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17 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Toledo Woman, 70, Killed by Family Pit Bull-Labrador Mix in Backyard of Home

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  1. Is there such a thing as a labrador pitbull mix dog.I can’t tell by the picture but could be a pitbull dog that not mix.what is up with pitbull killing the elderly.I think her daughter or someone in her family tell her to dogsit the dog for them or the pitbull belong to her.

    • So true. Pit bulls have contaminated the bloodlines of almost all other breeds now. As for seniors, you’re right about that, too. AARP once had a plug for pits as pets! If these older folks are not being attacked, they’re being dragged to the ground when these things lunge. We had one old guy splayed out on the pavement. The EMT’s could not get past his pit bull. They had to throw a net over it. Broken hip, anyone?

    • Hate to say it, but a lot of seniors have bought into that “rescue” rhetoric that has been spewing out of shelters and from the so-called humane organizations.

      I see it in my own neighborhood — elderly people walking dogs that could turn on them just like that. And it frightens me.

  2. It seems these attacks come in waves, however, I believe many attacks/killings are being covered up or not reported. If it weren’t for this site, most of this would fly under the radar. First off, notice the reporting. According to this journalist, this woman “apparently died from a dog BITE.” That was quite bite; singular. Secondly, not only can we read between between the lines, we can see between the bars of the cage. I see pit, whether it’s a mix or pure pit. Notice how they say “lab” first, not pit lab mix. This is media gaslighting. With what’s happening with the UK ban, in the U.S., the shelters, humane society and the pit propaganda machine are desperate to keep the illusion that these poor misunderstood mutants should be protected from any negative press. The media is in bed with these folks because they garner tremendous revenue from the pet industrial complex. We’re talking billions of dollars. If a TV station runs negative pit bull stories, their viewers go on the attack. I know this from my professional experience as a broadcast journalist. Until people understand there’s a difference between a pet and a land shark, nothing will change in the land of the free. We will continue to see women, children, the elderly and the disabled suffer the consequences.

  3. Diane Knepper didn’t seem to have an active social media presence – which means she wasn’t spreading pitbull propaganda, was just a lady living a private life in what looks like a good neighborhood, and she owned a dog. One that killed her.

    How did she acquire this dog? Maybe someone knows, maybe someone at at the shelter. Nobody’s saying. Local police don’t seem to want to look into it, local media doesn’t seem to be looking into it – they could be interviewing the neighbors. “The woman next door just said he’s been trying to fight the neighbor’s dogs, so she must have been trying to control her dog.” Sounds like this lady’s murderous dog was causing trouble in the neighborhood. Guess that’s all we’ll ever know.

    Seems like a niche for a Youtube channel – an independent journalist interviewing neighbors, friends, and families of mauling victims.

    • She was lightly active on Twitter, where she posted one photo of her dog, and another time commented on some pit bull + baby propaganda, saying “my pittie agrees!”

      On both websites she followed Lucas County Canine Care and Control, the Toledo Area Humane Society, as well as local pit-specific rescues and other pitfluencers. She was bought-in. And I bet you she got that dog from LC4; Kelly Sears is shaaaaadyyyyyy.

    • I am the ‘lady next door’ to Diane. The whole story has not been told. Diane’s dog had not been an aggressive dog. The dog was riled up due to at least one of the dogs behind me being out and barking & growling . (an ongoing issue for at least the past year, long story, not getting into it) Diane would always go out and put the dog’s leash on him, and take him inside. Something went terribly wrong on this day and for reasons we will never know, the dog turned on her. (she had the dog for many years) Diane’s dog was not causing trouble in the neighborhood. Very tragic and sad day in our neighborhhod.

      • A mature dog riled up by another dog barking does not equate to a “redirect on to its longtime owner, killing its owner.”

      • What went “terribly wrong” is that she owned a pitbull. Pitbulls are extremely unpredictable and when they kill, it is often family members that they have been lived with for years. Most other dog breeds do not do this, this is why pitbulls are unfit for household living.

  4. Thank God it was the owner and not the nieghbor or someone else who is mot responsible for her poor choice in a pet. This is the best possible outcome.

    • The best possible outcome was the dog suddenly dying and no one being bitten at all.

      The news reporters cannot understand how incredibly severe pitbull bites are.

  5. Diane was my friend. A very kind a wonderful person.

    What only a few may know is that she attempted to return this pitbull to the shelter she got it from once she realized that it was too aggressive.

    But…they refused to take it back.

    I do not know why they have been so silent on their role in this tragedy.

    While we can’t bring Diane back, others could be spared such a tragic death if the laws were reformed to require pit bull shelters to take back an adopted pitbull on request, no questions asked.

    May she rest in peace.

    • We have some intake information from Lucas County Canine Care & Control after they confiscated the dog on 9/26/23. Do you know how long she had this dog? Was the dog adopted from the Toledo Humane Society (formerly called the Lucas County Humane Society)? You can anonymously report information here: Very little information about Diane and her dog was released in media reports.

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