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14 thoughts on “2020 Dog Bite Fatality: Three Relatives Indicted After Woman Killed by Unsecured Dogs in Memphis, Tennessee

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  1. Animal control needs to be held responsible as well !
    If they had complaints of aggressive pitbulls running loose and nothing had been done …..!?
    After all, they’re the once pushing this vile breed as family friendly Nanny dogs onto unsuspecting, gullible families .
    Glad thT the law is finally cracking down on these people .

  2. A small modicum of justice may possibly eventually happen, after obviously dangerous canines are unleashed to kill people? In the end, after protracted delay, probably not. [b]Were[/b] deadly weapons? [b]Are[/b] full-auto deadly weapons.

  3. Note that they were arrested by US Marshals. Suffice it to say that the Marshals do. Not. Mess. Around.

    Stuff is getting real.

  4. Perhaps this will provide an object lesson as well as when talking to those who are considering purchasing Pitbulls as companion dogs…to think again.

    If one person doesn’t bring a pitbull home because they saw this news article, that’s an improvement.

    Sadly, none of that will bring Doris Arrington back or help her family get over her loss or the trauma.

  5. I have an idea how this will go or not go. Each of the three accused will point the finger at the other two and away from themselves as far as ownership of the dogs. Clearly, they were breeding pit balls in the photo provided is of a litter. No one will take primary ownership or responsibility and that will be part of the defense. Of course, it will be implied that by magic, the dogs somehow got out. The defence will also claim that the attack was unwitnessed and just because the dogs had blood on them does not mean that they killed her. They may have come along after and fed off of her.

    I hope Doris‘s life will be a Black life that will matter. The fact that the media never covered it, in spite of it occurring during the pinnacle of the coronavirus pandemic, speaks volumes to the value placed on her life as a woman of color from a poor Black community. The best thing that can come of this awful death is an example and a precedence in the courts.

  6. Here is something to bring up to your next town or state meeting ….

    I just watched the first segment of this documentary about shocking emergency calls on YouTube.

    Remember when this lady in Connecticut got attacked and mauled by a pet CHIMPANZEES named TRAVIS !?
    Well, guess what.
    The victim went in front of the local lawmakers and demanded change of owning chimps in private hands.


    So someone explain to me how we are still having this discussion about these KNOWN KILLERS ON FOUR LEGS……having free raign in our communities to maul and murder every single day !?
    It’s absolutely infuriating 😡

    Here is the link to the YouTube video
    ( please remove if inappropriate)

      • They also aren’t being promoted by the pet industry. In the United States alone, this is a $70 BILLION a year industry.

        That’s billion with a B.

        The pet industry has gotten a lot more powerful in the last 20 or 30 years. Look no further than all that rhetoric about “fur babies,” “furry children,” and other nonsense that dog worshippers use. It originated in the pet industry.

        And we are living with the consequences.

  7. Look at that, not just photos but the owner identifies their breed as well. Now why can’t the media do the same? I wish a photo of every killer dog had to be provided in these cases. It would erase all the usual yammering about Labs and Chihuahuas being more dangerous, that’s for sure!

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