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29 thoughts on “2020 Dog Bite Fatality: Family Pit Bull Brutally Kills 5-Year Old Boy in Oro Grande, California

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  1. Wow…..
    I have a feeling that we will be breaking an all time record in Pitbull mauling / killings for 2020.
    It is mind boggling how we still allow these vile , aggressive, unpredictable, murderous mutants into our society.
    I’m for one is sick and tired of walking on eggshells everytime I walk my Aussies or check the mail.


    • The Pixar cartoon short “Kitbull,” in which a pit bull escapes a dogfighting operation, befriends a kitten, and is adopted, was nominated for an Oscar this year.

      That, and a million other propaganda pieces, many directed at children and families, is your answer right there.

      • And where are our Oscar-nominated documentaries? Short films? Anything?

        It’s one thing to come to sites like this one and post one’s outrage about the latest death by dogs. But a whole lot more needs to be done.

        Sorry to say, but we’re losing badly in the court of public opinion.

        • And we’ve got Patrick Stewart promoting this vicious breed on Star Trek now. (I don’t watch it.) He’s been a fan of pits for years. What would he have to say about this lovely boy, and all the victims, who have suffered a horrendous death at the jaws of a pit bull. It makes me physically sick. And the beat goes on. Not one U.S. national news outlet will touch this subject.

          • I see news editorials from time to time about the dangers of pit bulls in local papers but you are right, the only national figure who flaunts her deserved dislike of pit bulls is Judge Judy. She has even caught on to the clever names people think up to avoid calling them pit bulls and every time some loser whose dog has attacked someone is on her show, if they describe their dog as a “terrier mix” or a “lab mix” or some exotic bulldog mix, she asks to see a picture and then tells them not to pretend they don’t own a pit.

  2. Oh I know….but they are so sweet and loyal. And always so gentle…

    What is wrong with these people!!? So sad. How many maulings and murders are we going to allow?

  3. The pitbull fell into either one of two classifications: either somebody had seen or known it to be aggressive at least once in the past, or it was always so nice and friendly. In the end, it doesn’t matter, because dogs that are known to have show signs of aggression are still legal to possess, and dogs that have never shown any sign of aggression are known to just suddenly unprovoked attack.

  4. Just some observations… It appears this shed was being used for housing. It has two ventilation units coming out of the roof, locks on the interior and the exterior of the door, a decorative/insulating covering over the inside of the door, privacy fencing the entire way around the little yard for the shed. Very tight quarters for an adult, a child, and a pit. Any other family dog breed would be fine in small quarters and not kill another member of their pack.

    This dog’s neck is so massive it suggests designer breeding or that it is often chained with 100 lbs. of chain to drag around and strengthen its neck. I cannot understand why lethal force was not used the moment emergency personnel arrived at the home. This dog poses a real danger to them.

    Did this child just get home from school when this happened? It seems there is a trend with indoor, fatal attacks of children under supervision by family pit bulls.

  5. The reporter says nothing appears to be “criminal”. I would submit having a pit bull around a five year old in tight quarters is, by definition, criminal.

  6. If all pit bulls killed people, the breed would be gone. However, most don’t. About one person per USA State is being killed by dogs per year. This is likely not enough to affect people’s love for this breed. The same people ignore the mutilation of people and the deaths/mutilation of animals.

    As the deaths increase, maybe someone will notice. Maybe not.

    • It’s very similar to antibiotic-resistant infections. It’s a public safety crisis that nobody ever thinks about until it happens to them.

  7. As the deaths increase people do notice. I believe that has made a huge difference in spreading awareness of this crisis in the US. The people paying attention to the crisis of dog mauling is growing rapidly at this point. has gone from a whisper to a public address system blasting out the facts of this epidemic of mauling by pit bull type dogs. I believe the tide is changing and public outrage is growing. I see so many more people expressing concern about this issue than just a few years back when Mia DeRouen was killed by the family designer pit bull and I thought where is the outrage. I’m beginning to see it widespread.

  8. I’m so sad that this happened. My prayers go out to the family. I always feel the worst when the victims are children.

    I’m at least relived that the family blamed the dog for the attack and want the beast dead. Far too many attacking pits are defended by family members, not wanting to put the monster down.

  9. A 12 year old dog, a 5 year old child. A family that placed their trust in an unhinged beast. My heart goes out to them and everyone else that has lost a family member or friend to a dog. The betrayal is unbelievable.

    • Not all dogs get gray.

      Most will but we’ve had several that never got a gray hair even at 14 years of age.

      Some people get gray in middle-age, others retain dark hair till much older

      This dog was a late starter. That’s what dog fighters call dogs that don’t turn on and begin killing until they’re seniors.

      Some dogs are COLD which means they won’t fight except to defend itself. Some are stone cold and won’t even fight back when under attack.

      Yet even these, according to dog fighters, might produce “good” dog killing puppies.

  10. on you tube, google “little strong”. If you can finish that without tearing up, also google DOG ATTACKS and just see and count all the ones that are attacks on people and animals, by pitbulls.
    Pit lovers will tell you that labs or retrievers bight more people than pit bulls. They’re correct, but what they WON’T tell you, is that labs and retrievers out number pitbulls in homes by 30 to 1. And even then, there is usually minimal damage from other breeds bites compared to major trauma and death caused by pit bulls. The breed should be eliminated or confined to zoo’s behind bars.

      • I did a story on dangerous dogs years ago. It was about 2 Rottweilers who tore apart a beautiful little boy while the children on the school bus watched in horror. At the time, the # 1 biters were cocker spaniels. (Not sure what it is now.) What the pit-nutters leave out, is that pits are the # 1 killers! Most dogs will bite and run away. Pits lock on and fight to the death even with a helpless child. So incredibly sad.

        • When the bully people talk about bite statistics, they are changing the subject.

          We’re not talking about bites, we’re taking about dismemberment and death of pets and people.

          Most dogs bite to guard a resource or to make the other leave. They immediately let go so the other can leave.

          Good fighting dogs bite to maul, shred, dismember, kill. That’s their man-made job.

          Unless rabies is part of the equation, these are two different subjects.

  11. My daughter was bitten in the face by a lovingly raised cocker spaniel when she was 6. The attack was completely unprovoked, from a dog she knew, within arms’ reach of the adults. The dog immediately released when kicked by his owner, and my child had two deep punctures in her jaw and cheek and a gash near her mouth. They left scars but one has to look fairly closely.

    But instead of this incident leading me to say “all dogs bite,” I instead am more aware of the problem with pit bulls. Because they DON’T let go.

    If people could really see the utter devastation done by pit type dogs, they would not DARE to compare other breeds which may bite to pits. If a pit bull had been my sister’s dog breed of choice, my daughter would possibly have died just like this little boy. Or, if she had survived, her face would have been completely destroyed.

    • A good comparison:
      Saying that all dogs bite is like telling someone camping in Yellowstone not to worry about the bears because they are more likely to be bitten by a squirrel or raccoon.

  12. A cousin of victim
    Sterling Vermeer posted on a thread on an article about his horrific death.
    Someone asked her the dog’s age and I’m going to check back soon to see if she answered.

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