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14 thoughts on “2020 Dog Bite Fatality: Unreported Fatal Pit Bull Mauling of 2-Year Old Boy in Stockton, California

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  1. Why should the authorities report fatal dog maulings? Because then the news media would report fatal dog maulings. Then the people would know that the time to act to rid themselves of this grave menace is now.

    • And then people would start wondering about the bigger problem, which is the out-of-control worship of dogs. That could cost the pet industrial complex a lot of money.

  2. It’s scary just how many dog attacks are out there that haven’t been reported, or have only had minor reporting. How many people, of any age, have been attacked that even we will never know of? These are events that should make national news, but instead many of them won’t even make local. I’m really tired of dog attacks being hidden.

    And of couse, even the tiny bits of information we have now haven’t mentioned the breed….

    • By labeling it an “accident” no need to know, right? If they call it what it is “murder by dog” then we-the public-would get some real and useful information.

        • Maybe if we had a site of dogs who were murdered by other dogs, they’d start caring?

          That I even said that is a testiment to how loony the “dog lurvers” are.

          And as someone pointed out–it’s an industry.

          • There are groups for dogs and pets killed by other dogs. It doesn’t seem to do crap that normal pets are killed. People and animals seem to have less value than vicious dogs.

            Vicious dogs, vicious owners, vicious cult.

  3. Speaking of murder by dog, a pit bull owner was just killed by her own dog. Happened in Nova Scotia. What was the trigger? Taking said dog for a walk.

  4. I just saw the update and I see now why this attack went unreported at first. Still, it’s scary how maulings like this are so easily put to the side. A little boy’s life was lost for pete’s sake. And to the surprise of no one, it was a pit bull. This is the stuff people need to see in the news. The more these attacks are pushed off, the less aware people are of how often they happen.

    Prayers to Brice’s family and rest in peace to little Brice.

  5. San Francisco’s 2-year-old Brice Sanders died on June 1, 2020. June 3rd marked the 15th anniversary of the death of 12-year-old Nicholas Faibish — mauled to death in his San Francisco home by his family’s pit bulls. Even though Brice was killed during a visit to Stockton, an hour east of San Francisco, this horrific attack nonetheless serves as a stark local reminder to the City of the deadly risk posed by pit bulls.

  6. I just saw the updates. Holy crap that dog looks like a monster. Glad it was put down. I’m surprised to hear that the person watching the dog wasn’t even the owner.

    Idk why this is even in my mind, but I wonder what their reaction was when they heard about their mutant canine killing Brice. Were they in disbelief? Did they blame the little boy, the parents the person who was watching the dog? Or did they side with the victims and willingly put the beast down?

    • Thank you for the reply. Yeah, it was the time between surrender and the dog being put down that made me curious about the situation, but it seems it was all normal. Glad to know the owner didn’t try to keep it alive.

  7. I’m really thankful that you found such good breed identification photos of the killer dog. This way no one can claim that the dog wasn’t a 100% certified nanny dog.

    It’s also sad that our thoughts immediately go to “At least they put it down.” It shouldn’t even have to be a question. The fact that certain human killers are allowed to live is just a sign of how far our society has fallen into the cult of dog worship.

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