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19 thoughts on “2020 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Dies While Hospitalized After Pit Bulls Attack Three Family Members; No Media Reports

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  1. Well, if this isn’t irony of ironies, then I don’t know what is. This Nelson character raises two pit bulls that kill his grandmother and severely injure his mother and father. Then he has the absolute gall to request the general public help with medical bills that resulted from idiotic choices made by none other than Nelson himself.

    What is wrong with young people these days?? I’m sorry Coco is dead and that his parents were injured. But I think Nelson better think of better ways to pay the bills than to ask anonymous outsiders to do so.

    • I know. I thought I would edit Nelson Jr.’s statement with all caps of what he should have said:

      “Yesterday in tragic ATTACK my dad Nelson, my mom Yessenia, and my grandma, Coco, were all viciously attacked by MY two pit bull dogs, who I raise since there since little puppies so this was very unexpected BUT NOT ENTIRELY BECAUSE THEY ARE PIT BULLS. They have all suffered severe injuries from these painful bites, my dad losing part of his right ear. All three are currently hospitalized and unfortunately Coco is in intensive care, intubated and awaiting surgery to repair a broken wrist AND HER FACE AND NECK. My dad and mom are caregivers for Coco who suffers from Alzheimer’s, and are now unable to care for her, as they themselves need to recover from the sustained injuries to their arms. My dad will be not be able to return to work for a while so I ask that you please help with whatever you can assist with their medical bills. Every little bit helps. I would also appreciate much needed prayers. Thank you so much. The link to the Go-Fund me account will be in my bio.”

  2. Clearly, some change needs to be made to laws so that serious and fatal dog attacks are required to be publicly reported. The public has a right to be fully informed of the risks posed by certain dogs — not least of all because publicly funded animal shelters are often responsible for encouraging people to adopt such dogs.

  3. Seminole County abuts the City of Orlando. Have you considered contacting the Orlando Sentinel or local news organizations with a news tip on this incident?

    • Where are the files regarding the emergency response? If I were a taxpayer there I would want to know why three ambulances were sent out and no information kept. What happened to the dogs? Euthanized i hope but young Nelson doesn’t seem To have a clue. What was he doing with those dogs?

      • Yes we all taxpayers and 3 ambulance were sent cause 3 of us was severely injured I don’t think they can put all of us together in one ambulance, and yes the dogs where Euthanized and My son Nelson did not raised our dogs we all did me, my husband and my kids including my beloved mother, we would never thought this would happened please stop assuming this was a horrific accident please no more.

  4. Another textbook case of un- and/or predictably dangerous canines raised correctly, and then, solely because they are un- and/or predictably dangerous canines, maiming and killing the people that they knew and lived with for their entire lives. There are people who love dangerous animals more than they love themselves and more than they love other people. Such people exist not because they have a thinking disorder. Instead, such people exist because they have a spiritual disorder. Love of self and other people becomes totally misdirected toward dangerous animals. Thousands and thousands of severe maulings will continue to occur in this country annually, as long as people who are spiritually disordered, thus causing strong desire to maintain the threat, are allowed by law to possess dangerous canines. The law of this land allows any and all human beings to be under constant risk of this grave threat, and some local law entities actively seek to keep any manifestation of the threat a secret.

    • I absolutely agree with your statements presented. “spiritual disorder” “love of self” “law of this land”

      Laws need to be changed to protect people more. Considerate pitbull owners should put a wire muzzle on their dogs when being walked or put in doggie care centers to protect other people’s pets and the workers.

      So nieve are these dog owners who believe their dog(s) would never do anything like kill because they’ve always been so sweet and loving and wouldn’t hurt a flea. If people would open their eyes and actually delve into court cases they would learn a lot more and become open minded about why these dogs do not make a good pet for the elderly, babies, and children to be around. It is the most vulnerable who are mainly attacked and killed. To have more than one of these dogs in the home is really asking for trouble to happen.

      These dogs were specifically bred to fight. Something triggers in their brain to attack and they don’t stop once they begin. Police had to shoot them to get them to stop.

      Also, many people who own pitbulls DO NOT and ARE NOT responsibly dealing with this kind of dog allowing them to roam freely outdoors unattended. People and or their pet are attacked on sidewalks and streets while walking their dog on a leash. The pitties are not on a leash to keep them restrained. Owners must be more responsible with this kind of dog when around people/pets.

  5. This is absolutely horrific. I’m so sorry that Ms. Coco lost her life in this brutal mauling. I’m not surprised at all that the attack was unprovoked, they almost always are. I’m just glad the family admitted it, otherwise we’d have pit nuts playing guessing games on how grandma stepped on the maulers’ tails with her cane and ‘startled’ the things into rampaging.

    On another note, these unreported attacks seriously scare me. I wonder how many more dog fatalities occur that go unreported. It’s crazy to think that a person can be killed by a dog and the media not say a word. They should all be NATIONAL NEWS!

  6. So, what we’re talking about here is a spree killer, in FBI profiling terms.

    That happens to be a pitbull instead of a human.

    And another vulnerable senior citizen died, not quietly and peacefully at home, or in a hospice or hospital but torn to shreds as if she’d been thrown in a gladiatorial arena with a wild animal.

    Which, in a sense, she was.

    The best thing Hollywood could do at this point is to stop promoting these beasts and make an honest documentary horror film about at least one of these cases.

  7. I’m so sick of these attacks being called an accident. It’s no more of an accident than when a pointer points or a retriever fetches. And they can ask the pit lobby for money. Own the breed, pay for its deed.

    • What really annoys me are the organizations who advertise the pit bull dogs as people friendly and make great family pets. Truth is these organization conveniently remove traces of past history of a potential pit bull dog or mixed dog getting adopted out and are sent out of state and placed in shelters to hopefully get a home and keep them alive. People NEED to know and have a RIGHT to know, so they do not risk getting anyone in their family attacked or killed or outsiders too. All states need stronger laws about this in place.

      • Shelters lie. That’s all you need to know.

        Although I am not a lawyer and don’t play one on teevee, I think that these shelters and organizational liars could be held liable for false advertising.

  8. “very unexpected”… REALLY? then he is ignorant about the pit bull breed from sticking his head in the sand because there is absolutely not ONE detail about this entire incident which can be honestly considered unexpected-and that’s just the cold hard truth

  9. I love how these owners endanger the puplic with their dogs and couldn’t care less that people fear these unexplored ordnances been forced among them, but then they get mauled and savaged by their own killer dogs and suddenly…..BOOM , A GO FUND ME PAGE .
    Peddling for puplic assistance .

  10. Is this a good way to make quick cash !?
    Get a Pitbull……wait for inevitable, and then set up
    a GO FUND ME PAGE !?

    Asking for a friend …..

  11. To paraphrase Chris Rock, those pit bulls didn’t go crazy. Those pit bulls went pit bull.

    (Sorry, but that extra comma in the original comment was killing me.)

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