit bulls in this country and owners of other aggressive dogs should be charged with assault or attempted murder if their dogs attack any human being for no reason. All dogs should be leashed and possibly muzzled if known to be aggressive. Additionally all large dogs should be taxed and licensed.

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