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11 thoughts on “2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Child Killed by Babysitter's Pit Bull-Mix in Salisbury, North Carolina

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  1. An organization such as this one needs to publish a poster about the dangers of leaving an infant with a babysitter who owns a pit bull or other dangerous breed.

    These posters need to hang next to safety posters (choking hazards, etc.) you see at after school programs, day cares, health clinics, and pediatricians’ offices.

    If such a message would get the attention of just one parent who may not have otherwise given much thought to the potential danger of a baby sitter with a pit bull, one little life might be saved.

  2. A friend of mine (paternal grandmother) has two preschool age grandsons, and their maternal grandmother has a nasty pitbull. The grandmother says the dog is safe with the kids. I personally don’t think the children should ever be at her house. The pitbull is more important than the children.

    • And that attitude is very common among “dog people.” Including those who don’t own pit bulls. I’ve experienced in my own family.

      Believe me, there’s nothing so frustrating as having to play second fiddle to a dog.

      • I 100% agree and have noticed the same phenomenon. At the end of the day, you can replace your dog, as blunt as that sounds. I cannot, however, replace my children. I can’t even have anymore children, for that matter. Not like having more could replace a lost child, anyway. Some people just don’t value human life.

  3. Another innocent life taken by a dog that was bred for nothing other than to inflict pain, suffering, and death.

    I wouldn’t leave my children with someone stupid enough to own that thing. Imagine what other bad choices she might make. Hey, here’s one: LEAVING YOUR BABY UNATTENDED WITH HER DOG.

    Common sense ain’t common, folks.

    • I do wonder about the mother…did she have or has she previously had a pit bull? Is that why she thought this was a good idea? Then I wonder about the babysitter…did she just not have her shit together and this is the only low-paying work she can find or will we soon find out that that babysitter is also a sister, close friend, brother’s girlfriend, grandmother, or some other close relation.

      • I think most dog owners in North Carolina just own pitbulls in general.

        Check out the local shelters:

        95% mislabled or unlabeled pits.

        Everywhere we go, there are multiple pitbulls walking around, out and about with their owners like everything about that is normal and dandy. I see them in fences, tied to trees, guarding businesses and in the backs of trucks. It’s clearly a local status symbol. Even most of the homeless people here have a shitbull. How they feed them, is still a mystery.

        So to answer your questions about this babysitter, she’s probably just an average North Carolinian. (Insert eye roll).

        I hate to perpetuate stereotypes about my own state, but typically stereotypes come about because there’s some truth to them. A lot of people in these parts are a few fries short of a Happy Meal. I’ll leave it at that.

  4. Hate all the photos and videos of babies and bully dogs together.

    Hate the “kissing booth” garbage. These are partially responsible for the depraved neglect that results in these injuries and deaths.

    I asked the folks/pit breeders on a game dog forums about a pit attack on a child.
    One breeder’s response:
    “Kids are dog sized.
    Pits attack and kill dogs.
    That’s what pits do.”

    This pit was put down, but in all likelihood they will get more.

    Owners should be charged with animal neglect and cruelty and banned from dog ownership for Life.

    • If you encounter one of those kissing booths, ask the operators about their liability insurance. Chances are good that they won’t have any.

    • This story and others like it should be national news and common discussion, rather than that ridiculous viral video of a pit bull “crying” over a sad movie that is absolutely everywhere right now. Yesterday a bunch of my coworkers were giggling and cooing over it on their phones. I doubt they even know about any of the deaths / maulings that have happened so far this year.

  5. They baby was in his car seat?! Not even touching, pulling or crawling or any other excuse shitbull/petbull owners use to justify their favourite dogs filthy mauling ways? The baby was probably asleep or if awake, gurgling sweetly at the dog, like only babies can…what a demonic breed this mutt is, cross breed or not, the ‘pit’ in them causes this

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