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31 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Dies After Vicious Attack by Two Pit Bulls in Kennewick, Washington

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  1. Poor lady just living in her house then these two vicious pitbull killed her in her own home .I can’t imagine the pain and horror her husband have to witness her dying when he can’t do anything to help her.I can hear the owner excuse I can’t believe my own baby doggy killed her he wasn’t aggressive it her fault for sitting there she make him mad.

  2. If there are no charges filed then the city of Kennewick doesn’t care about the lives of its residents. As an owner of a popular business, Billi was a prominent member of her community and this case will receive attention, at least locally. The owner of those dogs will be a public example of what happens when your dog attacks someone. What kind of example will it be? I hope it won’t be another case of getting away with murder, as so many of these are.

    • We live down the street from where this attack occurred. I’m curious to know where the dogs came from as their are two dogs (one looks like a pit bull to me) that run loose each and every day even though the owners have been asked to please keep their dogs secure in their own yard. The local animal shelters are aware of these two dogs behavior as is the police and Sheriff’s offices. Both have warned the owners as well. The larger dog tried to bite my grandson one day on his way home from school and ever since that happened he looks to see if the dogs are loose when he gets off the bus. He will walk one street over even when it’s an extra fifteen minutes to get home. If these are the same dogs, then the owners should be criminally charged and certainly should be held legally liable as this is not a “one off”. These two dogs have been an ongoing neighborhood problem and the owners, the authorities, and certainly the neighbors ALL have been aware. It was just a matter of time before a tragedy like this happened. What a damn shame.

      • Hi Keith. I agree that there should be criminal charges against the owner of the dogs that killed the woman. But there should also be charges against whatever dog that torments your grandson. This is unacceptable in civil society that children have to be afraid of pit bulls going to school.

  3. Another senior deprived of their twilight years by pitbulls. My condolences to her family and friends for losing their cherished loved one in such a horrific manner

    It’s open season on children and the elderly.

    Any society that refuses to protect vulnerable groups is a failed society.

    • It may be that a relative or family friend owned the dogs. Someone close to the case, hopefully, will post a comment here and we can learn more.

    • Maybe a relative lives next door and owns the dogs? The cousin who was not present, disregarding police info claiming the attack happened outside is weird.

    • I noticed that, too. This is very common, especially when family who owned the killer that killed their child. The GoFundMe or obit often makes no mention of how the child died. Anyone reading this new one, would believe Cameron simply died from surgical complications.

    • I thought the same thing. Even if the immediate cause of death was directly related to the surgery (say allergic reaction to the anesthesia), the reality is she was killed by the dog, since everything after that happened only because of the dog attack.

  4. This is why even in my fenced yard I have a weapon on me. You never know when some idiots pit bull is running loose, half the time they don’t know either.

  5. I disregard the cousins account, as the cousin was obviously not present. Hopefully not a nutter. The police know this occurred in the home, probably by blood, an broken slider screen, or doggie door. There was a pit bull that entered a window before in a town not far from me.

  6. The pitbull is the only common invasive breed of dog. They are totally comfortable attacking and killing their owners at home, entering doggy doors or open windows
    to attack people and their pets,
    and killing other dogs in the pit.

    • Yes, this is a bizarre phenomenon that a dog would enter a stranger’s home to attack the humans or their pets. It used to be the school of thought when I was a kid that if a dog came after you, you just walked up the steps of the nearest house as if you lived there and the dog would leave you alone. Even the stupidest dog knows the limits of his “territory.” Apparently pit bulls have not evolved to this level. Their behavior has no rationale other than DUMB brute prey drive. Why anyone would WANT to own this breed as a pet is beyond me.

      • Hi Cindy, my name is Rick and I live in an apartment in Chicago IL. I agree 100% about why anyone would own a Pitt Bull dog!

        On May 28th this year, I was attacked by 2 Pitt Bull dogs while just walking to my apartment after arriving home getting out of my car at 11pm. They mauled my face and left arm, but I just managed to survive.

        I got an attorney to do a lawsuit, but because the dog owner was a renter with no assets and no insurance on the dogs, and it was the first time those dogs had attacked anyone, I got nothing other than being marred for life, and over 4 months now spent in a hospital, several surgeries, unable to work at this time, and no family at all for support. I’m a 66 year old man.

        God Bless,


        • I am so sorry this happened to you Rick. As a senior, your life should be just trying to manage your health and finances, enjoying what you can of you family/friends/hobbies and maybe, if it’s your style, walking around with an affectionate beagle making friends.

          This is one of my truly hate peeves with this breed. The frequency with which they maul and kill vulnerable seniors and children. They are an apex predator so any human that is at less than optimal health is a prime target for them.

          The sooner we see them for what they are, the sooner we will BSL them with a future eye to removing them completely from human social circles.

        • Rick. Sorry to hear that you were mauled. You should sue the apartment landlord. Also find out if the dog came from a shelter and sue the city or county that funds the shelter. Many big payouts by city and county funded shelters.

  7. The UK XL Bully story is so compelling. While the bully folks had a big rally promoting their loveable lugs, a man was viciously attacked by an XL in a nearby park. The coward who owned it fled. On another note, this recent article about the dog walker who was found dead is fascinating. The British press really does a great job covering these attacks. After a thorough investigation, they have determined that this dogwalker’s own XL bully killed her. The dog had already attacked her twice before the final death knell.

  8. One of the dogs was located on the Kennewick lost dog Facebook page…

    “Update: This dog is with Benton County Canine Control. It sounds like the owner has been identified. Very unfortunate story behind the original post with a sad outcome for everyone involved including the dogs, all because the owner didn’t take steps to keep the dogs on their own property.”

    “Yes, this was one of the dogs involved in the incident. She required surgery for the injuries but passed away from complications following the procedure. I have read that there will be an autopsy, but regardless of what actually caused her death, it was ultimately the result of the attack. Just so sad for everyone. No question the dogs will likely be euthanized. Senseless tragedy that could have been avoided. And now an owner that will have this on their conscience for the rest of their life.”

    • Wow. I couldn’t access that link but I looked at the Facebook group and saw pictures of a pair of starving pitbulls on the loose, an aggressive dog standing outside a broken fence, and comments explaining how Animal Control won’t come pick them up because they don’t have any room at the shelter.

      It sounds like the result of a misguided “no kill” policy, to me. If so, then that malfunctioning city department helped set up the conditions for Billi’s horrific death to happen.

    • “Sad outcome for everyone, including the dogs”?!?! Good grief. They killed a woman. They took a human life! Who cares about the dogs?! The only dog I feel any sympathy for is the pet she was trying to save from the vicious pits, but even that pales in comparison to the human life that was savagely taken. These people are insane. It blows my mind how far the culture of dog worship has gone.

  9. Every large dog owner should realize their dogs are potentially dangerous.
    Small dogs can hurt or kill children if given the chance.

    Granted most breeds of dogs don’t kill that often.
    It isn’t that they can’t.
    For the most part they choose not to.

    Then there are pits, rotts and the other assorted power breeds.
    Personally I think they cross the line into dangerous not potentially dangerous.

    Before you can buy a dog you should be forced to to review attack stats.
    That way you can’t claim “I had no idea anyone could get hurt if my dog got out!!”

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