2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Joshua Tree Woman Killed by Four Pet Pit Bulls Belonging to a "Guest"

Lana Bergman, 70-years old, was fatally attacked by four pit bulls in Joshua Tree. Conflicting Accounts Over the last two days, storylines took a wild swing. The overstaying guests with four pit bulls -- who were strangers to Bergman -- were not parked on Bergman's property in a trailer. Instead, their colorful bus broke down and Bergman allowed them to "camp out" on her property. "Thursday they are being pulled out no matter if it's raining or what," Bergman said in a recent vo… [Read full blog post]

2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Killed by Pack of Dogs in Grenada County, Mississippi

Dianne Reves, 70, was mauled to death by a pack of loose dogs in her backyard. Fatal Pack Attack Grenada County, MS - A woman is dead after being attacked by a pack of dogs, the Grenada County Sheriff’s Department said Friday. Sheriff Alton Strider identified the victim as 70-year old Dianne Reves, who was discovered Thursday afternoon by a neighbor in the 1600 block of Carpenter Road. Sheriff's deputies responded to the area at 3:30 pm. Investigators described her injuries… [Read full blog post]