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8 thoughts on “2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Hudson Valley Woman Killed by Her Pet Coonhounds

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    As a friend of Arlene’s reading a couple of these posts was very upsetting and I can only imagine how here husband and children would feel if they came upon those messages.

    Of course it’s okay to want to find out more information – but thank you for showing others how it’s done, with kindness and compassion – interest in more information and heartfelt compassion for the family. Also, I noticed a huge thing that your message did NOT have that the others had – BLAME. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.

    • You are very welcome. So sorry for your loss. Compassion is a human and humane trait that is sorely lacking when emotions take over. One can be passionate and compassionate at the same time. These victims of dog violence, are just that, victims.

  2. Argh. Dogs as fashion accessories. Again.

    And THAT ladies and gentlemen, is why dogs are being ruined.

    That’s not a disposable pile of flowers–those are living, breathing animals that will likely live longer than the marriage.

    Thanks for news article, Debbie.

  3. Do any photos of the attacking dogs exist ?
    The shelter the dogs went to refused to release pictures .
    Untill there are photos of the actuall attacking dogs I do not believe these were Coonhounds , especially as the family were known to own Pit mixes .

    • She owned Pits. Never in history has a Redbone Coonhound been recorded as killing anyone. Very hard to belief. They were trained to scent animals while hunting and weren’t allowed to touch the animals. I don’t believe at all that a Coonhound killed her. No way!

  4. Were these “coonhounds” ever put down? Any photo of them ever published? I don’t understand how people can be brutally slain by these dogs and not result in a detailed, publicly published investigative report.

  5. Was there ever any followup on this incident? Based on my experience with coonhounds it’s hard for me to imagine a pair of them actually killing a person. I cannot find any reporting dated later than a couple of days after the attack, which would not be nearly enough time for any lab work that may have been done to come back.

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