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14 thoughts on “2023 Dog Bite Fatality: Man, 22, Killed by Brother's Four Pit Bulls While Dog Sitting in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota

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  1. Seems like we can’t go a week without someone losing their lives to these pitbulls. There’s one in my neighborhood, and you better believe my head’s on a swivel whenever I’m outside.

  2. “…they loved him.” I don’t think so. Pit bulls were bred for one thing and that was NOT a loving nature. This guy tragically thought he had bonded with his brothers’ pit bulls. Very recently, a little two year old tragically thought his grandmother’s pit bull was his friend. Pit bulls might be loyal to their masters because that is where the food comes from, but everyone else, beware because pit bulls are extremely efficient at what they were bred to do.

    • Parents still play an important part in their children’s lives, even of those who have begun living independently. When sons and daughters get Dangerous Dogs, hopefully their parents have already done research beforehand. If not, they would want to check asap on the pros and cons of owning Pitbulls and other Dangerous Dogs. Speak up, even if the kids don’t want to hear it! You may be saving your children’s and your grandchildren’s lives, plus saving them lifelong regret.

      Mauling deaths are in the news more often now. Teens and 20-somethings are more bound to know about the danger. I wasn’t as interested in the news at that age but did watch TV news and read the Sunday paper. Even though news is more selective now w the internet, somehow young people will absorb the horrifying news of death by dog. And the disfigurement that comes w the thousands of dog attacks.

    • Regardless of what they were bred to do, pitbulls routinely kill family members and family friends.

      Some years ago a friend turned five GSDs loose on me outside in his small yard. I was faced with all of them lunging at me and barking at me.
      I didn’t appreciate the fellow doing it, but these were GSDs, not pitbulls.
      He came outside and the dogs were fine. Breed matters.

  3. Here we go again with the “beloved family pitbull” killing someone .yet the pitbull cult said the same thing .it’s not the breed it the’s how you raised them I have pitbull for years it never bit me.every dogs bites toy poodles bite the most blah blah.I love how the mom of Desmond said the dog love him I don’t understand why they snapped.I tell you the long held secret why your pitbull attacked because they were breed to kill bull or some animal or bull bating.when will people learn most pitbull will attacked no matter how your raised I bet he still be alive if he was dog sitting border collie .

  4. I don’t understand why the police protocol at scenes like this isn’t to shoot to kill. If it were a cougar (an endangered animal) attacking someone I have no doubt it would be killed. Why are dogs like this not killed at the scene??

  5. Hi Anna
    The reason police try not to kill the dogs at the time of the attack is that the Police Department might possibly be sued by the dog owner for killing their pet.

  6. If there is an attack ongoing the reason the police don’t shoot is that there is a lot of fast movement and their chances of hitting the victim directly or through ricochet is too great.

    Sadly what is not taught to police is how to choke out pitbulls nor do they carry the equipment to do so– and even then, when dozens of them stand around while children are being shot–I’m inclined to think that many of them aren’t going to get in the bite line to save a victim, either.

  7. I don’t understand why dogs that KILL SOMEONE need an ‘evaluation process’. Just put them down already. Dogs that kill are the antithesis of a PET animal.

  8. The nerve of that so called “mother”, to suggest that those mutants ‘lOvEd’ her son after they brutally killed him, probably unprovoked.

  9. Pit nutters will be falling over themselves trying to save these killer mutts. They’ll claim ‘it’s all how you raise them’ and other nonsense.

  10. Babysitting pitbulls is life-threatening, isn’t it? I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have been asked to board pitbulls. Many boarding facilities will not board pitbulls.
    Many pitbull owners cannot afford to have their dogs boarded. I personally have refused to board a single pitbull. I have open pens where I could put pitbulls. However, I won’t accept them. I don’t need killer dogs around. Furthermore, I believe a substantial number of pitbulls would be abandoned.

  11. Genetics play a role in behavior, regardless of the environment or the upbringing of an animal. A reminder that even though we pretend we aren’t, humans are animals as well.

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