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21 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Tulsa Woman, 71, Killed by Neighbor's Four Dogs While Searching for One of Her Beloved Cats

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  1. How does a dog attack and kill a person through a fence? Was it standing up tall enough so that it’s head was above the fence and had unfettered access to grab her arm and maul her?
    Pitbull owners need 6 ft fences…. although we’ve all read here about cases where even that doesn’t stop these menaces from escaping and killing.

  2. It looks like Glennaroy was a kitty art lover of Laurel Burch’s colorful cats. And most probably of Sandra Boynton’s whimsical animals including cats.

    Laurel Burch cats:

    Boynton’s hippo:
    “Things are getting worse.
    Please send chocolate.”

  3. So sad and pointless.
    Reminds me of the Klonda Richey case.

    Hopefully her cats can find loving homes.
    It seems cats are after thoughts at most pounds.

    I will never forget the pound where a pit got out and slaughtered all the cats in the pound.
    The pound used this as a fund raising opportunity.
    Not for safe and secure space for their cats, but for more and better space to warehouse pits.

    At least the murder beasts in this case have been put down.
    Sad that is ever in doubt but we all remember cases where that did not happen.

    Speaking of any updates on Dexter?

    Naming your dog after a serial killer becomes a lot less cute once it kills someone.

    Another case that seems to have disappeared a woman in Massachusetts I think was allowed to walk her condemned dog before it was to be put down.

    The dog “escaped”.
    Coincidently cell phone data puts her boyfriend in the area of the “escape” and shows him heading to the state line.

    Any updates there?

    • It seems all the traditional “legitimate” news sources go out of their way to not notice breed when ever a pit does what it was bred to do.

      Reminds me of the quote “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

      ― Upton Sinclair

      Mr. Sinclair was kind of a crank but this is a good quote none the less.

      It is amazing how much news doesn’t get reported becase if it was the newscaster that reported it would get angry letters and would not get invited to parties anymore.

  4. If they didn’t mention the breed everyone already know the dogs in question is pitbull that the number one killer breed.anyways the poor lady looking for her cat being mauled in killed by that ugly beast of dog.I what I find strange is when a pitbull killed someone the first thing the pitbull defender said is not a real pitbull it’s an american staffordshire what do the consider a real pitbull because I googled it and the only difference is the pitbull is built bigger basically the same dog if you ask me.

  5. If German shepherd, great Dane, Rottweiler, etc kills a human that info is readily offered right up so when ,breed is not disclosed… yeah it’s obvious BUT any person that assumes is treated like a bad evil person-thats the world we live in today and I find it incredibly disturbing

  6. If it’s too big, it’s not a pitbull. If it’s too small, it’s not a pitbull. If it’s the wrong colour, it’s not a pitbull. If it’s eyes aren’t wide enough apart, it’s not a pitbull. If it’s tail is too long, it’s not a pitbull. If it’s tail is too short, it’s not a pitbull. If it’s ears stand up the wrong way, it’s not a pitbull. If it’s ears flop, it’s not a pitbull.

    Funny how nobody is quite that fussy when describing a dog as a GSD or Husky or Poodle, or even Goldies who aren’t even always gold.

    Then again, most of them aren’t responsible for 300+ deaths per year, the #1 mauling breed by medical standards or the most dreaded breed in the shelter system.

  7. “…the most dreaded breed in the shelter system.”

    Which is probably why a Bakersfield animal shelter recently offloaded by adoption over 50 pitbulls in one weekend. No telling how many of those “rescues” kill and attack those new owners in central California. And, worse yet, impact the surrounding area by killing innocent people.

  8. You can bet the population of neighborhood friendly dogs and cats will drop exponentially from mauling attacks in the next few months, as well.

    Pro-pitbull and pro-pet are antithetical stances.

    • The population of pets as a whole won’t decrease – they’ll be replaced with pitbulls. Low-class people are ramping up production with their backyard-breeding side gigs, and shelters are selling the inventory surplus.

  9. It sounds as if the dogs’ owner will face no legal consequences. I can understand why you would redact his name. Prevention would be preferable to punishment – I wish we could ban the owning of dangerous breeds of dogs and ban the keeping of so many dogs in one place.

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