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8 thoughts on “2020 Fatal Dog Attack Breed Identification Photographs

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  1. Police and animal control agencies do not want to release photos of sudden death canines. What is their motive? Thank goodness Colleen is spearheading this effort to get the truth out there for the people to become aware of. That is Colleens’ motive. Could the motive of the authorities be the exact diametrical opposite of Colleens’ motive?

    • Methinks that a lot of these so-called authorities are dog worshippers. Admitting that dogs can be killers upsets their worldview.

  2. Excellent reporting, as always. Useful , valuable information that people can use to understand the pit bull situation in the US. Thankyou again and again filling in the void of information that is being used by doctors, in courts and by American Victims who need help as well as Americans who want to avoid being a Victim!

  3. Thanks for being so open and giving us the peek behind the curtain on how carefully DogsBite is sourcing their information and photographs.

    Another stunning eyeopener, Colleen.

  4. It’s incredibly disturbing that news media is posting identification photos less and less. People need to be aware of what types of dogs are doing the attacking. Thanks dogsbite for keeping track of this important information.

  5. Amazing job. I’m glad someone is doing this.

    It’s a little disturbing, that quarantine record sheet on Rocko, in the Brice case. There’s a note toward the bottom of the page about the dog causing the death of a child. But it’s just another line on the page, easily overlooked. It just doesn’t seem like a great safety setup for employees.

  6. Colleen (and team), thank you for your dedication. I have been following your work for a few years and I am grateful that you call attention to this issue that the CDC chooses to ignore. For many years, you have known what many of your readers may have only realized in 2020: the CDC is political. You do better than a government-created entity could or would ever do by putting a face on the victims and giving their friends, family, and advocates for human safety a safe place and a voice.

  7. The obvious problem here is obvious.

    It’s fixable.

    If the pitbull “lovers” actually loved pitbulls, they would be culling out all aggressive dogs post haste.

    Then breeding for submissive temperament, train-ability, traits in the rest. Within 4-5 generations, they’d have bred out the danger to the level of other large dogs. Other breeders have done this with wolfhounds, dobermans etc.

    However, they have zero intention of doing this. Until they do, I’m not calling them “pitbull lovers” because it’s clear that the only other option is to make this breed extinct.

    They’re not “pitbull lovers” they’re pitbull apologists.

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