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23 thoughts on “2020 Dog Bite Fatality: 26-Year Old Man Dies After Violent Pit Bull Mauling in West Tulsa; Owner Charged with Murder

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  1. 40 minutes go by, yet another innocent victim in the USA is admitted into the hospital for severe dog mauling injury. 14,000 times per year, severe trauma dog mauling injury happens to innocent victims. About 50 times per year, innocent victims are killed by dangerous canines. Extremely rarely, during the high volume and steady flow of this fatal and near-fatal bloodbath, it appears that the circumstances of a fatal mauling may possibly be not immediately clarified as to who/what initiated the aggression. Extremely near virtually always, it is manifest obvious as to what exactly initiated the aggression when a person is severely mauled, killed or injured by a dangerous canine.

    • Hello Richard. Can you tell me where to find those statistics ? I support Colleen and her website and she does the most incredible work. But I have long wondered how many people are mauled. Would like to know some stats for this when I talk to county officials.

  2. So, if the homeowner *shot* the “mischief-maker” to death, that’s felony manslaughter at least, homicide at best. But if he sicced his pitbulls on the fellow…somehow it’s not the same charge?

    What is there to think about here? Confiscate the gun and destroy it. Confiscate the pitbulls and destroy them.

    As a fav comedian I watch says, “This ain’t rocket surgery”

  3. Geez, there was just a dog bite fatality a few days ago. Why is this not national news???Seriously, if it were car seats or roller blade shoes, there would be bans. Why are there no restrictions on killer dogs?

    And I seriously hope the cops/judge or whoever don’t allow the dog owner to claim self defense by having their maulers kill someone. If they allow it one time, who know what else they’ll want to call “self defense”.

    • Why are there no restrictions on killer dogs? Because they’re dogs.

      As long as dogs are worshiped in American society, the attacks, maulings, maimings, and deaths will continue.

      • I think it’s a tad more complex. Dangerous dog law, such as it is, tends to fall under local by-laws.

        This is why the pitbull advocates are pushing for states and feds to outlaw BSL–so they can veto any possibility of local areas or establishments (such as the military or housing complexes or social housing) creating BSL legislation for their area.

        The pushback against this has to be at the same levels. Thus, an argument that anti-BSL at higher levels is governmental over-reach into local areas is probably the only winnable scenario.

        In Canada, the provinces/counties chose BSL in some places. It’s why the advocates are targeting the provincial premiers and the feds. They’re not a big enough voting block at this point so nobody is paying much attention.

        Hate to think it but until a few beloved celebrities are mangled by their own pitbulls–you guys are fighting against a rising tide there as the pitbull supporters gain voter traction. The constant lobbying is another major setback.

        They’re following Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals…the problem is, those rules were written for necessary social and economic change in a democracy, not pitbull rebels without an actual cause.

      • Agreed YQN. People never see THEIR dog as a problem, even when they own a pit bull or Brazilian Mastiff. MY dog would never. DOG is my copilot. Uh huh.

  4. Using 3 pit bulls as weapons in a self defense claim in regards to a fist fight tells me the claim is a farce. This was likely a sustained, brutal attack that is an overkill. An overkill is not consistent with self defense.

    • Well, with all due respect.
      This happens all the time with children been attacked with the parents looking on helplessly……
      This was no different .

      When it comes to Pitbull Butchery anything goes and nothing is considered a crime ….apparently !

  5. Once again the authorities do nothing about known vicious dogs until someone is dead. Will they do something now? It remains to be seen.

  6. Thank you, Colleen, for today’s update. Dangerous canine attacks occur across all demographic classifications. Young and old, rich and poor, high achieving and socially dislocated, urban and rural, clinically diagnosable and their clinically non-diagnosable victims are victims of canine attack. All human beings, even those who are not ASPD, are at risk of becoming victims of canine attack anytime they are in proximity to a dangerous canine.

  7. So I assume this man had a weapon and came onto the property unannounced while threatening his ex !?

    So now when someone gets killed on your property via your Nanny Dogs….voila, SELF DEFENSE.
    Got it 👍🏼

    • No ma’am, this is my boyfriend’s brother who died. His phone and shoes were stolen by his ex-girlfriend he went over there to get them, a fight broke out between his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend and him, Curtis the victim was leaving he was walking and to the road was on his way he had already left when her current new boyfriend sicked his three pit bulls on him and they killed him he was doing nothing wrong but trying to get his things. He did not come over unannounced they actually told him that they had his phone and shoes and told him to come get them they knew what they were doing Justice will prevail God bless everyone

  8. It looks like we are finding out the neighbor shot the gun into the air to try to stop the dogs from attacking. The only weapons he brought with him were his angry words and his fists. Neighbors are saying the dogs attacked for 10-15 minutes. As has already been pointed out, Champaign, the dog owner, and her new BF have not a scratch or bite on them to suggest that they interveined in any way to stop the attack.

  9. The single unique thing about pit bulls continues to be their lethal overreaction to mild stress, and the single unique thing about their owners continues to be their lack of normal social behavior.

  10. Regarding the photo of the couple, I can’t imagine choosing to not wear a shirt in a television interview. I can fathom even less the mindset it takes to choose to wear a shirt which depicts a pit bull immediately after your pit bull kills a man in a sustained attack. Maybe he didn’t have any shirts, and maybe she didn’t have any shirts other than pro-pit propaganda? Her words say “sorry,” but her choice of clothing says “not sorry.”

    • Yup, the world really needs to know what kind of drawers this guy is wearing. And the tee shirt choice? Well, you just can’t fix stupid.

    • How did Champaign help she lied and said those were her dogs she lied and said she tried to help get the dogs off of him cuz that one scratch on that b**** he didn’t try to help him at all she should get accessory is not charged with murder herself she doesn’t need her kid I hope kid it taken away and I hope to get everything she f****** deserve

  11. Typical pitnutter/pit owner. They always talk tough, but it took THREE 💩bulls AND a television hurled upon the incapacitated victim for this “tough guy” to feel like a big man. What a low level POS scumbag.

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