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18 thoughts on “2020 Dog Bite Fatality: Doctor Found Dead in a Ditch was Killed by Roaming Dogs in Lyons, Georgia

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  1. 99% of “stray” or “roaming” dogs are owned by someone. Only 1% of loose dogs are unowned. People who hate their neighbor will select dangerous canines as pets, and then allow them to hunt down people and instantly cut down people. People who love their neighbor do neither. Some people think that canines are domesticated animals, but they are no less dangerous and no less unpredictable than wild animals, because scientifically they are wild animals. Just because canines are officially declared to be not wild animals does not make that a physical fact in the real world. The only reason why Dr. Shaw suffered an excruciating death is because her neighbors hated her, because they are evil people. Evil people are as evil people do.

    • I don’t think people turn their dogs loose to kill people. I think they turn their dogs loose because they are too lazy to walk their dogs and don’t have a fence. Maybe they cannot afford a fence. Maybe they don’t want a fence. Maybe their dogs cannot be contained by a fence.

      • My thoughts are: If you can’t afford a fence then you can’t afford a dog. If your dogs cannot be contained by a fence, get a taller/stronger/deeper-dug fence or don’t have dogs. There is no excuse for not containing your dogs. I do understand that at times, they can get out but this should be a rare exception. If someone is going to own pits, then they are accepting a 0% margin of error with this breed. No less is expected of people who own big cats. You want a tiger, well then, it can NEVER get out. Pits should be treated the same.

  2. Another Georgia death. My heart goes out to her family and her patients. Awaiting more info on dogs responsible. Have not heard either of the latest fatalities from any other source.

  3. As far as I’m concerned it should be legal to shoot free roaming dogs on sight. There is simply no excuse for free roaming dogs.

    • Good point. In many states (PA), you can shoot a coyote 7 days a week, year-round. The case should be the same for roaming dogs, especially in rural areas. About once a year, I drive to the south. Every single one-way trip, I see between 1-3 pit bulls running along the side of roads and highways. I have never seen any other breed dumped like this, just pits. I assume one of two things about the pit, 1. it was a fighting dog owned by an amateur (not a pit bull farm) that was not the best fighter, so it was dumped, or 2. it was a family pit bull that began to get aggressive, so it was dumped. Dr. Shaw was a cat lover but this also means that she was an animal lover. There is a chance, she saw a loose dog and was trying to get it in her car to take them to a shelter. Several years ago, a middle-aged woman in my area did this exact thing, being a good Samaritan picked up a highway pit bull. She had it in her possession for 2 days over a weekend. While taking it for a walk in a wooded park, it attacked her and covered her entire body with upwards of 70 bites. She somehow survived this. A friend of mine picked up a road pit bull and took it to a shelter that she has had a long relationship with. The next week, she called to find out how it was doing and she was told that it was very aggressive, bit a staff member, and that they had to put it down. I begged her never to pick up a roadside pit bull again because it could have attacked her in her car.

    • It shouldn’t just be legal it should be encouraged. Animal control need to be packing carbines anyway. anytime reports of stray packs of dogs come in they should go out and do what needs to be done. Animal control in most areas has forgotten their primary job. That is to be dog police not dog social workers.

  4. I am just assuming that the attacking dogs that killed this poor woman were not chihuahuas, labs, retrievers, spaniels, etc. So many people underestimate the danger of a “pack” of dogs….does not have to be many, just large and aggressive dogs. Are there any reports of the breed of dogs that killed this woman?

  5. There is a possibility that she saw the pack of dangerous breed dogs while driving in her car, and then exited her vehicle to feed them? Really? An infinitely More Reasonable possibility is that she was driving her vehicle and decided to exit her vehicle for Any Other Possible reason, and then she was murdered by someones dangerous canines.

    • I think a more likely scenario is that, being a cat lover, she may have seen a cat either being chased or attacked by the pack, and attempted to intervene. Maybe she yelled at the dogs to distract them or get them away from the cat. The pack may have redirected their aggression to her. That makes more sense to me than her getting out of her car to feed the beasts at 3 am.

      • That was my thought too. She saw the pack of pits eviscerating a cat or some other creature. I don’t think she would have lived to be her age if she got out and tried to feed every at large pit she came across in Georgia.

    • Colleen, I read the post about little Damon Koehn being mauled by loose dogs. It breaks my heart, especially how his older brother was so hurt that Damon’s death seemed to be forgotten. He had hoped that Damon’s death would maybe be a reason for changes to dog bite laws and require greater responsibility for dog owners. Here we are, 24 years later, and dog bite/mauling victims are no better off. It’s sickening. Damon would be 28 years old now if he hadn’t been killed by vicious loose dogs. Dr. Shaw would be here today if she weren’t killed by vicious loose dogs.

      I’ve mentioned the Ghandi quote before “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
      How about the way the victims of animals are treated? Pretty pathetic in this country from what I’ve seen. Victims and their families are no better off than when poor sweet Damon was mauled to death 24 years ago.
      People fall all over themselves to “save them all” and write laws to protect animals from abuse and neglect, but laws protecting humans from dangerous animals and dangerous animal owners are either pathetic or non-existent. It’s maddening.
      (Sorry for the rant. This kind of thing just blows my mind and makes me so angry.)

    • Bottom line here is whether she needed to fix something on her car, wanted to have a vape/smoke outside her car, stopped to stretch her legs, was rescuing a cat, whatever…

      She was murdered by a bunch of furred maniacs at the side of the road.

      Nobody gives a crap what the excuse of a bunch of highway robbers is, when they murder their victim.

      Yet somehow, there needs to be a reason “why”, when it comes to pitbull slaughter?

  6. Great work Colleen! Once again you’ve managed to track down photos of killer dogs which offer undeniable proof of breed.

    Every time I come to this site and see this lady’s photo my heart just sort of clenches in thinking about her last moments. She looks very similar to a dear old friend of mine. But my friend got to die peacefully in her bed and not alone in a ditch being torn apart by someone’s pets. Can’t believe these dogs are still alive all these months later. Hoping there’s a purpose to that madness and that charges will come soon!

  7. I would like to see justice for Dr. Nancy Shaw. The owner should be charged with manslaughter or something reflecting the fact that it’s their fault that a valuable member of society lost her life. Why is the dog owner’s identity being protected? Guess they must be an even closer friend of the police than Nancy was.

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