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13 thoughts on “2019 Dog Bite Fatality: Man, 53-Years Old, Mauled to Death by Three Dogs in Galveston County, Texas

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  1. Seriously, my guess is Catahoula Pit Bull cross. They’re bred around here as pig hunting dogs. Good pig hunters. Terrible pets.

    Relative’s dogs seem to be especially dangerous lately.

  2. So, the attacking dogs are “Cattle dog” mixed breed or maybe Catahoula Hound mixes. When a pit bull is mixed with another breed, the other breed is always used for the description, so as not to say “pit bull” mix. Would love to see a picture of these dogs…..

  3. Ban owners from any dog contact or ownership for life.

    No way of knowing if these attacks are negligent or intentional.

  4. My question is, why on Earth would an official want to deceive the public when it comes to the breed of a dog? It just doesn’t make sense if you have the best interest of the people you serve in mind.

    • Because this official — and many others — has been inducted into the Cult of No-Kill. Which means that you must not kill a dog, no matter how dangerous it may be.

      To paraphrase one of the leading vectors in the spread of No-Kill, the Best Friends Animal Society, we must Save Them All.

  5. “Cattle dogs?” Is that like calling pit bulls “nanny dogs?” I’m pretty sure most farmers don’t want murderous pit bulls around their cattle.

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