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10 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Elderly Woman, 89, Killed by Own Pit Bull in Cass County, Indiana

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  1. Again and again a pitbull killed their can never ever stop a pitbull from attacking someone you will never win.why on earth would someone choose a pitbull as a dog it’s a dangerous breed no matter the love patience time effort sweat and tears you put in to raised a good dog.some pitbull not most will “snap out of nowhere “ and the dog cult will blame the owner/victim and have no clue why the sweet pitbull would snap and killed.

  2. I gasped when I read the dog’s weight. 89-year-old lady with a 100-lb. pit bull?! Elderly people become more fragile with age. Brittle bones, thin skin. They bruise easily. Why would anyone think a large dog would be good for them? A small, gentle lap dog would be a much better choice. One that couldn’t harm or kill them. Absolutely horrendous and heartbreaking story!

    • Or no dog at all. At advanced ages, people are prone to falls, and small dogs are very easy to trip over.

      As for large dogs, my parents’ final dog was a Labrador retriever. It was way too much dog for them, and it also bared its teeth and growled at me. Suffice it to say that I was relieved when it finally died.

  3. There’s got to be more to this story. 89 yr old people generally don’t go out and get a dog, esp one like this. My money’s on it was the relative’s dog but they didn’t have anywhere to live…

    • A friend of the family said( on Facebook) that the savage beast belonged to the victims grandson. The mother of the grandson is the victims daughter and was the person present when the savage attack happened. The grandson has pictures of the beast on his FB page.

  4. How many pitbull fatalities are we up to so far this year? 50? 60? It certainly seems even more than last year. That these dogs aren’t banned everywhere is beyond outrageous.

    • That brings up something I’ve been puzzling over.

      From Kylie Hayden’s original FB posting, before the dog was found:

      “If anyone sees this dog his name is Oden . Please contact 574-355-6662 or 574-870-0987 AND 911!!!! with the location so Oden can be taken in to be tested. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO APPROACH, PET & or PICK UP!!!!”

      Surely the dog was not being sought just “to be tested” (the victim was dead). This is either an out-and-out lie — perhaps to mollify any “dog lover” who saw the dog and worried it might be euthanized if reported — or represents some serious delusion that the “pet” really was going to be rehabilitated in some way.

      It seems like Kylie was deliberately leaving it ambiguous as to what danger the dog posed precisely to keep the dog from being harmed — when, clearly, a “shoot on sight” alarm would have been in order.

      • Lovely message on FB from the Grandson, owner of the savage beast. “my grandma had night terrors she woke up screaming and fell over the chair fell on her and hit both of them he went into defense mode thinking she was being attacked by the time he realized it was her the damage was done he loved her and he was sweet he didn’t have alpha in his life like his brothers do my dog don’t speak on something you don’t know the story about i don’t even need to explain it to someone like you bc obviously your mentally ill

  5. So sad. Of course, the dog was not owned by grandmother. I suppose the relatives
    lived with her and took care of her. The dog lived there too and was not kept in a safe place. I wonder why the dog took off after the killing. Why was he loose? Who was responsible for him?

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