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18 thoughts on “2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Killed by Dogs in Western Kentucky, Three Pit Bulls Suspected

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  1. It should be legal to shoot loose pits on sight along with other weaponized dogs like preso canarios and dogo argentinos. These kinds of dogs are just too dangerous to be running loose.

    • In Arizona, where I live, lethal force is ok if needed to defend against immediate attack from dangerous animal. In my residential neighborhood, German, Belgian and Australian shepherds are the dangerous, loose animals of choice. 8,000 pedestrian miles and two immediate split tenth of a second loose Shepherd attack self-defense cases are what I have to show for athletic leg muscles. Problem:Municipal and county police and prosecutors have added me to their Hate List. I see pedestrians walking around happily as if they are in Paradise. Dog people will never stop letting their killer animals out to attack pedestrians. If all pedestrians were properly defended, the problem would soon be extinguished.

      • And, let me guess: You live in Tucson. That’s where I live, and I know the municipal authority hate list well. Also the county authority hate list, especially at our local animal “care” agency.

        I put the word “care” in quotes because that’s the last thing they do. My neighborhood has been besieged by loose pit bulls, we call to make reports, and …

        … nothing happens.

        But it isn’t just the authorities. You’ll also see out-of-control dog worship on our local NextDoor site. Including the worship of pit bulls and other dangerous dogs.

        Tip: Whatever you do, don’t EVER say anything bad about dogs on NextDoor.

        • Quote: “and …

          … nothing happens.”

          Same here, in Prescott. And almost everywhere. Dangerous dogs roam the street, people go to the hospital. Active pedestrians give up and stop their nice walks because local law suppresses them. That is the way Local Law wants it to be. Refuse in three tenths of a second to go to the hospital, go to jail for disturbing their desired equilibrium. Well, there is change afoot in Prescott. City Prosecutor took me to criminal trial for verbally saying to a notorious at large dog person that below the knee is defensible against small dog imminent injury attack. The prosecutor said that my verbally informing Mr. At Large Dog Guy of this was wrong, disorderly and disturbing. After a 90 minute, super tense criminal trial, I got acquitted, because state law is on my side. This court ruling has sent shockwaves through the Prescott At Large Dog Owner-Police-Prosecutor complex. All three are devastated that their equilibrium has been shattered by a Nice Guy that refuses in three tenths of a second to be severely mauled, or even to have his ankle injured. Distal portions of the defenders’ body are Not excluded from state self defense law! I represented myself, no defense attorney was needed for me to successfully confront the Police Sergeant and the Prosecutor for willfully maliciously making the pedestrian the criminal.

          • Good job! It’s a sin decent people have to go to court to get the authorities on the right side of the law.

          • Frightening…It’s “disorderly” to simply say something that someone doesn’t like, but it’s not disorderly to let dangerous dogs loose. Authorities in your town truly people haters and dog worshipers.

  2. The article says “two pit bulls were picked up nearby”….wait for the pit bull lobby to say the pit bulls were just guarding the body, waiting for help to come, and that the man was killed by another breed of dog….(chihuahuas?) After all, chihuahuas bite more……The owner of these pit bulls should go to jail and the dogs euthanized immediately.

  3. Thank you “YourQuietNeighbor” for stating:
    “Tip: Whatever you do, don’t EVER say anything bad about dogs on NextDoor.”

    That’s the truth!

    After a near pit bull attack in our neighborhood, where we saw the beast getting shocked by its invisible fence, we posted a warning to other neighbors on that site.

    Another neighbor came to the pit bull owners defense saying online it is a “rescued pit fighting bait dog with scars from being attacked by other pits…but it is so friendly”. 🙁

    Then we really got attacked by the NextDoor pit bull lovers, but we still reported it in-person and in-writing to the HOA, the police and the animal control peeps. They all could care less.

    NextDoor took the post down due to the online threats we received.

    The neighbor moved last year and took the beast with her. Good Riddance!

    • That’s truly disheartening. Imagine how sick and brainwashed people need to be, in order to attack their peaceful, law-abiding neighbors, and choose to defend and glorify dangerous beasts instead! When you hear things like that, you can’t help thinking we live in a giant mental facility, so much sickness and insanity all around, people’s values are so distorted and upside down. Seriously, attacking a good family that is an asset to your neighborhood, in order to express your adoration for dogs, whose next victim could be you or your loved one!
      Even a couple of generations ago, people valued their family, their church, their community and their country, and dogs were simply animals used to guard the farm. And now we’re at the point where people refuse to have a family, hate their neighbors, hate their country, and join dog-worshiping cults. So sick and frightening.

  4. Roberts, however, questions whether dogs were involved in his death. “He slept with them dogs,” Roberts said in disbelief.

    And there is the problem, them dogs can be sweet, cuddle bugs and out of nowhere tear you apart. I don’t know why some people still, in 2019, find this so hard to believe.

  5. I also want to comment that that paint outline of the body looks like nothing more than a torso. Did the pits rip off all his appendages and his head?

  6. Glad to hear an arrest has been made. Here is hoping the jury convicts. So many people are brainwashed in to thinking fighting dogs can do no wrong. You know a “pit bull expert” will testify that all pits are not human aggressive and they only maul in self defense. Anyone wanna bet “tampering with evidence” means “washing blood off of pits”?

    • Based on the torso outline, probably also means he threw away an arm one of them brought home to knaw on.

  7. It’s amazing how pit bull owners can be so much like their disgusting “pet” of choice. Violent, psychopathic, abnormal, abhorrent, antisocial, inbred, trashy, low IQ, felonious, and just plain nasty trash that have no business is normal society.
    When you know your dogs slaughtered an innocent man on the side of the road, and you scramble to protect your own sorry ass and that of your vile dogs, rather than calling 911 and administering aid, then you deserve the same fate as your dogs.
    There are no words strong enough to describe this sub-human oxygen thief.

    Much like your lovely dogs, Mr. Alexander, it’s all in how you raise them, right? Your parents must be so proud.

    Condolences to the family of Brian Butler.

  8. Time to get a can of pepper spray and a can of mace if you like to walk in territory that has been invaded and now is “owned” by territorial pit bulls.
    For the ones unphased by the pepper spray and mace, try a taser. These should buy you time to escape. If not, the 4th remedy is a concealed carry permit, to be used only in last resort emergency. On the other hand, I will bet your neighborhood is very much free of crime!

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