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16 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Male Teenager, 15, Killed by a Pair of American Bully-Mixes in Raytown, Missouri

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  1. Poor little boy must be scared knowing he’s going to died by these ugly monstrous so called “ sweet dogs” are they family pets his neighbor dogs or loose dogs.I wonder if they are really full pitbull or they labeled them pitbull mixes not to anger the pitbull fan. I tell you something I hate to died the way he died all the pain that little boy felt.

  2. This infuriates me. I grew up in a neighboring suburb and my husband grew up in another neighboring suburb, Independence, where a longstanding pitbull ban was recently repealed by the city council. I knew it was only a matter of time until something like this happened in the KC area. Tragic and preventable.

    • In this case she said it’s how they’re BRED. Well, they were BRED to maul and kill, that’s where they got the name PIT BULL, as in they were thrown in a PIT with a BULL. No matter how this BREED is treated they always have a propensity to revert to their bloodsport heritage which is why they should not be considered PET animals any more so than hyenas or tigers.

  3. According to the incident report, they told police Williams was located in the back of the home and were unsure of the cause of his injuries,” reports KCTV.

    Really? The family members didn’t have a clue how those injuries came about?! I’d bet money they’re just trying to cover the mauler’s asses as well as their own.

  4. “Unsure”?

    Degloved flesh”? Check
    Dog saliva in wounds? Check
    Signs of gripping and shaking of the limbs? Check
    Deep neck and facial lacerations? Check

    Welp, unless his parents were wearing wolverine-style claw gloves to murder him then drizzled pitbull saliva in the wounds for some insurance money, imma gonna bet on “death by pitbull”

    This is not rocket surgery. Breed a dog to be an unstoppable apex predator and get an unstoppable apex predator.

    • Boni, this truth is being actively suppressed by people who view animals as innocent and their fellow human beings as evil. It’s a widespread viewpoint that has infected the hearts of many. In practice, society values unregulated dog ownership more than the lives of kids and the elderly.

      • Exactly.

        A few days ago, I saw a young lady walking while wearing a shirt that said “Leave Animals the Eff Alone.”

        You know what I really mean by “Eff.”

        Anyway, it will come as no shock to learn that she was walking a pit bull.

        • Because of course she was. If she was walking an ocelot, she’d be arrested.

          These ninnys think animals are Disney creation. I loathe, absolutely loathe, the lack of respect people have for dogs, any more. They are not stuffed animals. They have genetics, needs and desires and Hollywood has used CGI to mask their actual abilities and drawbacks.

          For all people think Kohler sucked, or didn’t understand Eisenmann’s methodology, at least as dog trainers they knew *exactly* what they were dealing with and what you could, and could not, train a dog to do, in a live show or on camera. They knew how expensive it was to edit film so the dogs they trained for film *could actually do those things in a high distraction environment and be trusted not to maul the cast while they did it.*

          They used to defang lions/tigers etc to act in films because they are dangerous animals and regular actors (people) are NOT equipped to handle apex predators.

          In the one film they didn’t do that–three cast members were killed and several more were maimed.

          That’s pitbulls in a nutshell. Sure, they might wag at you today but they’ll be ripping your throat out, tomorrow. Not every lion or tiger will kill you–but enough of them, will.

          And nobody will have a stupid look of surprise on their face and act all shocked when it happens.

          They’re animals.

      • One of my pet peeves is “Welp someone was MEAN to them”

        Bullcrap. I had a GSD with sprung ribs and cigar burns all over her. She was *terrified* of people. She fear bit a couple times until we got her under control. That’s a battered dog.

        After we got her sorted she loved *everyone*. Dogs are NOT people, they don’t hang onto trauma the same way if you change their experience. They *will* however react as loons if you treat them like they’re damaged goods instead of capable of learning something new.

        Dog that maul are not scared, they aren’t battered, they aren’t the subjects of abuse.

        They are genetically inclined to maul. Not nip and run, not bite and quiver in fear. They are bred to *enjoy* the act of mauling the same way beagles love sniffing or border collies love herding.

        Not every beagle bugles, not every border collie herds and not every pitbull mauls.

        But nobody is surprised when they do.

  5. Are pitbulls that maul more apt to be friendly or more apt to be fearful or does this matter at alkill ins5íAn acquaintance had a fearful pitbull, but that dog would have quickly killed the pet duck. I never trusted that pitbull which was out of fighting stock. When the owner went to prison, his mother poisoned the dog with antifreeze.

    I personally think it probably doesn’t matter, as I think the maul/kill instinct takes over. Otherwise, fighters wouldn’t keep
    dogs afraid of people.

    • Doesn’t matter if a pitbull is fearful, or not.

      They could be anxious from bad breeding. They might have been mishandled leading to confusion and anxiety. They might have been abused. None of that is particularly provable, either.

      Border collies don’t stop herding under those circumstances (might possibly be beaten out of it, I couldn’t say for sure but that’s an argument for beating pitbulls, not feeling sorry for them– making it an egregious argument) nor will a pointer stop pointing.

      They maul because they’re genetically inclined to maul other animals and people.

      There’s no complexity to that. People manipulated pitbull genetics to do something and surprise, surprise…a great many of them, do it.

      You can’t buy a big, intimidating dog that wasn’t bred to be a big, intimidating dog and expect it to be act like an agile little trick dog or to herd your sheep or retrieve an intact duck carcass or to point out pheasants for you.

      This isn’t even a pitbull problem. It’s a people-who-breed-pitbulls-problem.

      And without legislation, they’re not stopping any time, soon.

  6. “Raytown police found a 15-year-old male lying on the kitchen floor with apparent head trauma. He was identified as Makai Williams. There were several people on scene who police presumed to be family members. ”

    Full stop.
    The cops didn’t ask?
    Didn’t find out if he lived there?
    Isn’t that sort of important?

    As bad as this is if it turns out he was attacked by his family’s dogs it would be even worse if this was just a random house he walked pass and their dogs attacked him.

    There was a case where a pit owner hid the body of someone his dogs killed. So just because they moved him into the house doesn’t automatically mean they are family or that they were even trying to help him.

    Every time I have ever dealt with the police at the scene of an emergency they have asked “And you are?” That’s where I tell them who I am and how I relate to what is happening.

    Never once have they just assumed “eh, he’s probably family”.

    I understand the situation was hectic but it still seems odd to just assume “whelp, he’s with family”.

    What if he was with people who meant him harm, people who happened to have a couple of “freaks on leashes” to cause that harm?

    I understand this is probably not the case.
    Still, shouldn’t they do a tiny bit of asking around to see what is going on?

    “According to the incident report, they told police Williams was located in the back of the home and were unsure of the cause of his injuries,”

    Sounds like they were really hoping to blame it on the Purple Shirted Eye Stabber or something and keep their dogs.

    Glad the dogs were put down.
    Hopefully they didn’t use Go Fund Me money to buy more from the same breeder.

    Sounds like that breeder has 3 confirmed kills.
    Doesn’t that make him a Champion by Cajun rules?

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