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21 thoughts on “2020 Dog Bite Fatality: Unidentified Woman Dies After Pit Bull Attack in Tallahassee, Florida

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  1. It’s a secret. Don’t tell anyone. Dangerous canines are dangerous. Thank goodness it wasn’t loose on the street. Keep it behind closed doors, all hushed up.

  2. Why so secret? Who was she? How much money was involved? Why are the pups of a possible killer being fostered? Suspicious.

  3. And the offspring of these viscous dogs will go to a shelter and be adopted by unsuspecting people. It’s a terrible situation

    • Aw, come on. Don’t you want to RESCUE those cute little puppies?

      Or, even worse, bring them into a home with elders and/or children so that the maulings can continue?

  4. The police are so heavily politicised now regarding so many issues! They pick and choose whom to ticket, arrest, tazer — alll based on the politics of the group or the type of special intetest. If you’re in the politically favored group you can literally get away with murder; if you aren’t you’ll get arrested just because they don’t like what you’re about.

    That is why most pitbull incidents are reported by the police in cryptic or even with an extremely pro-dog slant.

    This case in point: they returned the attacking dogs to their owners. Back when justice mattered all dogs at the scene of an attack, and espevislly killing, eould not be returned to the owners until all details and investigations were finished — and if the dogs so much as bit a human it used to be put down by Anal Control as a matter of typical policy.

    Now-a-days the religion of dog worshiper has so heavily infiltrated our dysfunctional society that even police and firefighters promote pitbull adoptions and pose with them in their unprofessional beefcake calenders (x-ref: Huston as just one of the many examples).

  5. Pure insanity. ALL dogs on the scene should have been put down instantly. The attacker, the other adult pits, and ALL puppies. What makes these people think these puppies will be safe? If there’s even a .01% chance they were related to the attacker, they are a danger and need to be euthanized.

  6. Only 8 days ago, a napping, grown man snored through the suffocation of his four-month-old child. Even with video evidence of neglect with several bully dogs all around that baby, I’ve seen no charges of negligent homicide. In fact, some of the nutters say, maybe the baby was already dead and the dog was keeping the body warm. Now, we see a woman who is responsible for her own mother’s death, and yet, and YET she gets to keep most of the pit pack. It’s called pit priorities: dog # 1, loved ones # 2 and if they don’t know you #0.

    • Sad how many people mistake the dominance display of a dog placing its head or body on you as some sort of affection. In all those pics of the dog with the girl it was obvious it would end badly. At least she was suffocated instead of being ripped apart. Thank God for small favors I guess.

  7. Books written by pit bull promoters of the past (prior to 2000) were clear on never owning puppies of aggressive parents if a person wanted a pit bull as a pet. Why isn’t that wisdom still followed?
    Now books are written about pit bulls by people who don’t own them, or got lucky with one. We need to listen to wisdom of real experts in this field, not paid propaganda artists with an agenda.
    There are so many restrictions recommended on having pit bulls as pets, according to actual experienced dog men, that if told the truth most people wouldn’t own one and no one would ever adopt puppies from any aggressive bloodline. They should all be culled, not saved.
    Since they’re in some kind of puppy protection program they’re probably valuable bloodlines. Those pups can sell for thousands of dollars. Probably free or cheap from the “rescue” and maybe an anonymous “donation” of thousands?
    There are myriad ways this scheme could work. The IRS needs to look at pit bull rescues asap.

    • Because the nutters treat this situation as if the mother dog is a mama bear with cubs. I am guessing the mother did it because the 3-week-old pups are being sent to the shelter to be hand raised. They will say the mother dog will do anything to protect her pups as the explanation. They will have this shit spewing out of their mouths and passing it off as normal dog behavior (it is not). One day they talk about dogs (pits) being pack animals, the next they are lone mothers protecting their young from any and every “threat.”

      About that black and white photo on FB… my favorite of the comments: My favorite dog misunderstood but my favorite. Nice picture these your babies Keeva

      • You can follow that money right back to the pet industry. Isn’t it something like an $87 billion a year industry, just in the USA?

        Yup, that’s billion with a B.

        Dog worship is very profitable.

    • As well, Anne, I have a growing concern that their DNA is infecting the DNA pool of what should have been, perfectly acceptable and adoptable mutt puppies of suitable pet temperment.

      Thus making adoption an even less attractive option than it already, is.

      Pitbulls belong in the hands of dogmen and no one else. Since dog fighting is illegal, it would be best to let them go slowly extinct because it’s clear, kennels are not responsible enough to breed the aggression out of them.

  8. And not a single collar, ID dog tag, or rabies tag… on any one of the pictured meatgrinders! Infuriating! At least give that irresponsible pit bull nutter a few animal control citations for improper management of the dogs!

  9. I find it interesting that the deceased woman was killed by a certain dog because she tried to break up a dog fight between two other dogs. How could a dead woman have relayed this information? I believe either this tale is fictitious or other people witnessed this attack.

    Also, on Wikipedia in an article about rage syndrome in dogs, there is absolutely no mention of there being rage syndrome in American pit bull terriers or American Staffordshire Terriers. Instead, many of the breeds listed are breeds I have never heard of this existing in. I hope someone can fix this.

    • Also odd how *THREE DOGS* (two fighting, one attacking) all of which are clearly dangerous, if the story is to be believed, but only one dog will be euthanized.

      So, the two fighting dogs are still at liberty to eat the neighbours’ cat, dogs, horses, cattle, chickens and small children.

      On what planet does this make any sense?

  10. If it wasn’t for this site and all your tenacious investigations”….most of these story’s would be white washed or covered up all together .
    The press has been completely taken over by our overlords, cencership is rampant and don’t even get me started on these ” fact checkers ” .
    We are truly living in the movie……1984

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