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11 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Pit Bulls Kill Homeless Man at "Dirt World," a Transient Camp in Central Oregon

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  1. It’s an anti-pitbull collar.

    We used them on security dogs because pitnutters kept threatening our dogs. It keeps a pitbull from being able to latch onto its throat.

    The irony.

    That aside. So, as if this poor fellow’s life wasn’t miserable enough trying to get enough food and shelter to survive–he winds up murdered by pitbulls. My condolences to those that cared about him.

    Of course nobody but other poor people and his relations will care because he’s just not as important to society as the Hollywood celebs shilling for pitnuttery.

  2. May Joseph Rest In Peace .I’m confused is Jessica homeless to or these vicious dog killed him from her home.i tell Jason something pitbull been killing many people through the years the pitbull attacking killing people viciously isn’t new.

  3. According to a commenter on the sheriff’s Facebook, Joe Keeton was the father of a devastated 10-year-old girl.

  4. The problem of the homeless encampment overshadows this story and people’s reaction to it, minimizing the victim. It seems like there will be no justice for Mr. Keeton. I think true justice would be removing potentially dangerous breeds of dogs from this world. They have no place in nature and are only a drain on society and the planet – unless you consider that they create nice habitats for fleas and heartworms, and a good meal for ticks.

  5. Murder dogs are no respecter of persons. They kill indiscriminately. Children, elderly, young strong adults, people coming over to visit, their owners, their owners’ kids, grandkids, grandmothers, people out for a walk on a nice spring day. You name it. Here they kill a man who was obviously down on his luck and living in a homeless encampment. As if he didn’t have enough challenges, he has to get murdered by someone else’s stupid murder dogs.

    RIP Joseph. I hope the irresponsible owner gets to do some considerable jail time.

  6. I find it telling that the officer said “this is not just 5-10 bites.” To me, that statement implies that 5-10 bites is normal for them to see. Obviously this mauling was extreme and horrific and murderous, but in my book 5-10 bites would also be notably intense.

    Growing up, it was very rare to even hear that a person received a nip on the ankle, much less one actual bite. It feels like society’s expectations of dog behavior has hit such a low that several bites is not very notable. (And even deaths rarely make headlines.)

    Zero bites should be the standard, in my opinion. It is 100% possible for humans to enjoy companion dogs that do not bite at all. Many breeds have extremely docile natures. There is no reason to accept bites as normal.

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