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15 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Boy Killed, Mother Injured by Four Dogs on the Fort Hall Reservation in Idaho

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  1. It should be a crime any time a loose dog even THREATENS a person. Dogs should be secured at all times on their owners property or by a < 6' leash. All others outside of secure fencing should be fair game.

  2. Four dogs is a pack, and a pack of dogs often will attack someone when each individual dog would not. I’m very sorry to hear of this boy’s death and the injuries to his mother.

    It’s unsafe to allow a pack of dogs run together. I hope the owner is seriously punished for this. The sooner owners of dogs involved in fatal attacks are jailed, the sooner owners will be responsible in confining dogs. This was no accident.

  3. It is time to crack down on owners who cannot or will not control their dogs. In this case a boy was mauled to death and the owners should face manslaughter charges. As a survivor of a three large dog mauling I carry scars and PTSD from an attack that happened over 30 years ago. The mother’s life will never be the same and she will relive the event forever. So sad and preventable.

  4. My bosses boss at work adopted a pit mix reservation rescue dog. It’s on the second adoption since the dog killed the previous owners cat. The agency told them the dog would since “that’s how it survived on the res”, not because it’s a PIT. The dog has already bit someone but of course that’s not the dog’s fault and it’s not her fault either.

  5. Owning dogs should not be considered a right it should be a pri iledge and every canine should de required to have a paid for permit – simple and e ery dog should be chipped – those should be the rules the guidelines n9thing complex -all dogs -teacup Yorkie bishop Frisbee Maltese etc and animal shelters should be no longer
    When I’m president that’s gonna be the rules folks!
    All problems solved

    • Not solved. There are many breeds that are large because they are
      bred for a purpose. Would you use Chihuahuas as police dogs, herding dogs, or to chase raccoons? What are you going to do with a matted Maltese? Strip it bald? Have it hunt rabbits wearing a sweater? In my opinion, there is no simple solution. People need to train their dogs. Dogs that are extremely game belong in a zoo.

  6. Rachel, conversely, it seems safer for two or more people to walk together, kids to play together. Don’t pitbull packs or lone pitbulls attack solo folks more often? Seems like it. Of course, one shouldn’t have to find a partner to walk from one’s car to the house.

  7. My condolences and prayers to the mother and I hope the best for her physically and mentally and also to the father this is a horrible sad tragedy

    • Unfortunately she does not think it applies to certain breeds but “all dogs”. As if all dogs would be capable of this. I think that misconception is feeding the phobia of too many people. But I am glad to read she is at least going to do something. I wish her strength in this difficult time.

  8. The reservation officials did the right thing by terminating those dogs on the spot & not do what they usually do on a non-reservation, which is take the dogs in for observation (???). I never understood why when dogs do these types of acts against humans and/or other animals that officials hesitate to terminate them.

  9. There must be legislation regulating ownership of dogs because too many attacks have been happening with all types of dogs (including non-pit & non-mastiff). The poor man who was taking a walk in Selma,CA was mauled by a pack of five english bulldogs; the dog walker in the UK attacked by the dogs she was walking; the pack of poodles attacking a corgi on the beach; & other cases. People may have to start re-thinking about the types of pets to keep and/or if you have a dog, no more than 2, there should be breeder restrictions, & specific breeds need to become extinct permanently.

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