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5 thoughts on “Fatal Wolf-Dog Hybrid Attacks - The Archival Record

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  1. Yesterday I was saddened, but not surprised, to overhear a woman on a cell phone saying that her mother had been attacked by a dog the day before. (Not a wolf hybrid, but a pit bull.) I heard phrases like "she's not out of the woods yet," "that dog is a menace" and "has escaped before." The woman was middle-aged, so I am assuming her mother is elderly.

    It struck me that while there's this huge push to glamorize dangerous dogs, there's also a trail of victims nearly everywhere we care to look. Knowing this site as well as I do, I also thought to myself that this woman and her mom may have no idea what lies ahead of them, with the political maneuvering and bullying from the defenders of dangerous dogs.

  2. That Petfinder ad is from Michael Hodanish's Howling Woods Farm, and that 'rescue' is crazy. I live in the area and have encountered their wolf-hybrids at a local pet fair. And by 'encounted,' I mean almost bumping into it as it was walked on a long rope lead by a handler through a busy fair, surrounded by people, children, and pets shopping at various stands selling food and advertising pet rescue groups. In the midst of all this, leashed like a Golden Retriever, one of their wolf hybrids – vaguely dog-shaped but 4' tall at the shoulders and with a palpable non-domesticated presence. The Farm had brought it and others, and was doing photo ops inside a fenced area. I am forever amazed that NJ, a state which generally tends toward the 'more' side of regulation, permits wolf hybrids.

  3. So very sad. Death's going back 40 years, and yet people still want to play "Russian Roulette" and put a wild animal in their home. Is it extreme selfishness, sociopathology, or narcissism? Whatever the cause, these owners should be held accountable. Drunk drivers are held accountable, regardless of any underlying mental conditions, and so should be dangerous animal owners.

  4. I've always felt these crosses were a bad idea. You make the wolf dumber and more dependent and the dog more aggressive and unpredictable. A lose-lose situation the breeder$$$$$ never will care about.

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