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9 thoughts on “2020 Dog Bite Fatality: 70-Year Old Woman Mauled to Death by Dogs in Country Club Hills, Illinois

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  1. A group of large dogs. Let me guess: “They were always so friendly. I wonder what could have gotten into them?”
    Their innate genetic heritage, perhaps? Americas’ nice single family residential neighborhoods are such safe places to step outside in. What can be introduced to make survival in them based on kill or be killed, maim or be maimed, like the law of survival on the Serengeti Plain? I know: Let’s bring in a group of large dogs! Yay! Now the law of survival in Americas’ single family neighborhoods is exactly the same as the law of survival on the Serengeti Plain, because we have introduced dangerous canines into our nice neighborhoods. Open your door to step outside: It’s a jungle out there. It’s not the dogs’ fault. It’s our fault for allowing them to exist among us, so they can maim and kill our neighbors, our children and our selves.

    • Good analogy… our neighborhoods becoming like the wilds of the Serengeti Plain… due to meat grinder pit bulls next door.

  2. Agreed 100%
    Ask elderly folks who lived in times and places that were bully dog and Malinois dog free.

    “Do they remember victim dogs being killed on sidewalks or during invasion of yard and homes?

    Do they remember adult humans losing arms legs scalps and lives to dogs that invaded yards or public places?.

    The answer is no.

    Dog fighters intentionally breed for the traits to be just as deadly away from home territory. This is essential for dog fighting.
    Normal dogs are much less aggressive on neutral ground.

    Dog fighters don’t use normal non bully dogs because normal dogs aren’t “good” at killing

  3. Seven hundred bucks a dog? Okay, I just figured something out.

    And that something is how the new across-the-street neighbors can afford to rent a house for $1,400 a month when none of the adults appears to have a steady job. They have two pit bulls, and one just had puppies.

    • Depending on the state you are in, you could turn them in for tax fraud. It’s not a lot but it’s something.

  4. So a relative was breeding the dogs that killed this woman? At first reading this I thought it was a neighbor’s dogs. I hope all of them get euthanized if they haven’t already (minus the one that was killed at the scene).

    And I wonder what’s going to be stated as the trigger that caused the pits to maul. I feel like there’s been so much victim blaming on the elderly lately.

  5. Wow, between the appalling conditions in the nursing homes and pitbulls eating the elderly without consequences, us old fogies are living in a horror novel.

    Stephen King…HALP!

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