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21 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Child Killed by Family Pit Bull in Northeast Spokane, Washington

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  1. Poor boy died viciously by his “family pet” if I guess the family is going to said the pitbull isn’t dangerous it the owner or the pitbull love Colton Colton and the dogs was bestie Colton and the pitbull was close since the day he was born or my all time favorite Colton scare him when he was trick or treating or he was to loud when he was eating his candy.this isn’t a tragic accident if he family gotten a Dalmatian bichon frise or a jack russell but I guess they fell for the pitbull are family dog cult.

  2. “SCRAPS took custody of the dog’s body.” This should have been “SCRAPS took custody of the dog’s carcass.” What you said, Colleen, also sounded fine: “took custody of the deceased dog.”

    This may sound subtle to some people but it was elevating this animal. It doesn’t sound subtle to me at all – it was jarring. Dogs have been elevated too much in society today – it’s why dangerous ones are in people’s homes. They shouldn’t be allowed to endanger people by existing but instead they’re being coddled and people’s lives are being destroyed as a result. It was a worthless dog and its death doesn’t result in a “body”, just a carcass or a dead dog.

    My sympathy for Colton and his family.

  3. Why can’t parents choose safe dogs for their children’s pets?
    How about a cat? It is well known that pitbulls are dangerous. They are not nanny dogs. They are killers.
    They kill other breeds of dogs, cats, horses, cattle, goats, sheep, and people of all ages.
    Does this sound like a good, trustworthy breed of dog?
    Certainly if people go to shelters to “adopt”, they will hear that pitbulls are great pets. However, they should research this on their own. Shelters don’t necessarily give correct information.

    How sad this little boy had to die simply because his family chose the most dangerous breed of dog to be the family pet.

    • This is what I will NEVER understand, Don’t you RESEARCH a breed before you bring into your home? Especially if you have children? There are so many terrific, SAFE dog choices to choose from. These blood sport dogs need to be made to made illegal to own and go extinct.

  4. Years ago while living in walla walla, I had a friend who raised three pit bulls from pups that he found behind a house … he kept in in his house … but they were Dangerous and could not be trusted. U had to be on your guard at all times. He finally got rid of em …

  5. How many kids have to die by pit before it stops being an accident?
    You only have to do five minutes of research to know how foreseeable this is.

  6. It’s the same old story day after day, year after years. “The pit bull was never aggressive before.” “The child played with it.” Oh, what a terrible “accident.” The animal trainer made me spit nails with her lame excuse about the doorbell. How many other children were killed that night when the doorbell rang? (In fact, the police said it had nothing to do with halloween.) She also had the gall to say people should put barriers between their children and the dog. This is insane. These news stories always trot out some “expert” to make excuses for the killer. They miss a golden opportunity to educate parents about how dangerous these dogs are. That carnage in the kitchen must have been a real-life horror movie. God bless that little innocent boy.

  7. “ Roger Hammers, who lives next-door, told KHQ that a grandmother, grandfather and a 4-year old boy live in the home with a pit bull-mix. ”

    That poor child didn’t have a chance.

  8. The parents must be arrested, tried, and held accountable for either involuntary manslaughter or third degree murder or a lesser charge. People must understand if they choose to keep poisonus or vicious animals as “pets” and they attack someone they will be arrested and prosecuted.

    Without the owners being arrested and prosecuted these killings will continue unabated.

  9. It’s bad enough that little Colton was killed by a pit bull. To find out that the pit savage owner was also a pedophile is extra sickening. Why didn’t the Grandma do a simple background check on her “man” before allowing him around little Colton? Could it be because she is a trashy woman? Yes, that’s why. She lost custody of Colton’s mother (her daughter) and also stole from her daughter. Per daughters FB posts. Trashy dogs for trashy people. I hope the Grandma is arrested too!

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