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30 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Man Charged with Negligent Homicide After His Unleashed Pit Bull Killed Child in Baton Rouge

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  1. Thank goodness they finally charging the owner of the evil pitbull. I’m glad that they actually give Eric a more serious crime then a pointless ticket.sorry sweet lovely Sadie may you rest in peace knowing that Eric will go to jail instead of getting off easy.

    • Get rid of the dog. He killed a child. They need to be banned. I had one and she was jealous of my children. Fed her and gave her plenty of love and she was territorial. Bye bye she went. I had humans and not an animal.

      • Very good to hear this first-hand. Glad you prioritized children!

        I hope that you had her euthanized rather than passing her on to other people.

  2. Sweet remembrances from both the school superintendent and Sadie’s teacher.

    Many thanks to Louisiana Rep. Rickey Hardy who 14 years ago led the groundwork legislation to charge dog owners with negligent homicide after a fatal dog attack.

    When new dog owners get a dog from a rescue shelter, I hope they are getting 1-on-1 instruction and a booklet about basics of dog ownership. Basics like “ALWAYS lock up your dog when you are away from home.
    ALWAYS use a leash and collar on your dog.
    ALWAYS make sure you know where your dog is at all times.
    NEVER let your dog run loose anywhere, even in your yard.”

    Animal Control needs to provide the same instruction on dog licensing, especially for dangerous dogs.

    • Shelters and rescues generally tend to be well-versed in dog behaviour so unless wilfully blind to a dog’s flaws, they know they’re pit pushing. Sometimes they advertise those flaws with a wink and a nudge that the prospective owner must be either dog trainer extraordinaire or chock full of virtue to take on such a “pitful” rescue.

      When rescues are shovelling dog/cat/child aggressive pitbulls on senior citizens they *know* exactly how dangerous it can be because nobody lives in a neighbourhood without any of the previous.

      The sooner they start getting criminal charges for shovelling dangerous dogs, the sooner pitbulls are illegal to breed, buy, import, sell or give away, the sooner this madness will stop.

  3. This needs to happen EVERY SINGLE TIME someone’s dog attacks, mauls or kills someone !
    Not even a week into 2023 and BOOM.

    PITBULL kills CHILD 🤬

  4. According to an article – and video inside, FRIENDS of the owner have NO IDEA WhY ThEIR FRIEND IS IN JAIL ???!!!
    Young man who said that also have no idea what is the front and what is te back of is head and should be covered with hair, but consider important for him to impose his arrogance and ignorance to all who saw the news… just awful

    • The owner’s friend who spoke on camera was remarkably clueless, which isn’t too surprising since he is very young. I think that’s why we need to ban pitbulls – we as a society should decide that these dogs are too dangerous, rather than leaving the safety of the community to the whim of people with bad judgement.

  5. This is awful and so very, very preventable.

    They should look into previous complaints about his dog being at large and charge any by-law officers that didn’t respond appropriately with negligence causing death too.

    I hope poor Sadie’s family and friends will get the support they need. The last thing they need is this man’s friends publicly pondering in the news why their buddy is in jail. Someone is dead and it’s his fault. That’s why.

    I’ve been attacked by a dog as a child, by dogs as a teen and narrowly missed being attacked by three pitbulls as an adult. I had no idea how blessed I was until I found this website.

    Keeping pitbulls is reprehensible and amoral. Like all such actions, it ought to be illegal.

  6. Watch the pit bull pushers run from this story like the cockroaches they are. Also need proof that this killer dog was put down. I don’t trust local animal control to be in charge of something so important.

    • The pit pushers won’t run from it.

      They’ll claim the child waved a cookie, or pulled its tail, or sneezed and scared it.

      They’ll be out there, shoving pajama-wearing pits and flower crowns over every discussion, on every forum and tweeting gifs in response.

      They’ll hit every number on the pitnutter bingo card with glee.

      • Yes, they latch on to these stories and hang on as tenaciously as the dogs they love with such unwavering and inexplicable devotion. Such cases give them platforms to spew all the usual propaganda and the bingo cards will be covered in no time. The center “free” square on the bingo card will say “there’s no such thing as a pit bull” and they’ll happily mark it while wearing their “I ♥️ my pit bull” shirt and posting their “pit bulls are nanny dogs” memes. The cry will be that this fellow must have trained his dog to be violent, but in the same breath they’ll blame the little girl for provoking it. They’ll lament the “tragic” death of the dog, while saying the little girl must have done something to deserve it. They will find any way they can to capitalize on this death. And they’ll claim the dog in the very clear video isn’t really a pit bull but is a Lab mix, while also crying that the pit bull in the video is being handled too roughly by the animal control officer. In their world there is no room for logic, no room for sympathy at the needless loss of a child, and no room for accountability.

  7. This is not only the direct result of another irresponsible pit owner but of authorities who allow dogs to run loose over and over without consequences to the owner.

  8. So, he got a pitbull thinking there’d be no consequences for his choice of dangerous dog

    Then he let that dog wander loose terrorizing his own neighbourhood, oblivious as to the risks that dog’s behaviour posed and thought there’d be no consequences.

    Then it mauled and murdered a child.

    Then there were consequences. Late consequences. Entirely preventable consequences.

    Because nobody in that long chain of events that should have born some consequences of their actions, from the people who push pits on irresponsible owners to the authorities who could have euthanized that dog for running free and terrorizing the neighbourhood, wanted to take any responsibility.

  9. What is more a measure of a person’s common decency than to do what they can to make people in their community be and feel safe? The opposite is equally true. What is more a measure of a person’s unacceptable lack of common decency than to do what makes people in their community feel and be unsafe?

    • Peter, we’re talking about people who have NO sense of common decency. None whatsoever.

      Face it, there’s evil in the world and there are bad people. The rest of us need to be protected from them.

  10. We hear fewer fatality stories about people owning lions than we do about pit bulls. The day this little girl was killed, around the same time, another child (11 years old) was viciously attacked by three pits. He made the “mistake” of riding his bike. One pulled him off his bike and the others went in for the kill. Thank God he was rescued, but he’s in critical condition with life altering injuries. As with so many pit bull victims, he’ll need years of grafting and plastic surgery. (His horrific story is on Animals 24-7) Children cannot play, ride a bike or visit a friend now without the risk of death or mauling. When I go to a park with my little grandchildren, I’m in fear; scanning the landscape. Always vigilant for one of these monsters to appear. Why would anyone own an animal that could potentially kill? For all of us who keep track of these tragedies, owning a lion seems safer. At least, they’re kept in cages and it’s a given one will likely kill you given the opportunity.

    • Teresa, a photo to help all realize how deadly a scalp attack is. The photo is of this 11-yr-old’s muddy face, which indicates how his scalp must have been impacted before and after the pitbulls ripped off 70% of it.

      DBO subscribers will remember that Kyleen and Joslyn and Denise and others have suffered heartbreaking scalp attacks.

      I am very concerned about this boy’s immune system being strong enough to fight the infection that must have developed on the tissue under his scalp. The pitbull saliva, dirt, and the exposure to the air have made this child’s fight very difficult.

    • There are stick laws against owning lions after the Tiger King movie on Netflix came out. I don’t really think even a Tiger King type movie would have any effect on the pit bull owners, or the politicians who do the bidding of the highest paying “nonprofit” fighting dog organization and breeders. After all there’s big money for them in backing dog fighting!

  11. We did issue an update at the bottom of the post that added a statement from the family’s attorney—“this particular canine had been reported to authorities on previous occasions.” This information comes from a website we have been watching during this case, Unfiltered with Kiran, an award winning journalist who has branched out on her own. Kiran is obtaining information that other news outlets have not been able to. Go Kiran!

  12. Oh my Lord, I am so sorry for all the victims of dog mauling. I had no idea these terrible acts are so prevalent in today’s society. The story of Sadie breaks my heart, to say the least. A precious child succumbs to an attack by an unleashed pit bull. Such a senseless atrocity. Now I want to do some research into the dog rescues in my area, and what kinds of information they provide to those who adopt these killer dogs. I’m just so sorry to read all these horror stories. Rest in peace, precious Sadie. Lord knows you didn’t deserve to die at such a young age, in this way. I can only hope and pray that your death will lead to protection for others and will put the guilty parties where they belong. I have no more words except to thank Colleen for this website; it helps to spread awareness of such tragic incidents and the stories behind them.

  13. Poor little grl. These pitbulls can maul a child to death within minutes. They attack like a wild animal trying to eat you! They cannot be scared off either, their owner can’t stop them, they have gone into mauling mode and won’t stop til they are exhausted. They attack horses and cattle too, much bigger prey. I cannot believe anyone can just own such animal.

  14. That’s what pit bulls do u cannot train an animal not to do what it was intentionally bred to do – u can’t train a border collie not to herd its really so simple to understand but this society has bed brainwashed (yes that’s right BRAINWASHED) by that Ceasars Milan and animal planet shame on him and shame on animal planet for giving him a platform
    In high-school I took 5 credits of agricultural science and animal husbandry was generally covered and basic animal psychology and evolutionary process and breeding animals for specific desired traits and the culling process of any traits not considered goal…
    I know not every1 has the same countryside public education I had however looking back-alot of my public education was really just reinforcement and application of basic principles and common sense

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