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11 thoughts on “2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Killed by Family Pit Bulls in Bay City, Michigan

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  1. All I can do upon reading this is just sigh and shake my head. Praying that all those who hear of this story will have their eyes opened to the truth.

  2. I am constantly amazed that people force dangerous animals upon self and other people. I operate a church property that is being used for multiple daily meetings, and I interact with over a hundred people every day, and my acquaintances, friends and family are constantly amazed that this issue, of dangerous so-called “domesticated” dogs, is my constant, unceasing main topic of conversation.
    There are warning labels on five-gallon buckets and plastic wrap, but no warnings are provided/heeded as to the real risk of the severe threat of dangerous [i]un-tamed[/i] animals in our homes, in our streets, and in most all places of business. Only a very small percentage of the American population is in a position to be not at risk of instant, anytime, unpredictable severe or fatal mauling when on private property or out in public.

  3. I my opinion, the darker one looks like a pit-cattle dog type mix. Two breeds with high prey drives, high reactivity levels and great stamina. The second looks more bulldog(maybe pit?) And Catahoula type. Again, high prey drive, reactive breeds. Sometimes seems like people are trying to breed the worse traits they can. These two are NOT pure bred any breed, but are killers. While my heart does go out to the family, I hope the daughter reconsiders her choice of pet.

  4. I can’t imagine what this family was fighting about outside that resulted in one of them being arrested…but I have to wonder it there was an anti-pit family member who said, “I told you so.” and the pro-pit family members erupted in pro-pit fashion. Maybe some of the pro-pit people who expressing more grief about what would happen to the beloved pits and another family member lashed out at them for caring more for the dogs than the deceased. Maybe, the dogs had been showing aggression and one family member had been pushing for them to be put down and another one convinced the couple not to do that and here is the result.

    Concerning her death, I am just relieved that this did not happen to a neighbor, a child, or an elderly person and instead happened to the owner.

    • Another news outlet reports additional pertinent details: “…The responding officer noted that there was a significant amount of blood in the home, including on door frames, the washer and dryer and the walls leading to the bathroom where Matthews was found. … …According to Matthews’ husband, Dale Matthews, one of the dogs was known to be “vicious” and had attacked him and several other people on previous occasions. He told police that he was able to fend off the dogs, but his wife would likely not be able to because of her “small stature. … … Chief Coroner Doyle Burke made a preliminary ruling that Matthews appeared to die after being attacked by the two animals. …”

      Owner had a few seizures? Owner had a few beers? Any other excuses? Any other breeds besides pit bulls?

  5. I was not denying the pit in them, only that they clearly are not labs. No offense meant. And I am seeing many cross bred pits with anything, never seems to mellow the pit, only intensifies the bad. Interested in pics of the two “Danes” in the other fatality Friday

  6. So, her own mother is defending at least one pitbull. How could you, as a mother, lose a child in such a violent and unnecessary way, and then try to rationalize it? “The dog was old…” Okay, lots of dogs grow old and die of old age without killing anything. I bet her child didn’t still love the dogs as they were mauling her to death, unless she was as irrational as her mother.

  7. So, pitbulls kill their friend/family member, and even after the gory, bloody scene, those loved ones do not denounce the dogs? Must be because he (the dog) was old? Really? Or she fell…or sneezed…or it rained…or…

    • The offending dog was five. That isn’t old. Maybe for a great Dane but not a pittie. I dog sit for friends. I know now there are several breeds I would not sit with. I can’t even imagine what these victims go through. One can only hope that death was quick and happened first thing. I’m mind blown that people make excuses and defend these dogs.

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