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12 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Killed by Multiple Dogs in Texarkana; Found Dead Inside a Vehicle on Her Property

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  1. They’re not telling us the dog breed but I’m guessing it either pitbull gsd or whatever dangerous dog breed are.I bet a million dollars that people reported the pack of dogs on the lose but they don’t care because the dogs haven’t hurt anyone .Brenda must be scare of the dogs chasing her and her car was the only safe place she can hide but the dog killed her there.

    • The GSD is not a dangerous breed of dog.
      GSDs will loosen their bites or totally release
      whom they’re biting if there is no reason to bite.

      Pitbulls like to tear their prey apart. They don’t need a good reason to bite.

      • Yet you’re talking about German shepherds biting people. German shepherds bite and hurt people. I don’t care if the dog thinks it has a “reason” to bite, dogs should not be biting people at all, in my opinion, should not be used as weapons. But that’s not the world we live in and my opinion isn’t going to change it. I do take your point that pitbulls are orders of magnitude more dangerous than GSDs because of their behavior.

        • There is a world of difference between four puncture wounds from a GSD and a chunk of flesh taken out by a pit bull, a scalping, or dismemberment.

      • The White House Secret Service detail would beg to disagree. News item:

        President Biden’s dog bites another Secret Service employee

        • Oh yikes, that dog is only 2 years old? It has bitten several people apparently. There’s no excuse for having that menacing dog there. I’m assuming most presidential pets are PR instruments anyway – this one is only generating bad PR.

  2. I’ve never seen pitbulls doing protection work and don’t want to see it. I went to a GSD dog show and watched Schutzhund sleeve work. As soon as the agitator (helper) stopped moving, nearly all of the GSDs released their grip.
    In other words, the handlers didn’t even need to give their dogs any release commands.
    In actuality, the dogs were playing tug of war games.

    I wouldn’t want to see pitbulls doing this, as I suspect there could be a huge problem getting them to release.

    Different breeds work differently. In policework both GSDs and Belgian malinois are used. Malinois often are more difficult to control than GSDs.

    I don’t want to get off the pitbull aggression subject. Most pitbulls that bite do so without warning. Getting a pitbull to release its bite is difficult. Sometimes killing it is the only solution. The best way to release a pitbull’s bite is by using a break stick. In no case should anyone hit a biting pitbull unless the blows are very severe. Why? Pitbulls will bite harder if hit.

    • It’s great charges were files, but heck – a misdemeanor, not a felony and the max is only one year in prison? That’s all that poor woman’s life is worth?

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