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6 thoughts on “2021 Fatal Dog Attack Breed Identification Photographs

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  1. Great research and tracking down of photos, Colleen. Rather puts pad to the idea that strong dog genetics aren’t recognisable on sight.

    Huskies and Shepherds get mislabelled because people see the “eyebrows” and sometimes muzzle markings. Littlest Hobo reverse face masks adds to the public confusion. These dogs were specially bred to have expressive faces on camera so light eyebrows were specifically bred into the line as well as intelligence.

    Most huskies have white/cream eyebrows with a dark face mask. German shepherds tend towards the reverse…dark eyebrows with a lighter face mask.

    I also find it reprehensible to label strong pitbull mixes as just “mixes” when the majority pitbull part of that mix is what so often, causes the problems.

  2. Colleen, as always, great research and evidence. Seeing the victims-especially the children-juxtaposed with the killers is chilling. Thank you for your investigative journalist work. As much as pit bull proponents object to the truth, a picture is worth a thousand words indeed.

  3. So disconcerting to click on the larger images and see the killer in the background of baby A’Myrikal Hull – Springfield, Illinois’ picture.


    “My Parents Are Getting Me A Human”

    smh and left with the thought that the only one in that household that was “human” was mauled to death.

    Disgusting that there are those who will view these pictures and feel anguish over the murder dogs being put down while having zero sympathy for their victims.

  4. I recently got a job that involves a drive through window. Every time someone pulls up with one of these gruesome mutts in their car I cringe inwardly.

  5. These stories are so heart-rending, and they never end. I started following 7 years ago after a girl in my area had been killed by her family pitbulls. Having children myself, I especially felt bad for her family. I had no idea at that time that “pet” dogs could be dangerous. Neither did this poor girl’s family.
    One of the pictures this year looks so much like one of my own children when he was small, I did a double take. So many heartbroken families. And so many people with these ticking timebombs that will be killing in 2022.
    I love animals, but not animals are meant to be household pets. There is a huge difference between individuals in the canine species, people need to realize that and not falsely believe that all canines = household pets.

  6. I was attacked and mauled by a pitbull, approximately 150 lbs of muscle. I kept screaming for someone to help me while 3 adults looked on and another walking by looked and kept walking. The owner, a strong large man finally came over and was able to unlock the jaw. He then took the animal and hid him so he would not be put down. No one knows where the animal is now. I, however; am living with the scars and pain and nightmares

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