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28 thoughts on “2020 Dog Bite Fatality: 9-Year Old Boy Killed by Two Pit Bulls in Faulkner County, Arkansas

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  1. The dogs owners will state that quote “ My dog ran up to him to say Hi while he was checking his mail.” But in this case, that lie will not fly. I hope that the owners of the dogs receive lengthy prison sentences. I realize that is asking for too much and that will probably never happen. This is the kind of news story that is just so extremely depressing. Evil people wonder why innocent people want to go to Heaven.

  2. A couple of observations:


    The FB post by the Sheriff’s Office uses the passive voice: “The young boy was found in the field deceased from an apparent dog attack.” This is unfortunate, because it does not convey the actual situation, which is it was the boy’s mother who found him. I didn’t realize that until I listened to the dispatch audio. It is horrific enough that this a child died in this manner, but for his mother to find him … no words are adequate.

    I realize LEOs try to be professional when describing incidents & that may be why they chose not to include that detail in the release, but the passive wording they used, coming as it did two sentences after “she looked for him and could not find him,” was more than a little misleading. I think the passive voice was a poor choice of words. If his mother found him, then say so. That’s a factual statement & is not something that overplays the description of the incident.


    I noticed that Deborah Sizemore is one of the commenters on the sheriff’s FB page linked at the top. She said her son had been killed in a dog attack. Naturally, I had to look this up on DBO. Sure enough, there it is: November 8, 2013: Levi Watson, age 4, fatally attacked by up to three pit bulls at a residence while he and his mother were visiting.

    I won’t write the expletive I uttered when I saw the date on the account of Levi Watson. Here we are going on nearly seven years since that sweet little boy was mauled to death, and these dogs are still being kept as pets, still killing children, still running loose maiming and killing pets and livestock and human beings.

    I don’t know how Deborah Sizemore and Jeff Borchardt and Roxanne Hartrich and all the other parents do it. Where do they get the strength to stay in the fight when it never seems to end?

  3. I have been following these attacks since 2012. That was the year one came at me and my little dog. With smarts on my part and a neighbor man running to help, we came out shaken but fine. But I realized right then and there that it was different than anything I had encountered with dogs before. It was like a lion charging. Luckily it was like a stupid lion, because I started flapping my loud big umbrella and the dog stopped and was trying to figure a way around it to get to us. Then my neighbor man kicked it back to its home. I had sat down on my dog to protect him. Crazy yes, but it might have helped save him. They will yank them out of your arms, no matter how high you lift them. So that is why I follow these stories and have donated to I have seen too many children butchered (yes, I will use the word) by these fighting breeds. Yes, there are a few other deaths by dog yearly, but the overwhelming majority is pit breed/type and their mixes. These beautiful children (some just days old) died horrific deaths. And it is not how you raise them. It is genetics due to breeding for bloody never give up fighting (taking down bulls and then fighting in the ring). The dogs that didn’t measure up were culled. And today, with nanny dog lies, they are killing the owners and their families at higher rates than non owners. Sure, you might have one that never turns, but then again, you might end up like this situation, and your dog(s) kills the sweet neighbor boy. Why tempt fate? Get a breed that won’t maul or kill a human. Is that so hard to do?

  4. I cannot even fathom the horror of having your child go to get the mail only for hellhounds to maul them and drag them off into a pond. And for his mother and sister to find him there, it’s horrific. Thank goodness the owner has been arrested and hopefully he’ll be jailed for life.

    • If you look at the comments on the news pages, the degenerates are trying to pin it on the mother for letting her kid go get the mail by himself.

      My mother was very protective, and even she let us get the mail or wonder around by ourselves on the farm.

      Even if she was with him, they BOTH might be dead or seriously injured now.

  5. Another senseless death by killer dogs that should have long ago been outlawed from being kept as pets like most predatory wild animals are. Anyone who is sympathetic to the “plights” of pit bulls, or who expresses anger at their “stigma” has no empathy for their fellow humans. And you know what the psychologists say about those without empathy.

  6. I just cannot believe these constant and horrific stories of pit attacks, especially from the US, nothing will ever change though, there is a propaganda machine behind this deadly breed, I just don’t understand why this breed is so easily forgiven? Even from mauling, to death, the neighbours little children? Tha heck? why is this?

  7. This US has been the most envied country for over 200 years and yet, we have had the highest death by dog rate in the world. A child cannot go to get the mail without “this” happening. My heart breaks for this boy and his family.

    Trey has skated around the law for a long time. I am expecting his defense attorney to come forward with a guilty plea for something like 12-18 months for this death with all other charges dropped. Unfortunately, I expect this to be accepted by the prosecutors rather than chance taking this stain’s case to court.

    • Why am I NOT surprised? Trash people dog of choice. Psychos’ dog of choice. Sadists’ Dog of choice. Wifebeater’s dog of choice. Drug dealers’ dog of choice.

      These are the lovely people breeding pit bulls. To say they are not deliberately selecting for human aggression is NAIVE. Hope the rescue community starts acknowledging the fine people responsible for the creation of their “poor innocent wiggle butts”

  8. There is no dog worth the life of a child (or an adult, for that matter), yet pit bulls have many, many advocates, and apparently there are unlimited funds to push pit bulls on a largely unsuspecting public. Pit bulls are dangerous….period. They are dangerous to people, pets and livestock. There are hundreds of breeds of dogs to choose from, and untold mixed breeds (not pit mixes). The pit bull is the “killer king”. Why would any sane person want one?

  9. It’s funny you post so much information to make Trey look bad. Did you know his past charges were dropped because his girlfriend is a liar and was in fact never pregnant to begin with? only one of the dogs was a pit bull And they weren’t treys dogs. He was just the only one home when the cops showed up. The drug charges? Wax and a dab rig. Almost everyone in this country smokes weed. And the gun? Most likely Lisa’s because it was HER house and HER dogs.

    • PARDON ME ANONYMOUS for not believing you.

      AS for the WEED claims, concentrates are not weed. Crack isn’t cocaine. It’s a concentrate. It’s far worse than cocaine. It’s more addictive. Concentrates are a class A felony in that state. Tough shit. If he wants to dab he should move to a state where it’s legal.

      Trey made Trey look bad. We’re just reporting what sick fucks pit bull breeders are. And all their derivatives invented solely so no one can identify a pit bull via mass confusion. What were the other dogs? American Bullies? Shorty Bulls? Pacific Bulldogs? OLde English Buldogge? What unnamable round head Kinder-shredder are we supposed to feel sorry for this week?

      Left Twix, right Twix, anonymous. If the other dogs weren’t pit bulls, then what were they? Dachshunds?

      If you’re so in the loop, how about providing the breeds of dog, some good quality photos and wether they were altered and licensed, or just another BREEDER dog flooding society with more unstable, badly bred animals bred from fighting breeds or deliberate unstable Human Aggression?

      Pit bull apologists are like skunks at a picnic. They always show up where they’re not wanted to ruin it for everybody.

        • Actually the minds of pit bull advocates gets charged right before their pit bulls kill them. When they are dying I’m sure many of them realize that they were conned in the worst way possible. The one’s whose pit bulls kill anyone else though always continue in their denial like the victims of Jamestown until they die they just can’t accept the reality that their dogs until they are being mauled to death!

    • Trey had no trouble at all making himself look bad. “Almost everyone” in this country does not smoke weed. If Trey was smoking weed (or doing any other drug) he was disobeying a law. If he let dangerous dogs run at large so that they kill a child, he was breaking the law. If he tampered with evidence (whatever that means), he was breaking the law. If he claimed the dogs were his, he is claiming responsibility for their actions. Are you REALLY implying that the accused had no part in this? That he is free of blame? I hope not. A little boy should be free to go outdoors without fear of being ripped apart by dogs. Tell us about what a great guy Trey really is… tell us how he mowed yards for widows and fed the homeless and comforted the sick in hospitals and never once wasted law enforcement’s time on domestic disputes whether real or concocted by a girlfriend. I’m sure there are hundreds of nice things you could say about him, because surely he is a fine citizen who would never put a child’s life below that of his dogs’. Go ahead. I’ll read your list and nod and agree. And then I’ll say it doesn’t matter. If he’s a loser druggy like everything really implies, it just reinforces the pit owning stereotype. If he’s secretly an upstanding selfless member of society I’ll be surprised, but will still say IT DOESN’T MATTER. Breed choice is what matters, and in this case his choice to own (or live with someone who owns) dangerous dogs and to allow them to run free means that another family now has a choice of what music to play at their little boy’s funeral. That should never be the case.

      As for the dogs, if they weren’t both pit bulls… then it just shows once again that you only need one pit bull to inflict fatal damage. But I’d also love to see photos of this other “not a pit.” Especially since pits were what were being bred and sold at this home. Tell us about the dogs.

      • I’m really late to respond to this, but I just wanted to say that I’d upvote this comment if I could.

        Trey sounds like a complete piece of trash. I wish his dogs ate him instead of that little kid. Imagine finding your dead brother in a pond with his face destroyed and his eyeball ripped out. Christ Almighty, I’d have nightmares for the rest of my life.

    • Making Trey look bad? How is this possible? A child is dead….How do you respond to all these charges against him?

  10. One reason we live in civilized society is to be safe. One should be able to walk to the mailbox safely. It is astonishing that this is even a discussion at all. Pets are an optional luxury. If they can cause harm they should be under the owner’s control at all times. There is NO justification for these deaths. The Connor incident is just mind-blowing, but sadly, how many dog owners behave.

    • I absolutely agree. And the reality is, MOST pet owners have no problems controlling their pets. It is just certain irresponsible pet owners, who gravitate towards certain killer breeds that should have been outlawed decades ago. Most responsible pet owners will not own a pitbull or other dangerous dog, because they are responsible.

  11. Awful to read what we already knew and expected (his grave injuries). This appears to be a very strong case for the family. Lisa “Cheyenne” Young is now trying to sell the house for $125,000 and get out of dodge. It sounds like she is trying to liquidate to hide the money so the family cannot get it. People are telling her the price is too low for the place. One commenter asks, “Why are you doing that?” another asks “Are there neighbors close by?” and gets no response.

    • The house was not for sale when the accident occurred. They were living there with all the animals but 2 days after the incident they moved everything out and all animals were gone. They haven’t been back to the house since. They live 2 houses down from Robby’s.

      • Can you confirm if this is the place? It looks like she just listed it on Zillow. The description is basically the same as on FB:

        Zillow: This property also has a three-horse stall barn and a good factory storm cellar plus two average size storage buildings and a smaller shed. This grassy property is entirely fenced and crossed fenced, and some are chain length fence and had huge shade trees across the front yard.

        FB: Thinking about putting my place up for sale possibly rent in Mount Vernon: 4 bed 2 bath 3 acres fully fenced, 3 horse barn has a storm shelter and a carport. A few storage sheds as well. Before I go to a Realtor do I have anyone interested. It is about 3 miles away from the school.

  12. Yes this is her property. You can actually see some bits of Robby’s home and his neighbors home/Garage in some of the pics.

  13. There’s been an update. Trey’s been formally charged with negligent homicide among other things. More details were released.

  14. As of August 10, Wyatt was facing multiple charges and his lawyer was asking for the negligent homicide charge to be severed from the drug charges.

    “Trey Edgar Wyatt, 26, of Mount Vernon was charged with negligent homicide, a Class A misdemeanor; tampering with physical evidence, a Class D felony; simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, a Class Y felony; possession of drug paraphernalia, a Class B felony; possession of a controlled substance, a Class C felony; and possession of drug paraphernalia, a Class D felony..”

    It looks like the pre-trial is scheduled for October 21. The mother’s updates on the GoFundMe are heartbreaking, counting how long it’s been since she saw/touched her son.

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