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18 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Elderly Harris County Woman Found Dead in Bayou with Multiple Bite Marks

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  1. While it is unknown what her cause of death is, “Harris County Public Health, which oversees Animal Control, said seven dogs were surrendered by their owner.”

  2. My sister and her husband sponsored a large family from Vietnam in the 70’s. They were incredibly grateful to escape the war and be in a safe country to rear their children. This poor soul who was murdered by a pack of dogs did not deserve to die this way. Her heartbroken son’s tears say it all. We now live in a war zone where taking a walk is considered dangerous. These last few weeks, the bodies are stacking up and nothing will be done to stop it. Dog packs are a systemic problem in many states. These are “crime scenes” not “accidents.” My heart goes out to this elderly woman and her grieving family.

  3. Having looked at the posted dog pictures, it is my opinion that none is a German shepherd dog. Some might be GSD mixes. GSDs, in general, don’t have the type temperament to run off in order to kill.

    It is terrible that an elderly woman lost her life merely going for a walk. There is no good excuse for the killer dogs being allowed to run loose. Why own them? Farmers with guns would handle this, and the problem would quickly go away.

  4. You can DNA tests dogs for ancestry. Some flashy condos DNA test dog poop to fine/evict the owners for not picking up. It costs about $80-120/

    Suddenly, when it comes to dog attacks, “we’re not sure which dog, did it.”

    Another senior citizen murdered by the dogs of some air-brained numbskull.

  5. Does anyone remember the individual killed by the “dachshunds” which were pitbulls or pitbull mixes?

    Calling those dogs pictured to be GSDs or GSD mixes is ridiculous.

    People who see large dogs with ears that stand frequently call them GSDs.

    • The Anatolian shepherds are becoming more common. We have a pair next door and the male especially gets really crazy. As they breed with other dogs it’s going to become a problem.

  6. if you look closer you can see the female dog that’s been nursing puppies standing under a tree that’s probably their mother she looks very Anatolian Shepherd

  7. Also the cockroach capital of America, Houston sounds like a real shit hole. Let’s see when the owners of those dogs are ever even named.

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