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25 thoughts on “2020 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bull Kills Toddler in the Middle of the Night During July 4th Party in Joliet, Illinois

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  1. Dangerous canines have manageability to be able to go through fences, over fences, under fences, go through doors, get loose from leashes, get loose from harnesses, get loose from collars, get leashes freed from wrists and hands, et cetera. Owners of dangerous canines cause death and tragic maulings and disfigurement when they do not have manageability to control their dangerous canines. Then, to add insult to injury, in most cases, the owners are not held criminally responsible, because the dog used its magical dog powers to just simply get loose. This, in addition to dogs that kill and maim when they are not loose. Net result: almost every single infant and elderly person and almost every other single human being in this country and in the entire world is under constant risk of grave threat of sudden, out of the blue tragic end of life as was happily know. None of this is an accident: Evil societies are as evil societies do. This case, like most all other tragic canine carnage case, is not an accident. In this case, the responsible adults were not cognitively impaired. They knowingly placed their infant at risk of extremely grave threat, just so they could have the thrill of owning a worse than wild dangerous animal.

    • What an interesting concept. I googled magical pit bull and hit images. There’s a whole bunch of merch with the “pittiecorn” which is basically a clumsy cartoon drawing of a pit bull with a unicorn horn, mane, and tail. There’s also some rainbow glitter bumper stickers that say “Pit Bulls are Magical.” “Pit bull unicorn” is also a search on on Etsy where you can buy magical pitbull stuff. Clearly, there was some magic involved because that’s the only way they somehow get out unless they somehow weren’t secured.

    • True! If a breed cannot be controlled by human beings, and cannot by its own accord obey a country’s laws, such as not breaking into people’s homes and killing them, then why are they not banned everywhere? The breeders must be stopped. Breeding these dogs should be criminalized. It is not safe if your neighbor has a pitbull, these dogs jump fences or break them way too easily. I’ve read so many stories where people or normal dogs were attacked in their own backyards by pits that somehow managed to break in. I cannot imagine any normal dog killing a sleeping baby! Pitbulls tend to attack the weakest victims they can find for the fun of it. Are they even worhty of being categorized as ‘dogs’? I don’t think so. They’re giving dogs a bad name.

  2. It’s never an accident when beagles bark and chase rabbits.

    It’s never an accident when bird dogs point.

    It’s not an accident when kelpies or border Collies herd.

    It’s never an accident when fighting dogs attack, maim, and kill because mauling dogs are simply doing what they’re created to do.

    • This is a great way of stating it. You’re completely right, it is no accident. No, nothing accidental at all about it. It’s all by design.

  3. Dogs do not get loose after being “locked” in a room, unless they bust through the door.

    Either the door was not locked, or the lock was faulty enough to allow the dogs to escape despite the lock supposedly being activated (put in locked position).

    Whichever way you slice it, management failure by humans. Repeat after me: Pit bulls are zero-mistake dogs. All it takes is a single failure to manage or contain for a human life to be ended in the jaws of these dogs.

    IMO the old “somehow” excuse is standard CYA by the custodians of the dogs. They will convince themselves and maintain to authorities that they exercised maximum precautions and diligence. Nope, not buying it. Exercising maximum precautions would preclude owning a pit type dog in the first place. All choices after that are descending orders of failure theater.

  4. “Somehow got out”. They always “somehow” get out. I don’t think those dogs were locked up. Or if they were, I think someone allowed them out of the basement and that’s how they made their way upstairs to maul that little girl. The most dangerous dogs on the planet and they’re never properly secured.

  5. The little girl’s photo has been removed. Thank you, Colleen, for your clear and concise reporting. The news outlets are either leaving out the breed or throwing in the often used modifier “mixed” as if we all need to make sure the pit people feel okay about what happened. God knows. whatever it was “mixed” with must be the culprit. The pit plague continues, and these innocent children are being killed by irresponsible adults who let it happen.

  6. They should make it law to release the crime scene photos with the remains of what’s left of the human.

    Perhaps that would sway ppl from bringing these assault dogs home to their families !

    People need to start been charged with Manslaughter.
    This is willful endangerment of a child knowing what this vile shit breed is capable of and has a PROVEN TRACK RECORD of doing !

  7. Did they just create this foundation in the last three days? How did they get tax ID and nonprofit status so fast? This is just named after their daughter who was eaten by a pitbull. Given that this family also owned a pitbull, I would be very surprised if they follow in the footsteps of docs his family and lead a real mission to educate people about the dangers of pitbulls. Also considering that the obituary on the funeral home website makes no mention of how their baby died.

  8. The middle-of-the-night attack that I always think of is the Sue Ann Gorman attack in Washington in 2007. That happened at 9am, but the victim was asleep in her bedroom when 2 pit bulls got into her home and attacked her.

    Looking at the owner’s FB page, there are photos of at least 7 pit bulls. I can’t help thinking he’s going to end up rationalizing it – I owned 7 of them and only 1 killed a baby.

    • Reports clearly say, owner had two dogs, just trying to understand where you’re getting your info, it doesn’t coincide with any reporting

  9. The timing of attacks is an interesting concept …During the 5 PM to 9 PM time period you have a major family transition time where the emphasis is on FOOD…The pit is smelling the cooking of the food and is expecting to get fed — it is at that time that the dominance aspect would be asserted as in who gets fed first, how much, and how often…Whereas the children or adults loosen boundaries by “sharing” food with the pit bull as a canine it does not reciprocate as a bird does all the time…Its nature is to resource guard or steal…People are in an overstimulated mood at this time and the pit bull does not translate all the animated behavior as anything more than competition…Likewise it will get hyperstimulated…But around sunset comes the last walk of the day and people think the pit bull is exercised and ready to curl up for the night…

    …The middle of the night attacks is instigated by a curious, alerted pit bull taking the opportunity to covertly explore what or who they have been restrained from exploring earlier…They may hear an interesting sound while everyone is asleep they have to explore — unrestricted — they also are picking up on smells we can’t smell…This sense of exploration without restraint triggers an impulse to use their mouth — initially to lick — but when one shifts in their sleep, lets out a little squeal or sneeze or kicks or shoves the stimulated pit it goes to prey drive as a knee jerk reaction…

    …I will say again and again that it’s not about training, treatment, or how they were raised — it is about hyperstimulation to novel variables in the environment that most dogs might ignore or get easily distracted from…Just because a pit is well behaved during daytime periods when it can expect to be managed by its owner doesn’t mean it won’t default to pit reactions when it’s owner cannot manage it as he sleeps…

    …Just a layperson’s perspective…that and I stayed at a Holiday Inn last night…

  10. This may not have been a factor but many people get drunk on the 4th of July. Factor that and the noise from fireworks in and you have agitated & upset killing machines, an unattended baby who may not have been checked on for a while and impaired adults who may have forgot to lock a door or not have done it properly. I obviously don’t know that this is what happened but it is all in the realm of possibility. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

  11. Yes, a recipe for disaster. Fascinating scenarios about the when, where and how these attacks take place. But nothing is more powerful than when you put a face on this story. That little angel had her whole life ahead of her. It looks like the parents are ready to minimize the pit bull part of this horrible nightmare. It seems that our culture of dog worship goes beyond all reason, compassion and morality when it comes to the loss of human life…even that of a child.

  12. I don’t even know what to even say about this one. Pit nutter parents bringing their baby to another pit nutter household. I’m so sick and tired of this. Dogs should NEVER have acess to a baby! And clearly putting them in the basement not even enough for pit bulls. They bust through doors and windows all the time, so I’m not even surprised they got out. This entire story is very sad. Rest in peace to the little girl.

  13. Look at that sweet, beautiful little face. To think of what her final moments must have been like absolutely shatters my heart. That innocent little soul never got a chance to be who she would become in this world. Because of a dog.

  14. So many people commenting on this story (elsewhere) are blaming the attack on fireworks. I notice that no other breed of dog killed a child on the 4th, despite fireworks being shot all over the country around all sorts of breeds. But only one breed managed to “somehow” escape and go hunting through the home to find a sleeping baby to kill. I had a dog who was desperately afraid of fireworks. He would run and hide until they were over then come out hours later trembling and seeking comfort. That’s what a frightened dog does. At least, that’s what a normal breed of dog does. If pit bulls are so easily “triggered” by fireworks, or seizures, or crying, or _____ (insert normal human activity here), they don’t belong in homes as pets. There is nothing EVER to excuse a dog to kill a toddler.

    I am sure curious how that money from the foundation will be used to help pet owners. It will be utterly shocking to me if it’s used to spread the truth.

  15. Many dogs have something I saw once saw described as “twilight syndrome” where they tend to be super active or hyper from around dusk to four hours later.

    Never saw evidence of this until my latest dog, who really was a bit of a nutter between those hours. When he was young, I actually crated him to calm him down during that time. I suspect it has to so with, that is the time when owners come home, or provide dinner (in the case of working dogs) walk their dogs, there’s a lot of family excitement during those hours. Dogs are routine creatures–if certain hours of the day are full of excitement routinely–that’s when they’ll be routinely excitable. That may lead to a bit of nipping from nippy type dogs or just the inability to pay attention to commands as coherently.

    It’s not going to lead to a full-blown mauling.

    Just an observation.

    That said…I doubt it’s about fireworks, simply because most people aren’t stupid enough to grasp a panicking dog. Dogs who are terrified of fireworks–hide. They don’t go hunting for babies to eat or chasing any kind of prey…they’re busy trying to scramble under a table or bed or find a quiet place. That’s a nonsensical argument from the pitbull nutters.

    Any dog who actually wants to…can open a normal door or a locked crate unless they’re morons. An intelligent one, can figure out how to flip a simple door lock. Large dogs can chew through a door.

    It isn’t about the containment. It’s the same thing as a leash. A leash can guide a dog–it can’t contain one that is hell bent on getting loose.

    Shouldn’t matter if a dog *did* get loose. The first port of call for a normal dog escapee is the biscuit tin or the dogfood bag.

    Not mauling a baby.

    • Boni, I just want to say, I always appreciate your posts because of the depth of dog knowledge you possess. I am glad you post here because I always learn new things from your writing.

  16. By the way the attacks from pit bulls have risen over the years so much for the use to be crowd.
    Vote no to pit the way all though the cowards have killed adults most are children between 9 and 10 years old .compare that to other breeds .while your at it.

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