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28 thoughts on “Suspected Dog Bite Fatality: Man, 29, Found Dead in Garage with Multiple Dog Bites in Miami-Dade County

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  1. Another day another pitbull killing it owner.for the life of me I don’t understand why you want a pitbull as a pet knowing some or most them are dangerous no matter the time and effort you put in them.on the news they think he was dead for three day but they don’t know how he was killed but they found dog bite mark on should read the comments maybe he was killed by something else and his sweet dog “ was trying to saved/help him”.

  2. So Alex was disable and he got a pitbull as a pet and own him for several years and he killed him.Jezz that’s not smart idea to own a powerful dangerous dog to own if you’re disabled heck you shouldn’t own if you’re abeled body.

    • That would depend on *which* breed of dog. If you need a fetch dog because you’re in a wheelchair–for example–a labrador or goldie is a super choice because they can reach things and carry larger items. Both can easily knock over or do damage to a disabled person if not trained to be cautious and follow commands.

      What they won’t do, if they’re even decently bred–is eat you.

      I even knew a fellow with three friendly huskies that mushed his wheelchair getting him places in record time even through snowy streets, (two pulling, one in training) and they weren’t about to eat him, either. They were more interested in the donut shop run than hurting anyone.

      It isn’t about the power of the dog. It’s about what it was bred to *do* with that power.

      Pitbulls aren’t bred to follow human commands no matter what the nutters claim. Yelling commands into a fighting ring where apex predators are tearing each other apart is a useless endeavor.

      They’re bred to kill other apex predators if they are able. That makes them exceptionally dangerous to children, the elderly and disabled who, when genetics snap in–are prime targets.

  3. I don’t get it why would he choose a pitbull if he’s disabled .why didn’t his family stop him and tell him they’re dangerous or maybe he didn’t care because he want look cool and powerful shame he got killed by his own dog that he had for several years.

  4. I don’t understand why would Alex got a pitbull when he’s have a disability I wonder if someone in his life warned him about the dangers owing a pitbull as a pet I guess he didn’t care and got one.

    • Two other problems. One is the nonsense shilled all over the media that these are highly trainable, friendly dogs that make good service dogs–which is complete and utter nonsense and the other is…cost.

      The rescues are stacked sky high with these mutants. At times they literally give them away.

      Service dogs are not only rare, they’re prohibitively expensive. Partially due to breeding, partially due to training and program administrative costs. Waiting lists for pre-paid dogs can be decades, long.

      Now, a dog can be reasonably trained for perhaps 2-5K depending on what it’s being trained, for. That’s assuming it’s not the owner, training it. Which, for people with mental health struggles is not the best idea since their struggles will cause training flaws.

      It’s the “I rescued the dog and the dog rescued me” ideation writ large.

      Not a practical solution to the practical problems of mitigating a disability.

  5. I meant to say why would he get a pitbull if he have a disability he wasn’t strong enough to over power the dog if it was attacking him.some people survived pitbull attack disabled or not. Shame he died by the “sweet dog” he owns for years.

    • Madeleine, perhaps I wasn’t as clear in my response as I should have been.

      A goldie or a labrador could conceivably “overpower” a disabled owner. They don’t.

      Any large dog can overpower a human, in many cases. They don’t have a genetic disposition to do that. They’re bred to be biddable.

      I knew a sheltie who knocked her perfectly healthy owner down the stairs *twice*, breaking his spine–due to bad training and habits and a flat coated retriever who broke his owner’s hip by barrelling over her at full tilt. Again, lack of training. All those incidents could have been avoided.

      The problem here is that we’ve got a double whammy. A dog that isn’t genetically designed to be biddable. Pitbulls are designed to kill other dogs and make split-second decisions and treat everything as a threat then shred it. Their idea of fun isn’t fetching, or learning commands and being rewarded. No reward for them will beat the reward of mauling if they’re genetically triggered.

      The lack of biddability and the aggression triggers are what make them unsuited to be service dogs.

      Their physical prowess is just the means by which they carry out those genetic demands.

      Pitbull cultists and shelters are practically shoveling pitbulls onto the disabled at this point with propaganda and low cost.

  6. Back in the good ole days, a terrier mix was a small to medium dog that was wire-haired with whiskers that stuck out. They resembled dogs like Schnauzers, Wire-haired terriers, Westies, etc. Today a terrier mix is a pitbull mix. The world has changed. I hope this dog was not a SD or ESA. I hope this man was not one with a seizure disorder that had a pitty or bully.

    At any rate, a man has lost his life to his dog. What breed of dog is the Number one killer of its owner? Clue. It’s not a Chihuahua.

  7. Neighbors were saying the dog frequently got loose and they’d help bring it back to his house a it’s a male Brown brindle and white so-called terrier mix we all know what kind of terrier mix it is. Animal services doesn’t want to talk about the dog until after the investigation.

    • Exactly what I mean by “training flaw” right there.

      When was the last time you heard of a guide dog, running off?

      That’s right–you don’t.

      Why? Because you can accidentally drop the lead in a park with fifteen other loose dogs and if you yell “come” the dog will return. You can tell it to “down” somewhere and it will not move a paw for at least half an hour.

      I’ve never heard, ever of a pitbull having the ability to “down” for half an hour with massive distractions all around. Never seen it, either.

      Actual well-bred working dogs can do this and they can do it before they are even, fully-grown, adults.

      Pitbulls are not temperamentally suited to be trained as any kind of service dog, period.

      Neither are chihuahuas but nobody worries about that for Captain Obvious, reasons.

  8. Speaking of “mixes” , did anyone else see the “border collie mix” that was featured on The Price Is Right yesterday?
    Get real! CBS, Drew Carey, Adam Sandler, Rachel Reynolds, George Gray , and every person affiliated with that show SHOULD be embarrassed and ashamed.
    I don’t care how much money you pay me I would have walked off that set and broke my contract and let them sue me but I would have not been involved with that production ever again. People need to draw lines and stop being complacent about things like this.

    • Clearly, the dog being sold as a “border collie mix” on PIR is a pit bull. Sadly, I found myself wishing it would have bitten Drew Carey, but of course, that would never have been aired. Please reach out to their people at 800-852-8909 to register your displeasure at the misrepresentation of a breed that kills one American on average of every two weeks.

    • I believe the Miami pit bull restriction was vacated at the state level back in July or August of this year. He took ownership of the dog prior to that, so he was definitely in violation of the law when it was in effect.

      I don’t know how something like this would be handled. Its an interesting legal question.

  9. So I guess it was pointless to have the pit bull ban in the first place, you can just call the pit mix a “ terrier “ and viola! You get to keep your mauler! In any case, I’m glad it was the adult owner and not a neighbor, child or grandma.

  10. This has been updated (at the bottom) to show the suspected dog involved was indeed a pit bull-mix. Also, we changed the working to “nullified” instead of “repealed.” It was a state preemption law that nullified the longstanding (hardly enforced) pit bull ban.

  11. It doesn’t matter if a person is physically fit or disabled, no one should own a bloodsport, fighting dog. There are many cases of healthy, able-bodied, grown men (and women)being savagely mauled to death by pitbulls and pit mixes. Those savages are tenacious and are oblivious to pain. Fists, shovels, axes,knives and guns often cannot stop them during an attack. If the savages bite a person in the carotid, brachial or femoral arteries, it’s sure to result in death. Sometimes it’s just the sheer amount of ripping, shredding and bites that cause a person to bleed out. Exsanguination from multiple bites is a slow, horrible way to die. My dear Aunt Jill was savaged and torn apart, bitten from head to toe, scalped and left with one arm barely attached. She was still alive when her sister came back from town and found her. She was able to tell EMT’s her name and told them that she was cold. She most likely would have died almost immediately if the six dogs were bloodsport, fighting dogs, instead of six medium sized mutts. Dog culture is out of control. No one should have that many dogs and no one should own bloodsport, fighting dogs. It’s disgusting and often ends with innocent people and pets suffering an unimaginable, agonizing and brutal death.

  12. If I hear certain kind of dogs regularly kills its owner, WAY more than any other kind of dog… I don’t think I’d live with that type of dog. People are stupid. Thankfully it wasn’t a neighbor or a kid.

  13. If I hear a certain kind of dog regularly kills its owner, WAY more than any other kind of dog… I don’t think I’d live with that type of dog in my home. People are stupid. Thankfully it wasn’t a neighbor or a kid this time.

  14. The breed was designed to include these personality and behavioral traits:

    Very high pain threshold
    Sense weaknesses (babies elderly injured sick etc.)
    Attack with no trigger necessary

    There are others but just 1 of any of these traits is enough reason to ban
    And something to keep in mind: you cannot train bred traits out of a dog. That is why it doesn’t matter how you raise or attempt to train a dog with any pitbull DNA in it.
    It’s really that simple.
    And no you cannot train a border collie not to herd. You can tweak and hone the way you want them to do a job.If you throw a border collie into the wild it will eve tally herd something (that is a fact)

  15. I just can not conjure up any sympathy when an owner gets killed when his or her canine booby trap goes off.

    At this point you have to make the choice to be willfully ignorant of the fact that pits are killers.

    You can ignore reality but you can not ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

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