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12 thoughts on “Review: Three Dog Bite Fatalities Between 2022-2023 in the United States Unreported by Media

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  1. I’m glad you were able to get additional information but sad other people were killed.

    Times have changed. Back in 1988, we were not hearing about dogs killing people or pets. In 1988, my family’s pet dog, Digger, was killed by a relatively small male pitbull belonging to the neighbor. This attack was covered by
    the local news media with an article on the front page of the County newspaper. I find it sad when people being killed by dogs are no longer newsworthy.

    Today we know human fatalities are increasing. I believe dogs may consider infants to be real live squeaky toys. Look at all the squeaky toys sold.
    In the case of elderly people being killed by family dogs, were the victims trying to split dog fights? Did they get caught in the middle of dog fights? Keeping more than two dogs together encourages pack behavior.

    • It was mentioned in one case that they didn’t publicize for the sake of the local Humane Society, because they thought the news would negatively impact their sales.

      • It’s not “sales” they’re worried about.

        It would do damage to their *donations*–that’s where the real money lies. Billions of dollars yearly for sob stories spewed all over the internet.

        BTW just try buying one of their sick/neurotic dogs that they use on the front page to suck money out of the public.

        Unless you can do them some good with publicity–they’ll turn you down flat–even if you have the means/qualifications to fix that dog.

        But they will use the opportunity to shovel an insane pitbull on you because they’re less cute and there’s millions of them.


  2. I live in Lake Placid Florida. This is the second death by pit bull in our small community. The first happened a few years ago on July 4th and was barely mentioned. Highlands County is small and use to be rural with some retirees. I am sure there were dogs loose but 30 years ago most would of been hound mixes. They barked and might run at you but then stopped. Now like everywhere we have the drugs and the pit lovers and sadly the retirees have children with pit bulls or just such dog lovers they believe every bit of bull they put out about being nanny dogs or how you raise them. Then our shelter is full of them and most lost and loose pets are pit bulls. Without them they would need a lot less employees and budget. Oh, and I got my little doxie/jack mix from the shelter the pit came from and hate that I supported it in any way, but small dogs have become so hard to find without a waiting list and huge prices. I just had a friend in Ohio look at her shelter after telling her this latest pit atrocity. Out of about 175 dogs, about 20 were not pit bulls and not one of those was a small dog. Yet they are pushing those of us who want a small companion dog to adopt a pit bull.

  3. I suspect there are even more deaths by dog that never get covered.

    Currently there hasn’t been an attack in 2024 and it has been over a month since the last attack.

    30 days without an attack would be great.
    It also would be rare.

    • Many have probably occurred since Jan 1 that we know nothing about. CDC released early numbers for 2022 that we have not reported on yet (coming soon). 96 deaths in 2022 and we only recorded 55 (several being deaths we uncovered ourselves). Talk about a disparity. But US media continues to downsize at a fast rate. Deaths have tripled since 2018, but there’s no way for us to capture them all if only a partial number of them are being reported by media or police.

    • I’m with you on that Dr. Duke.

      Odd how I see pitbulls in this neighbourhood, illegally shoveled out by the rescues (we have BSL) and some overwhelmed owner trying frantically to walk the deranged beast then after a few months–POOF! I never see them, again.

      There’s no way those dogs aren’t being dumped or euthanized for eating the house, murdering the cat/smaller dogs and being a danger to people.

      When Colleen goes more than a week without a news story I don’t think to myself, “Well that was a good week”. After all this time I think, “How many of these are being covered up or ignored, this week?”

    • That never happens and IF there were no response to request for information to confirm…well that would just be celebrating the news media and law enforcements success in hiding the truth

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