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29 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Woman Killed by Blue Nose Pit Bull After Dog Broke Free from Chain in Pitts, Georgia

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  1. Mr. McBurse, your dogs have taken from you the most valuable partner you have ever had, your wife. You have no idea how much more difficult your life will be without your spouse.

    Surely you will gladly relinquish the pack of pitbulls and cease earning $$ from them. The newest litter has now been imprinted with the mauling death of a human being. Wildlife management euthanizes the o.f.f.s.p.r.i.n.g of killer animals as well as the killers. Animal Services should now euthanize your entire pack.

    The photo of the pack of 7 for sale looks like a herd of cattle in the social media thumbnail photo.

    Recognizing the US Army service of Doris McBurse.

    • It’s horrifying, but the offspring of killer pitbulls are very highly sought-after by the sort of degenerates who own fighting dogs. It wouldn’t surprise me if this man advertises the bloodline as born of a killer dam because other breeders do the same.

      Georgia is at the epicenter of dogfighting culture in the US. Dogmen want ‘game-bred’ pits. What says game-bred more than a dam or grand-dam that killed one of its owners? That’s how their sick minds work.

  2. Only stupid people or sociopaths would buy a pup from a breeder whose sire and dam spend their lives on the end of a chain. These dogs are clearly NOT pets. I guess “plenty of fire” is code for “tear-your-throat-out mean.” I agree that all the dogs this man owns should be put down.

  3. As an owner of an extreme breed, with extreme behaviors that are known to be inherited (border collies/ABCA registered), I 100% believe that the best way to end the argument of ‘nature or nurture’ in creating murderous and severely mauling dogs is to start DNA collection and registration of ALL killer and severely mauling dogs and start proving the link.

    There has got to be some university department somewhere willing to take this on as a long term research project.

    • America is already past the tipping point on the high statistics of death and severe maulings by dangerous dogs, particularly pitbulls.

      Both genetics of the breed and animal behavior imprinting are responsible for this public health emergency. Add to those two solid facts the irresponsible owners to give three reasons to stop all breeding. A fourth reason is the glut of pitbulls in shelters when new owners discover how vicious the dogs are and return the dogs.

      The thought of years of attempted research on the dangers of vicious mutts while people are being torn apart and eaten alive in the interim makes me wonder how many citizens does it take to shout “Help!!” while scholars confer. How long before state and local legislatures put an end to the maulings by banning these high-strung dogs.

    • I agree, but also believe every dog should have a DNA test to be licensed by the municipality. Then they could look up what it was. Do the DNA collection at the licensing office & photograph the dog to avoid fraud.

  4. I wonder why the dog killed the wife. Did she ever handle the dogs? Was he outside when she was killed? Of course, I recognize pitbulls kill without any reason. I hope this man is no longer breeding pitbulls. Who wants them? I still wonder why people have to differentiate between red nose and blue nose. Historically there may have been a difference in the behavior of red nose vs blue nose. Today I think they are just blue or red dogs.

  5. I wonder if this guy was paying taxes on the revenue from his breeding operation and if he had the licenses that a business would need in his jurisdiction.

    Answer: I doubt it.

    If nothing else, this guy is engaging in tax evasion. Oh, yes, murder of his spouse as well.

    • If one were to run an actual “balance sheet” on one of these backyard breeding operations, I’m confident the ROI would turn out to be negative. In other words, these people have zero business acumen and would be better off financially if they abandoned the activity.

      • Normally in dog breeding, yes… there is a relatively small return for investment. You are assuming though that pit breeders actually invest in their dogs in some meaningful way that would offset the money they get per litter (as people do who breed other dogs).

        Remember that these are pit owners and they’re selling to pit buyers who aren’t that discriminating on what kind of care their puppies received.

        If they already have fencing or cables and dog houses, and already own the dogs, they’re going to make a great deal of money twice a year because it will be all profit minus the cost of feeding the puppies just due to the slipshod way in which they tend to care for the dogs. Most pit breeders aren’t putting much money into their puppies… usually no vetting or even basic preventative care like vaccinations or worming, cheap food, no cost for advertising because they do it on Facebook, and pits tend to have huge litters of 8 or 10+ puppies. At even $300 a puppy (and goodness knows they often ask for and somehow get way more) that’s going to be a big payday for them since they’ve actually invested so little into the puppies’ or parents’ care.

        These folks aren’t following good dog breeding practices which cost them money, they just sell off their puppies as close to weaning time as possible (I often see pits advertised at 5 weeks) and they pocket all that cash with only a few big bags of cheap dog food as their “investment” into the litters they’re cranking out.

        Puppy pads? No need since they’re outside. De-worming? Nah, the buyer will do that. Vaccinations? Nope, if the buyer wants to do that they’ll take care of it. Good food for the mother to get her into breeding condition, nourish her in pregnancy and lactation? Eh, she does fine on cheap food and who cares if she gets skinny. Appropriate food for the puppies as they transition from nursing to being fully weaned at 8+ weeks? Nah, who keeps puppies with their mom for that long, they’re already turning into little terrors at 5 weeks and can chew the food so they’re ready to go. Vetting for the puppies or adults to look for possible issues? Why bother, they look healthy so must be fine. Carefully advertising to find the best home? Facebook will do just fine, friends will share the pictures. Taking time to meet with potential owners? Who does that, it’s the first person to walk up with the cash in hand. Secure, escape-proof fencing? No need, they’re on tie-outs and there are no repercussions when they get loose because animal control doesn’t want to seem breed racist.

        For these folks, it really is all about the money.

        • Excellent comment. I always read and look forward to your comments, along with the rest of this like-minded community.

    • Oh Quiet Neighbor surly you jest. Upstanding decent citizens always pay taxes don’t they. You know like illegal gun dealers, sex traffickers, dog fighters and other assorted degenerates.

  6. Same story over and over.pitbull killed a person.i will never understand why pitbull owner are shocked and awe when their precious lovable pitbull kill a love one.i don’t understand why hunter killed her I raised hunter for years and he show no aggressions blah blah maybe just maybe he’s a pitbull he’s breed to cause harm.

  7. Need a system to document that the killer dogs are truly being euthanized. Local animal control clearly can’t be trusted. Video? Nose print photos of the dead animals? I don’t know.

    • I agree. Recently I read about a killer dog owner giving his dogs to a relative in the next county…which was in the next state. Probably expects to take back the dogs when “the coast is clear” from animal services in his county.

    • I was going to say the same thing.
      Anyone with a clue knows why it killed her.

      When alligators attack people do they speculate on why the gator attacked?

      Do they wonder if the gator had a traumatic child hood?

      This reminds me of Richard Pryor’s bit “God Bless penitentiaries”

      He was talking about getting to know inmates while filming Stir Crazy.

      “Why did you kill those people?”
      “They were home.”

      This pit’s chain broke.
      It killed that woman becase it could.
      Nothing was stopping it.
      It is that simple.

  8. Should we really be playing along with referring to some pits as “red nose” and others “blue nose”? It’s just a marketing term used by breeders to pretend that there is a difference or that either is special or desirable in some way. It’s a pitbull, it doesn’t matter what color its nose is. It doesn’t seem like a good idea to accept any part of the alternative reality pit breeders are selling.

    Also, did this guy just murder his wife? Dog as weapon – still the best way to get away with murder.

    • On the contrary, for identification purposes (which dog did the actual attacking), the coat and nose color can be quite important. Breeder trends are important too. The pit bull designer breeds are all about color (champaign, tri-color, etc). The outrageousness of these breeders pawning off loads of merle under the “rare color” category is also worth noting, since merle has long been prohibited in APBT standard. The blues were the trending color some years back. It’s rather passe now. Though, when it comes to the gigantic XLs, such as Gladys, blue can become important.

        • Re dangerous dogs as a weapon, in the last six months I have read of a number of these criminal instances. From “sic em” to simply letting the dogs out, as did the Hawaiian woman this week who would not answer her door to have a restrainng order served. After a few minutes of no response, she released her 5 pitbulls. A police officer killed one of the aggressive dogs. Now there’s an uproar in the Islands. If this goes to trial, she let her 5-pack of pitbulls out to defy authority and should be charged accordingly.

      • Eep, that tri-color link (eye bleach needed). I think I’m better off ignoring the terms of the trade – I don’t want to learn their language. Thank you for taking on this onerous task.

        • Thanks for the link Rebecca J. I’ve just gone to the video and told them what’s up! I know it’ll go in one ear and out the other with those pit cult worshippers but it’s good to stir them up.. I let them know that 70% of the 54 people killed in the US in 2022 were mauled to death by a pitbull. They’ll say it’s all how they were raised or trained (not trained) because they are a deluded bunch.

  9. Colleen and Rebecca J, Doris McBurse’s obituary was particularly striking w the red, white and blue of our flag and the fact she served in the U.S. Army. That further focused on her death, putting her husband’s captions about the red-nosed pits and the blue-nosed pits in a lesser category in this case. People over pitbulls. Marriage over a dangerous hobby that more than likely divided this wife and her husband.

    Re the pitbull identified as the attacker, I remember reading about and watching videos on how packs of pitbulls participate in attacks. One may do the most teeth bite mauling but multiples participate to exhaust the victim and take him/ her down. So much harder to defend oneself against a pack of two or more pitbulls than one pitbull. Thus, I believe the pack is guilty and should be put down.

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