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21 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Killed by Two Pit Bulls Habituating a Boarded-Up Vacant Detroit Building

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  1. If breeding and keeping deadly dogs is legal, why can’t we all have landmines and hand grenades rigged to explode when stray dogs, including puppies, trespass thru a gate?

    The land mine /hand grenade was just doing its job.

    • Yes! Why is this legal? And the owner goes on social media and screams about how the victims deserved it and the dogs didn’t do anything wrong. I think the owner did something wrong and should go to jail, but apparently the law in on his side – it’s perfectly ok to keep landmines on your property to kill intruders, as long as the booby traps are canine in nature.

      I hope someone is keeping screenshots and video copies of the trash this person is posting. He is responsible for the deaths of at least two people and should be held culpable.

      People get sued and held liable when a neighbor kid trespasses onto their property and drowns in their swimming pool. Attractive nuisance doctrine. I hope the survivors will get good legal representation.

  2. DBO subscribers, you must not miss the photo report link below the mauler photos. You could ask pitbull aficionado friends if they can identify the first photo in the upper lefthand corner of the report…before reading the photo caption.

    Heartbreakingly horrifying when I found this last year. Thank you for including this, Dogsbite. We need to stand for the truth about these savage maulings. It is no small thing for pitbull maulings to devastate first responders.

    • Psychopathic owner declared publicly after each killing that the dogs were functioning as intended. Where is law enforcement?

  3. First of all that owner is a nutcase.second isn’ this consider animal cruelty since he leave his vicious dog alone.that poor guy getting killed because he tried to saved the dog .they not going anything because america worship the pitbull over people .people keep dying from pitbull attacks and yet people still owned those dangerous dogs.

  4. These maulers have had the taste of blood and are driven to kill. So sad, this victim thought he could “help” these dogs. Same with a woman who tried to feed them and escaped death. Here, again, dog-lovers are not educated about bully breeds. They still think a dog is a dog is a dog. They’ve bought into the myth that pitbulls will be “grateful” for food, housing, petting, love, attention, whatever! It’s like going out on a date with Ted Bundy. Maybe this time he won’t kill me. These particular dogs are serial killers. And by proxy, so is that heartless, lunatic owner. BTW, people said those dogs were running loose a lot. So, the “protecting” property excuse is B.S.

  5. We will see what happens here. If the dogs were owned and killed the man as a trespasser,
    I suspect the dogs are protected by law. If the dogs were loose, the owner would be liable.

    • Your Quiet Neighbor, Exactly! These dogs were loose. They have killed and killed again. Do people “deserve” the death penalty because they wander into a building or on your property? Isn’t that for the courts to decide? And, in fact, this man’s intention wasn’t to steal some rusty pipes or whatever out of that building. He wanted to give aid to two unattended, unsecured dogs. It was an undeserved fatal mistake on his part. The world has gone mad if death is justifiable because of trespassing. How many teenagers go into empty buildings to get into mischief? I did it. Does that warrant capital punishment? I hope this guy is prosecuted to the full extent of the law, although I doubt he will be. These pitbull people literally get away with murder all the time.

  6. The weaponization of pitbulls, rottweilers and other dangerous dogs continues to rise. Against the police, in more confrontations between people, and in ensuring squatters prevent rightful owners from removing them. And quite possibly when a bully owner wants to get rid of a former loved one.

    This weaponization must be taken more seriously by local, state and federal legislatures.

    And we must draw the line with corporate CEOs when these bully dogs are allowed in stores, as the Colorado Home Depot where a customer was just bitten in the face.

    • Home Depot may well find itself at the receiving end of a large personal injury lawsuit.

      I don’t have any inside information, but I used to date a personal injury lawyer. That individual would have loved to sue a big entity like Home Depot, especially in a dog bite case.

      • Home Depot is not liable. Simply because the bite happened there is meaningless. Home Dept did nothing wrong. The keywords for a successful lawsuit are duty, breach and negligence.

        However, it is interesting to think about the negligence of the trainer. What did the trainer know about the dog, when did she know it and did she place the public at risk. The trainer supposedly is the one with the greater depth of knowledge.

        This is another reminder that when taking a dog into public (even though it had a matching pink leash and Gentle Leader), as a trainer, the risk is rarely worth the reward. Which is why in my training business I no longer do it.

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