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11 thoughts on “2018 Fatal Dog Attack Breed Identification Photographs

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  1. I am always so heartbroken when i read about children being killed by pittbulls. Any person really. I dont understand peoples facination with the monsters. I wish they would all be put down. I think they are useless. I think you guys do an amazing job of getting information out. Thank you very much for doing so. I wish that i could give you a donation. But i have no income and living with family. I hope i can help someday. Thank you for all the hard work you do.

  2. I think it’s vitally important that people see these photos. The proof should be plain to all who see it except that pit bull apologists seem to be in denial about even the most clear evidence. It’s almost like a spiritual blindness. Media outlets and animal control officers who try to mask the breed of dogs in these attacks are culpable. But hopefully, many in the public will see these carefully gathered photos and begin to doubt the pro pit bull propaganda that has been shoved down their throats for years. With those photos, how could any clearly thinking person deny that these fighting breeds are a problem? Thank you for your diligent efforts.

  3. I was looking at these dogs and thinking about all the pit apologists who flock to the news stories covering fatalities and bites and screech about how none of the dogs are “pure bred” and “No one knows what breed they are” and how you could put all these dogs pictured (except the wolf hybrid) in one class in a dog show and no one would think anything was out of order as they would if you put a Golden Retriever or Beagle or any other dogs that are obviously NOT pit bulls in with them. I am seriously beginning to think pit nutters are brain washed or have some other cognitive issue and I am very glad to be a “foamer” not a “nutter.”

  4. When an attacking dog is listed as a ‘mixed breed’ I’d say 9 times out of ten at least it’s a pit mix. Although I’m seeing more ‘boxer mix’ pit bull attacks lately too.

    • See the story just above this one. Fatal dog mauling in Mississippi. The dogs were (cough-cough) mixed breeds.

  5. I really don’t think that nutters care about facts. The whole Pitbull advocacy thing has become such a money maker that everyone is going to continue to get on the bandwagon because its making people wealthy.

    My Facebook account was disabled because of nutters, because the only way they will “win” is to silence the facts, but the sad part is they arent the ones that will pay for that. Its the people that listen to them and adopt a mauler.

    I watch news regularly on YT and they are constantly calling an obvious Pit mix a “Labrador mix” or a “terrier mix” and this is how the maulers slide under the radar for less than credulous people.

    • Can you please explain how it makes people wealthy? I have some idea why people participate in pitbull cult for personal and emotional reasons, but Im ignorant about financial motivations, that apparently are part of it too?

      • Money is made in several ways. In some areas, especially California, rescues get dogs from the shelters for free, then go on to “sell” the dogs (relabelled as an adoption fee) sometimes for $1,000 or more. Also, the whole pit bull subject is rife with sob stories about dogs being bait dogs (which is false) in order to get money for “saving” it or for vet fees. There is an entire industry built around the “saving all pit bulls” mantra.

  6. Is it not pure corruption – to mislabel the attacking dogs, putting your own breed likings before public safety? Shelter workers are like any other governmental workers – we pay their salary and expect them to do their job right. They should be punished harshly for abusing their position and the trust that the public has in them, just like cops get punished harshly for abusing their position and authority.

  7. Your site provides a wealth of information that I use in my pediatric practice in Missouri. I routinely inquire about risks such as smoking, guns in the home, and pets. When told there are dogs I ask about breed and if pit bull or Rottweiler I cite your statistics and tell them of your web site address.
    I usually get the same response “but my Pitt Wouldn’t hurt anyone”. My answer is always “what family would bring a baby into a home they thought the dog might attack?” Usually met with silence but worth the 5 min conversation if they consider breed risks

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