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91 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Horrific Pit Bull Mauling in San Antonio Kills One, Hospitalizes Two, Injures SAFD Firefighter

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  1. This is very sad and was 100% preventable. How horrible these elderly people had to experience this. I hope the owner is charged. I find it interesting that the owner’s third dog which was not involved in this attack was also taken by Animal Control and will be euthanized. I assume it was involved in prior attacks.

    • An older couple walking after lunch in their neighborhood. The man born in the 1940’s during World War II. He and his wife grew up in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Their youth was a time of little fear of dogs. They were likely not aware of how dangerous it has become to take a walk, ride a bike or chat w neighbors. The proliferation of pitbulls in America has changed our country…but not enough citizens are aware of it.

      What a privilege it has been to have enjoyed being outdoors all these years without wariness of dogs! What a sad thing that our children and their children and their grandchildren will miss the thrill of exploring their neighborhood…and our country…safely!

      • The couple parked near a relative’s home and had just a short distance to walk from their car, it turns out.

        The dogs may have broken through a gate but why were they loose in their yard? Especially when it appears no one may have been home to supervise them?

        • Supervising these breeds does not work either. These breeds should be ban like they are in many places. They even kill their owners at times.

      • You are so right but now days with all these vicious breeds being allowed, it is very dangerous and owners do not care. This owner like many others deserves a life sentence! God bless that poor man, lady and injured others.

  2. I have been reading numerous news reports on the incident and I came across something interesting I have never heard of before it’s a site and map of recent or open cases on 311 calls and u can check just aggressive or dangerous animal category I wonder how many cities provide current pub info such as this

  3. Another day another fetal pitbull mauling.poor man to died a horrific death when he know he can’t do anything about frightening he felt dying by these ugly monster .you see how the stupid owner calmly saying yes her dogs bite before that why she was so unfazed by it.

  4. The white dog looks as if she has had puppies. So, there is progeny out there somewhere from this mankiller. They always claim that aggressive pit bulls are culled and not bred. Another lie.

    • The owners of these mutts were probably breeders. One male + two females = puppies.
      Remember that few pitbulls are spayed/neutered. Also pitbull owners are sooooo careful to breed good quality pitbulls.
      What does that mean?
      One pair of ovaries plus one pair of testicles produce baby killer mutts. These mutts have spread throughout Planet Earth and have left dead bodies around.
      I wish it would stop.

  5. I noticed in the videos that the animal control van has a big picture of a pit bull on it. I suppose that’s appropriate – animal control has basically become the “pit bull incident response unit” in many American cities.

    This is a horrific attack. The owner of these dogs needs to go to jail. He knew these dogs were dangerous and let them roam around anyway.

    • The van says “Be responsible” and shows a 10 foot high pic of a pit.

      They are responsible for more deaths than all other dogs combined. I hope that isn’t what they had in mind.

      • No, sterilization does not reduce aggression.

        What it can do, is if males are neutered young, they can be less of a threat to each other if two male neutered dogs, meet as they smell less “male”. Thus also, less dangerous to those handling the animals who are less willing to fight.

        For pitbulls I’d even chuck that idea in the bin because they’re bred to be dog aggressive.

        Neutering or spaying *after* the dogs are aggressive doesn’t lessen aggression and there’s been a few trainers who have stated that it may actually increase the incidents.

      • No. It does not reduce aggression. That’s the problem. Sterilization does not remove learned behaviors. Nor does it remove breed-specific traits. Someone (perhaps at the shelter) told them to sterilize, suggesting or stating, that this would alter behavior. As you can see, it did not. Nor did it stop the dogs from bolting off-property. This is happened in a number of fatalities.

      • The only thing sterilization does for pitbulls, is prevent them from producing more pitbulls. That is a very good thing, and for that reason alone sterilization should be highly encouraged. But people should be aware that sterilization isn’t going to change the innate aggressiveness of pitbulls.

        • Exactly. And that is why the most basic safety step any city can take is to make pit bull sterilization mandatory.

    • Today, Sunday, the new story in an interview is 180 degrees, Moreno’s wife saying her husband wanted to take them back to Animal Control.
      The Morenos had plenty of time to return the pitbulls in the years when their bites were exposed.

      • From what is stated, taking the dogs back to Animal Control implies to me that they originally came from Animal Control. So does not that Animal Control sterilize dogs before adopting them. If so, they didn’t come from Animal Control.

        Note that most pitbulls that bite people are intact since few pitbull owners have their dogs sterilized. Most of the ones that are spayed/neutered seem to come from shelters.

    • It has already been removed. I am guessing it shows the actual attack.

      What I found odd in the video link I posted earlier was the reporter said Mr. Najeras’ body was on the other side of the black bin. It seems like there is hardly any room beyond that.

    • I found the video on Instagram via ppv_tahoe on Twitter. The man was still alive as a lady behind the camera kept filming instead of doing anything to help. The white dog was covered in blood and barking as the black dog attacked.

      Not that I can really blame her. Most people would find the situation inconceivable and wouldn’t know what to do, and people who do try to help are often badly injured. Maybe she tried to do something after she stopped filming.

      The fact is that two people were attacked and they were defenseless against these monstrous dogs. The attack should have been prevented.

      • Rebecca, thank you. I never went to bed last night and went to my favorite grocery store early this morning. A pitbull barreled along half the length of the storefront…unleashed. For a second, I recognized how its joyous galloping with its tongue hanging out and throwing its head back in exhilaration would endear pitbulls to some. It may be a new rescue and was enjoying its freedom to run. But it is too big a trade-off to overlook the devastation in their wake.

        A tiny woman came walking far behind. I shouted to her to please leash her dog. She said OK and did so just as she was going into the store. All very casually and entitled, even though there were several indicators that she is a new visitor here.

        It’s the second time a pitbull has been brought into the large grocery store. Although I called the shift manager to complain, I feel down about this creepy happening, especially today as I recall how there have been 4 fatalities in the USA in February and the month is not even over yet. It seems like we have been speeding along from one death to another, not to mention all the attacks with severe consequences. Plus I feel sad about Stanley Hartt’s memorial service in Tucumcari tomorrow. I guess some sleep will help lift my spirits. Oh, that this nightmare would end for America…and for the world.

  6. I hope the neighbors shame the prior bite victims for their failure or refusal to file a dangerous dog designation. They could have helped prevent this death.

    (“The injuries were moderate or mild and the dogs successfully completed the State required quarantine before their owners reclaimed them. Individuals involved declined to file a dangerous dog designation.”)

    • That is not the right way to look at this issue. There are jurisdictions Texas that give people a choice, in that the victim/witness can file the dangerous dog affidavit to start an investigation or, animal control can use their discretion in making this determination themselves. Often times, AC never even makes victims AWARE of the affidavit process in Texas. So, person does not even know they need to file one.

      • I think a more helpful approach would be that all medical personnel are required to report dog bites as they are required to report gun shot wounds, stabbings and child/elder abuse.

        Considering the amount of pitbull attacks on elders and children–this would seem to me to be the fairest way to go about it with less stress for the already traumatised victims.

      • Yes, absolutely. In my experience, not in Texas, animal control and police actively avoid informing you of your options in a dog attack.
        And I’ve seen several dog attack stories online where the police/animal control responded very negatively to victims, up to providing inaccurate information about their rights. Remember the San Antonio Pets Alive! adoption event debacle in Texas, where a cop is videotaped scolding parents whose child was attacked by a rescue dog? There needs to be a systemic rethink of the seriousness of aggressive dogs, or we’re just leaving every at-large, menacing dog event up to the discretion of city and county workers who know that if they take that dog back to the shelter, they’re in trouble for hurting the shelter’s live release numbers.

        • Also, every jurisdiction seems to have different laws so how are victims supposed to know which ones apply?

          Most cities/towns give out free pamphlets on the rights of tenants, civil rights, domestic assault victims etc in various places such as city halls, hospitals, related service agencies.

          Maybe it’s time to get pamphlets on the rights of dog bite victims placed around hospitals, civic centres, childcare agencies, senior’s centres, etc. because it’s clear, the police, dog pounds and animal control aren’t providing it.

          • Great idea, Boni!

            One way it could be implemented is through a prototype booklet w basic specific information. Room would be left to insert specific laws in layman terms and statute ID data. That customization would be completed by the area of jurisdiction.

            On the cover of the booklet would be the specific city or county or state name plus the date. Perhaps part of the general data in the prototype could include that pitbull owners die from an attack from their own dogs at a rate of 11 times higher than from other dogs, probably higher since that was last determined. A few more statistics about ER visits daily nationwide and the high cost of medical attention. But stress how important it is to see a doctor right away due to infection, which can cause loss of limbs.

            Perhaps the prototype could be added to the Dogsbite website as a PDF. But even better would be a desktop publishing style to make it eye-catching. Dogsbite is so low staffed that I hope it is not an imposition to even suggest this.

            Perhaps attorney Kenneth Phillips already has this in a booklet form. It would be great if there were several project managers so the project stays at full strength if someone has to step down. And a tech lead for government agencies or whomever would use the prototype who might need some publishing computer help. This would relieve DBO to continue to focus on reporting, analysis, and statistical computations.

            Then publicity to get the word out this is available. After the prototype is available, a test run if one attorney subscriber to DBO commits to downloading the prototype to prepare a flyer or booklet for his/her jurisdiction w all the specific data to help. Perhaps DBO subscribers could distribute locally. If this data is made available, citizens would be given foresight.

            Just a few quick thoughts.

    • Because we wouldn’t want to contribute to pit bull adoption hesitancy, now would we?

      I mean, the local shelter is probably stuffed to the gills with, oh, I dunno, poodles, and you just have to adopt one or two! If you don’t, then you are a terrible person!

    • If there was no video, it might never be revealed. Even if it’s part pitbull, it’s a lethal dog. This is where the nutters get off saying, That’s NOT a pitbull. Followed up with their gaslighting comments that: there’s no such thing as a pitbull. BTW, a little girl in Florida was severely mauled by a pitbull this week, too. The owner of the mutant told the girl’s mother it was safe to pet it. After the attack, the coward took off with the dog, leaving a bleeding, traumatized child behind. Fortunately, the police caught her. This is the cowardice and heartless nature of these owners. Makes me sick.

  7. Anyone who owns a pit bull knows the violence that the dog is capable of. I will never believe otherwise. They know. Shelters know. Vets know. Dog sitters and walkers know. They all breath a collective sigh of relief when these dogs DO act like typical good natured dogs. All this killing and maiming is on the owners and those who support them. (I have actually heard a VET say that “pit bulls make good pets.”) There should be ZERO tolerance for a pit bull attack. ZERO. One attack, one bite, even one nip and the dog is DONE.

  8. His wife was on the news claiming her husband is not responsible for his death yes that dude is.they choose a pitbull for a family pet .they raised it right from puppies and then out of nowhere they became aggressive duh is in their nature .then she want to get rid off the pitbull and her husband agreed they was about to surrender to whatever but the mom said her babies want to keep them .don’t blame the innocent kids blame the irresponsible parents.

  9. Pitbull owners seem to try to escape neighbor complaints by moving to another area. It has caused death in at least two recent cases.

    Silvia Paola Hernadez, videographer and next-door neighbor of the Morenos in San Antonio, Texas, tells of her neighbors moving 2 years ago to their current address. They brought their pitbulls and created chaos in their neighborhood with attacks by their pitbulls.

    The same scenario as in Calgary, Alberta Province, Canada, causing the mauling murder of “Rusty” Betty Ann Williams. The pitbulls of Denis Bagaric and Talyn Calkins were brought w them when they moved next door to Rusty Williams only 3 months earlier. A former neighbor of Bagaric and girlfriend Calkins recalled to an interviewer that they were “horrid, horrid” neighbors, with the gate being left open so the pitbulls were loose.

    • I read that the litter of puppies owned by the Morenos were taken by Animal Services. Does anyone remember that and whether that will include their being put down.

  10. Here is a new link to the video **Warning** graphic content:

    These links are also provided:

    Link to original post:

    Owners posting photos of their dogs:

    Video of a citizen expressing their concerns at a city council meeting in August 2022 about the out of control dangerous and stray dog problem in San Antonio

    More posts/photos of the dogs, owner calling them her other kids:

  11. I can’t believe people are actually defending the dogs owner they good people yeah right they knew the pitbull were dangerous but they didn’t care because it didn’t killed their love ones the wife claiming she tried her best putting the dogs in their harnesses make sure the gate is locked .that lady is in the wrong for videotaping his death.she looked way to happy showing the poor men dying.

    • The same excuse was used after the 2011 Michael Cook mauling here in Tucson. Do a search, it was covered on this site.

      • It has long been said by animal behaviorists that spaying/neutering can make dogs more aggressive. In fact, they have stated that aggressive bitches should not be spayed, as spaying will make them more aggressive.

        Aggression is not very simple. The GSD I keep with me is not aggressive. His littermate sister is great with people but very aggressive with dogs. She badly damaged an ear on an intact male.

  12. Update she got arrested. First she lied about not raising them to be aggressive .she say something like I raised them from puppy good I didn’t abuse them .then and her arrested form .she admits that she trained them to be aggressive with meat and she told her husband they’re becoming to dangerous now.

  13. There really needs to be a law stating that if your dog bites someone off of your property unleashed it gets put down.

    If you have no control of your dog and it is a biter it needs put down,

    I realize a few “mostly harmless” dogs could get caught up in this.
    If you don’t want your dog put down, keep it locked up.

    How many cases have there been of escaped dogs biting someone only to go on to kill someone else?

    It isn’t exactly a rare occurrence

    I know strictly enforced BSL would do more good.
    However in areas with BSL the people in charge of enforcement wont obey the rules. Look at the dogs available at the Miami Dade County shelter for proof.

    Maybe some breed agnostic laws concentrating on the worst of the worst would have a chance of actually being enforced and slowing the death toll.

  14. It enrages me that people wanted these dogs to go to another home. These pitbull cult worshippers came out of the woodwork and tried to demand that the dogs be given another chance. I don’t think so, pit loving nutbags. There are so many friendly dogs needing a home.

    • Here is the video of this poor man being mauled:

      I’ve posted it before, but it is so devastatingly important that I want to post it again. It’s extremely graphic, horrible, heartbreaking. But, more importantly, it’s the truth. Anyone you know who is a pit apologist, anyone you know who thinks these creatures should be rehomed, NEEDS to see this.

      Also, a shoutout to the mods at r/banpitbulls on Reddit and especially u/emilee_spinach. They have worked hard to keep this video up.
      Pit advocates have been trying to silence them on Reddit and they keep fighting the good fight to advocate for victims and inform people of the dangers that are inherent in pit bulls. It is rough over there. The fight never ends.

      • Farmer Jayne, thanks for posting this again. Ghastly and instructive.

        Now that I finally joined Reddit, w an idiotic avatar, I can hopefully quickly check out the other url’s you provided.

        • I’m on the reddit group for banning pit bulls also, lots of information and like-minded people. My avatar is a picture of my youngest Frenchie.

    • Responsible Animal Control Services do not shelter puppies of killer dogs.

      Killer Snow had a litter of 9 puppies.

      Both genetics and animal behavior imprinting have rendered the puppies dangerous.

  15. OMG. The dog owners have a GoFundMe. I don’t want to link to it, but here is her take on why people should donate:
    Hey guys, it’s Abby aka Christians wife! Anyone and everyone that knows Christian, knows that he isn’t this person that everyone is making him out to be. The attack from our dogs was unexpected and not anything we caused. Who would have known that our dogs would ever turn? Anyone that knew Snow and King, knew that they wouldn’t do anything like that ever to anyone. Tbh, I know some people see this as our fault, and some don’t! But the people that know us, and really know us, know that Christian isn’t this guy to make his dogs aggressive. He’s not one to hurt anyone, or wish bad upon anyone. He loves his kids, he loves his family, and everything he does, he does it for his family. He’s not one to say no to anyone, if you need something and Christian had it, even if he didn’t have it, he would make a way for you to get it! He’s a man who hustles for his, does what he needs for his family, and always puts everyone’s needs and wants first. I can’t do this alone, he’s the bread winner, he’s the one who supports our family. Without him being out in the free, we can’t get his bond or get the bills paid. The last thing we want to do is sell our home to get him out. But we will do what we need to, to make sure he’s out. I’m just asking if you’ll can find it in your hearts and just remember the real Christian, the Christian that is your friend, your homeboy, your cousin, your brother, your nephew, your son, your grandson, your neighbor, your “other dad,” your tio, even your brother in law. If we can all get just this amount, I can get him out, and we can move on with our lives and deal with the rest when it comes. Please, we all know he would be very great ful and thankful to whoever donates, and helps us out by getting his bond money together. All we ask is to really open up your mind and hearts, and remember the Chris that we all know, and know that he’s innocent, and didn’t do anything to cause this tragic accident that happened. We have respected the family and given them their space and their time, but I wouldn’t apologize to them yet because that’s something Christian and I along with our kids need to do together as a family, since they were “our” dogs. Thank you to everyone who helps, and it will be greatly appreciated in getting him out. Because we all know Christian, and jail isn’t where he belongs. We can’t control what our animals do, we weren’t even home! Who would have known that our dogs that we raised since they were only weeks old, would do something so horrible and something that would lead us down the ugly path we are on now. Thank you, from me (Abby) and his kids (Sky, Star, Jr, Christal Moreno) we greatly appreciate you’ll! Thank you.

  16. Interesting how Mrs. Moreno wears a baseball jersey lately compared to an earlier look in their social media photos. I am thinking of the picture of Mrs. Moreno trying to look like a vixen while Mr. Moreno looks as though he were caught on the way to the potty. (Animals 24-7)

    I am a bit uncomfortable w my description. Yet the Morenos’ pitbulls are seen on film shredding Mr. Najera’s clothes as they take his life. Plus the March 1 update here on the extensive police record of the Morenos in the last 14 months in San Antonio shows they have required a visit about every 10 days.

    Bravo for their neighbors for taking a strong stand!

  17. Imagine if these dog owners HAD turned the dogs over to animal control before this attack happened, as the wife claims they were considering. Can you picture the taglines for the dogs under their tutu and flower crown pictures? The first-person descriptions from the dogs’ points of view?

    “My name is Snow and I am looking for my fur-ever home! My owners gave up on me and I don’t understand why… I’ve always been a good girl. I’m a Lab mix with lots of love to give to your family!”

    “I’m King and I’m a true Heinz 57 mix but with so much to offer! I don’t know why my owners brought me here but it’s not my fault. I love visiting neighbors and spreading love. I’m a happy, good boy… just check out my smile! Are you ready for a handsome new King for your home?”


    With that huge pit emblazened on that animal control truck, tell me this isn’t EXACTLY what they would do in advertising these two dogs!

    But the owners didn’t take them to AC to terrorize some other neighborhood on some other day. They were right there in their familiar territory just as this elderly couple went for a stroll. What a waste of a precious life for the gentleman and the end of companionship for the now-widow. All because these dog owners thought it was their right to own a certain breed of dog. Our rights end when they begin to infringe on someone else’s. And I would say that previous bites, frequent “escapes” and neighborhood complaints make it pretty clear that others’ rights were being infringed upon long before these dogs followed their breed instincts to attack and kill.

  18. Wow every person that doesn’t hate pitbulls and similar needs to be made to watch this several times
    I hear ppl often talk about how “oh that dog isn’t about to attack or its not aggressive or vicious because look it’s shaking its tail its wanting to play”
    Take a look at that blood soaked white 1 yeah
    Most videos I’ve ever seen of pitbull attacking they are almost always wagging their tails

  19. Nunzia, you mentioned Animals 24-7. They have some good images for this case (as always). The fact that Christan would post that photo of himself wearing that low-class graphic t-shirt on Facebook says something about his character, in my opinion.

    I found his wife’s fundraiser and it’s still at $90. She isn’t bad at media spin, but it seems like most people are seeing through her slick stories. She seems to use her children as a shield to try to portray herself and her husband as wholesome family people. Did she have her daughter’s wellbeing in mind when she had her pose through that shameful media interview she gave? The one where she said she’s sorry but it definitely wasn’t Christian’s fault (the one she gave shortly before she, too was arrested).

  20. To all Fire Departments, Police Departments and Animal Control services:

    Fire departments should reconsider appointing a Designated Firearms Responder for each fire truck. A person w previous firearms experience who continues to hone his/her skills on the firing range. Someone who has seen vicious dogs and understands they will eat a victim alive within minutes.

    Firefighters must be able to protect themselves and others from pitbulls. The FF on top of the red car in the Moreno case was smart. The bloody Snow would have been an easy target. There should be no compunction not to shoot an animal attacking a human being. If one can safely do so.

    In all fire stations and police departments across America, training courses must be required on handling vicious dogs. Certification should be required for those dealing w the attack regardless whether Animal Control arrives.

    Slowness or “reluctance to kill an innocent animal” should be dispelled to accomplish the first responders’ greatest mission: To remove the threat immediately and protect the public.

    This goes for all police, fire and animal control responders who are foolish enough to have their own pitbulls and dangerous dogs. Perhaps they are unaware of the couple, both first responders, whose rottweilers mauled to death their own baby while one parent stepped outdoors for a few moments.

    • Fire fighters can use the hose or a fire extinguisher to get the dogs back, I’ve seen both used in videos where pit bulls were loose and repeatedly returning to victims. There’s no way they’d have actually struck the dogs with the ax or pipe while being filmed, can you imagine the public outcry? It was surely extremely traumatizing to try to get those dogs away while atempting to render aid, in human involved cases first responders aren’t allowed to approach victims until the human attacker is rendered incapable of attack. Open the gated yard and blast those horrible animals back in.

  21. San Antonio newscast on March 7:

    “In a two-year span, 112 calls were made to the police about something going on at the home in the 2800 block of Depla St.”

    So this update tells us the San Antonio Police Department was called to the Moreno house at least once a week for 2 years. A huge amount of resources that San Antonio could ill afford!

    • We saw this earlier today. That is a lot of tax-payer resources allocated to a single home. More importantly, the link between this criminal household and their vicious dogs never came onto the radar of animal control apparently (who started their “blaming the public campaign for failure to report” on DAY ONE of this attack). The two databases — police and animal control — seem to not talk to each other. If a police officer had to serve a warrant at that home, or visit that home at all, wouldn’t that officer want to know about the previous 13 animal complaints? For the safety of police officers and FIRE/EMS, they should “always” know if they are responding to a home with vicious animal complaints. For FIRE/EMS, who are never armed, this is 1,000 times more important. Recall FIRE/EMS arrived before police and had to use “pick axes” to fend off the dogs. This will be a two year investigation just into this aspect. Why aren’t the databases connected? What went wrong? How could SAPD and animal control have missed that this was a serious “problem” home and not red flagged?

      • It would appear that there were failures in every single aspect of this case. The end result is a dead senior and his wife severely injured. I hope the family has a good lawyer. Clearly, this was completely preventable. Thanks, as always, for the incisive reporting.

        • Clarification: Meant to say, I hope the family of the deceased man and his wife have a good lawyer to sue the city and all who failed to do their jobs.

  22. A third arrest has been made. The sister of one of the dog owner’s threaten to retaliate against a neighbor who witnessed the deadly attack.

  23. I didn’t watch the female owner’s long interview as nothing she could say would convince me that she wasn’t at fault. However, you’d think that she’d have the self awareness to remove the Santa Muerte figure hanging in the garage before conducting a new interview. As a reporter, I’d have to ask about it.

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