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5 thoughts on “2023 Fatal Dog Attack Breed Identification Photographs

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  1. Extrapolating a straight line from the graph of deaths per year, yields 80 killings by dogs in the year 2028.

    It’s just a simple line going up from 2016 to 2023 and then extending out past another 4 years. A disturbing trend that shows no reduction even with numerous laws and education. There are too many people with these dangerous animals around humans.

  2. Great reporting, Colleen. Thank you for your incredible investigative research. We see these mutants going after the most vulnerable: children, the elderly and the disabled. Unfortunately, if nothing changes…nothing changes. The numbers don’t lie.

  3. What we don’t see…no photos of dogs resembling poodles, chihuahua’s, golden retrievers, or many other dog breeds. Not surprising to anyone who follows this blog.

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